BFY STUDENT Vinoth : Passion for life

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

Having a passion for fitness for the past 13 years, Mr. Vinoth chose fitness as his career. Having asked about why he chose fitness on the first place, his answer was that he has always been passionate about fitness and health and has been denoting his time in this and focusing on the same thing for 13 years. BFY sports came to his life only to prove itself as very useful for his life and career at a very crucial time. BFY sports was suggested to him by his friend to boost his career and give him a head start and the certification he did from there was PF/PT.

He is currently working as a muscle trainer. Muscle training has always been his passion and now he is channelizing his passion to help others as well. He is currently doing home muscle training and teaches the same in schools and at people’s homes. He teaches muscle training to people of different age groups and loves to do the same. He is a variable earning and his earnings vary from daily basis to monthly basis. He could not tell the exact figures but told that his earnings increased dramatically after doing the course from BFY sports because of the certifications and the new techniques he learnt from there. Also he finds himself very confident after doing the certification from there and finds it very easy now to communicate with the clients and explain them about the new schemes.

He is very boosted about his future and has a very positive attitude towards life. His future plans include opening a fitness center so that he can teach there and help people know more about muscle training. Also he wants to continue further and plans to do more certifications so as to help his career and wants to stay true to his profession. He says that he doesn’t know anything else about any other profession and finds muscle training as his only companion.

His advice for newcomers in the fitness industry is that first they need to know about fitness, they need to get into depth of fitness before doing anything so that they can understand what exactly they are doing. He also says that one should not think about income in the very early stages. He says that the newcomers these days want to learn less and earn more suddenly which will not help them in the long run. According to him they need steadiness. His main mantra to success is Keep on Learning because the more you learn, the more successful you are in the future.