Pallavi Aga

Blog by-Pooja Seth

I dreamt I believed, I made it happen!! , This is the quote that will surely match our hero for today, She is doctor, mind and wellness expert, nutritionist and most of all a fitness enthusiast.

Today when you will see her, it is hard to imagine this woman not being a fitness enthusiast. She was not always into fitness and balanced eating and did not understand about proper nutrition. But there came a turning point in her life when she decided to change her life for the better. At the age of 40, She was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. This point was her turning point because she decided to make it one. She became more conscious of her food intake and made better food choices. She researched macro and micronutrients and started her wellness journey from there. Slowly and steadily she started morning walking and within a very short span, now she is running marathons.

In one of her youtube videos, she shares her journey of running, it was an easy one as she was always a restless person. She opted for running as she wanted to cover more distance in less time. With time, she realized the benefits running brings with it and was more motivated towards it. Running made her calmer and it is like meditation for her because to run at a particular stride you need to clear of your mind and all the cluster that is running through the mind.

With time, she experienced that many of her diseases and problems such as hypertension. Running has opened new doors for her and has changed her life, She shares that because of running, she has met some wonderful people who motivate her further and fill her life with positivity. Her kids are also inspired by her running and she dreams to run a marathon with them.

According to her food is the most important aspect of our routine. What we eat are what we are, while choosing our food we should be very considerate and balance food with exercise. we cannot attain a healthy body without making healthy choices in our meals. Food and fitness go hand in hand.

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On her Facebook page, she shares many videos, tip and tricks for various medical conditions or any social issue. If you see her Instagram photos, you will see her transformation and the hard work she has put in making this transformation. You will be amazed by seeing the transformation and see what hard work can really do. She depicts that if you have a vision for yourself, you can achieve it by truly working hard.

In the end, I would like to add some verses of the poem “koshish karne walo ki kabhi haar nhi hoti”

lehero se dar ke nauka kbhi paar nhi hoti

koshish krne walo ki kabhi haar nhi hoti

All those people out there, it is never to late to start your fitness journey, it is never to late to start a new life, life has never-ending opportunities, don’t let any age stop you.