Peanut Butter is a SUPERFOOD – Yay or Nay?

Blog by: Jyoti Hassanandani.

“If you can’t control your peanut butter,

you can’t expect to control your life.” ― Bill Watterson

Naysayers I am with you. Yay sayers you have enough valid reasons to support your viewpoint. I gathered that one has to be sagacious enough to make a choice. How? Read On.

Know what is Peanut Butter

HOMEMADE  : Grind 200 grams of roasted peanuts in a mixer until the nuts turn into a creamy texture. This is 6 servings of peanut butter and the total calories is 1100. So one serving is around 180 calories.

PACKAGED : To the homemade peanut butter add 1-2 tablespoons of peanut oil for every 200 grams of peanuts and preservatives. This is peanut butter we buy from store. It might also have added sugar and salt and more depending on the brand. Adding oil increases the calories from fat so one tablespoon will be 200-220 calories.

So which peanut butter is good? Home made or packaged? Your choice you know ingredients already. For homemade peanut butter you at least know what quality of peanuts (and quality of peanut oil if u choose to add oil) you are using. U can choose to not add extra oil, sugar, salt, preservatives etc. and it is quite simple to make. The only complication is to shift it in a jar and it cannot be stored for long time.

Nutrition Facts of peanut butter homemade quality:

QUANTITY 100 grams 33 grams (one serving)
Energy 566 187
Total Fat 49 grams (441 calories) 16 grams(144 calories)
Protein 26 grams 8 grams
Carbohydrates 16 grams 5 grams
Fiber 9 grams 3 grams
Other miner and vitamins Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Calcium  

When and how is peanut butter NOT good for you?

1 –  Peanut butter and Peanuts are a trap foods. What looks minuscule in size holds humongous amounts of calories. We are habitual of judging  calories by amount of food and peanut butter easily can trap you.

Another reason it is a trap food is that Peanut butter tastes really good. Because of the exquisite taste and texture most of the time you eat too much and lose your battle against calorie control.

2 – When you are on a weight loss endeavor and you get carried away believing it is a super food. You are on a mission to control fat intake and add protein. For weight loss you have to bring down your calorie consumption to 1400-1700 (roughly). Of this 20% should be fat, 40% carbs and 40% protein. So 280 calories is all what u should be eating from fats and one serving of peanut butter is 144 calories just from fat. Should you be eating that much fat for 8 grams protein is your choice. If it works for you go ahead if not then practice caution because fats from every serving of peanut butter add up really fast. If you don’t cook your food much in oil and do not need much fats otherwise then you can have fats from peanut. Just be extremely careful with the quantity.

There is no fun in eating bland food just because you want to cut calories from oil and then spread 144 calories of peanut oil on a single toast believing it’s a super food high in protein. Remember there are smarter ways to have protein.

3 – One serving sounds enough but actually it is not big enough when it comes to peanut butter (and peanuts). So most of the time u end up eating more. And it’s fatal for your weight loss. Remember it is calorie dense food and maximum calories from fats.

When and how peanut butter is good for you?

1 – Peanut butter is an excellent substitute for butter and jams.

  • 100 grams butter is 720 calories while 100 grams peanut butter is 550 calories.
  • Butter is very high in saturated fats which are “bad fats”. Peanut butter fats on other hand is high in mono saturated fats which are “good fats”.
  • Butter is only fats while peanut butter is fats AND 26 gram of protein per 100 grams and also some amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • Jams are empty sugar calories all carbohydrates.

2 – Peanut butter makes a very good quick snacking option. You can replace pizza, burgers, French fries, chips and other junk food options with peanut butter toast. Because if its protein and fiber content it tends to keep u full for longer time and at the same time is a nutritious and tasty option. Peanut butter calories at least do some constructive work in the body.

3 – For people who are already fit, lean and muscular, peanut butter is actually a super food because fit body always needs more good fat and high protein intake. Remember cooking food on gas oxidizes the fat on high temperature. Whereas the fat you consume in peanut butter is “clean fat”

4 – Peanut butter as dip along with a selection of fruits makes an excellent combination for breakfast or as a snacking option. Fruits is mainly carbohydrates. Adding peanut butter increases protein value of your food and fats of course. So you get all the macro nutrients. Nothing so healthy in morning. You relish your fruits more with peanut butter and this keeps your mind fed.

5 – Peanut butter is fairly good vegetarian source of protein.