Pain is inevitable suffering is optional (Haruki Murakami)

Abhijit Das TransformationOn Left-     Jan  2017 – 92 Kg.

On Right-  Dec  2017 – 82 kg 


Blog by: Rohan Joshi

“When the going gets tough, the tough get lethal.” Abhijit Das, Senior Neurologist at a leading hospital in Kolkata, exemplifies this quote. In a quick e-mail chat, he answers our questions brilliantly and shares motivational speeches.- Haruki Murakami


1. Briefly describe yourself and your current profession.

Ans: I am a senior Neurologist at a leading hospital in Kolkata. I am also an inventor and entrepreneur with my own technology start-up company.

2. What was your first step towards fitness? Were you maintaining an active lifestyle prior to that step?

Ans: I loved to walk, trek and was an avid birdwatcher. But of late had minimum physical activity other than running around the hospital

3.  What was your first run/workout? What was your duration on the first day?

Ans: My first run was at CSC 5K run in Feb 2017. It took me around 44 min to complete it. It changed my life.

4. Please share the experience of your first run/workout. How did it feel post run/workout?

Ans: Running together with so many people and the of crossing the finishing line was awesome.

5. How do you maintain your fitness levels despite being a doctor with a busy schedule?

Ans: I run usually very early in the morning. I follow a low carb, high protein diet. It has helped me to reduce my weight from 94 to 82 kg

6. Please tell us more about your daily fitness regimen and diet. 

Ans: I run 3 times a week. I usually climb stairs and try to walk 10000 steps a day

7. What have been your achievements since you started running/ working out? (Marathon runs, podiums and timings would be highly appreciated along with fitness competition participation and wins)

Ans: I have now started running 10K my 5K PR is now at 33.45 min

8. Future plans and what lies ahead for you?

Ans: My immediate target is to run the HM at IDBI marathon and my ultimate target is Boston marathon 🙂

9. What’s your inspiration and motivation both in fitness industry and otherwise? Which sports icons do you idolize?

Ans: My starting inspiration was my close friend Dr Mithun Barik who transformed himself and inspired me. My sports icon is Rahul Dravid.

10. Anything you’d like to say to novice runners and fitness enthusiasts?

Ans: Start slow, avoid injury and enjoy the run

11. Final quote. 

Ans: Pain is inevitable……suffering is optional (after Haruki Murakami)