Anabolic Steroid market in India.

Blog by- Anant  Bisht.

Whether one likes it or not but anabolic steroids have become an internal part of professional bodybuilding, modeling, movie stars and physique athletes. So, what exactly are anabolic steroids? Anabolic steroids are also known as anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS). They are steroidal androgens containing natural androgens like testosterone as well as synthetic androgens that are structurally related and have similar effects to testosterone. They increase protein within cells, especially in skeletal muscles and increase the growth of facial and body hair and the growth and maintenance of masculine secondary sexual characteristics like muscular body.


Market Size

Anabolic steroids are banned in various countries and are not freely available and require a prescription. On the other hand, there are some countries including India where steroids are much freely available.

Though anabolic steroids require prescription in India too but a little extra bucks and a friendly relation with a pharmacist can make all the drugs and steroids readily available to you! So, here arises the question- “Who are the potential customers?” The majority of customers in the market comprises of trainers mostly in ‘local gyms’ and gym owners. Though, all the trainers are involved in the market as customers but majority are from local gyms.

Now, moving on to the consumers, they are mostly males between the ages of 16 and 30.  The highest percentage of people using anabolic steroids is in 12th standard; 45% of 12th standard students of urbanized cities use anabolic steroids. Thus, the greatest place to sell them is metropolitan cities.


According to a survey, 75% of the anabolic steroid users would prefer to have them even if they reduce their life span. Thus, the customer base is loyal to the companies.

Moreover, anabolic steroids have found their loyal customer base in the Bollywood industry and the modeling industry in India. Since all the models need to keep those muscles good, round and lean for the entire year, they are in a habit of depending on steroids. Apart from models, anabolic steroids have found a prominent place in Bollywood where all the actors pack on perfect sets of muscles as required by the role in the movie in a really short span of time, this is possible only with the help of artificial hormones and anabolic steroids.

To cut short the argument, we can conclude that there is a great market in India for anabolic steroids especially in urbanized cities

Anabolic Steroid Manufacturers

Since the demand for anabolic steroids is constantly increasing, there has been an increase in the number of manufacturers in India, many of which are selling fake products. So, the market is full of manufacturers from all around the globe! Some of the Indian manufacturers that are in the game of anabolic steroids are:-

  1. Abbott India Ltd.
  2. Yana Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Shree Venkatesh International Limited
  4. Sun Pharma


There are many more and almost every pharmaceuticals that produce major drugs used in operations and for serious diseases. Apart from these, the manufacturers that are more trusted by the people (mostly celebrities, models and rich brats) who would love to invest more and get really genuine products are:-

  1. Alpha Pharma
  2. Bayer
  3. Puro-Labs
  4. Concentrex
  5. Organon
  6. Sciroxx Labs
  7. Signature Pharmaceuticals
  8. Kaipa Pharmaceuticals
  9. Geneza
  10.  British dispensary
  11.  British Dragon
  12.  ElitePharm
  13.  LA Pharma

How to establish Anabolic Steroid Manufacturing Company (Pharmaceutical)

Establishing a Pharmaceutical in India is not a difficult task, you just need to specify what kind of drugs you’re going to manufacture, like Schedule IV drugs stands for steroids and then you can apply for a manufacturing license for those types of drugs. The documents and licenses required to open a pharmaceutical are as follows:-

  1. Drug License No. (D.L.) Number
  2. GST or Goods and Service Tax Registration
  3. Food Safety & Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) (Rs 100 annually for Re-registration)
  4. Trade Mark per product or name: Estimated Expense (Rs4500 (government fees + advocate fees respectively)
  5. Company Registration
  6. Private Limited Company registration: Estimated Expense – Rs8000 to Rs9000.

Owning documents related to drugs license is very important. You need to own a wholesale drug license from local drug control inspector or officer. Registering on GST network will be issued by the tax authorities of India. You need to register with a unique name of your company at the registrar of companies under companies act, 1956 or 2013.

But establish a pharmaceutical isn’t enough; you’ll need experienced chemists who are very careful with and serious about their work. This is so because in order to produce good quality anabolic steroids, the chemists need to be highly educated and careful because a slight mistake may cause harm to the consumer and bring a bad name to the company.  Moreover, purity matters in the game, so if you’re into gray market, drop the plan! You should also sell your products at a competitive price range; since this market is sensitive, products offered at a cheap rate are considered to be of poor purity and quality and those priced too expensive will not be sold either.

Legal Steroid Market

Yes, there are products termed as legal steroids. These products are allegedly claimed to be safe. These products are just mimics of the original anabolic steroids; they are made from natural herbs and ingredients. They provide with a similar effect as the original steroids but are completely safe; they neither harm your liver and kidney nor produce estrogen in the body. So, a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) isn’t required after using them. They are also much in demand though not as much as anabolic steroids. The market for these products is increasing day by day due to all the harmful effects of steroids because proper dosage and exact effects aren’t known to much people who use and sell it. So, there has been a rise in the number of casualties, making an increased demand in lesser harmful products. Some of the brands which make such products are- Crazy Bulk and Marine Muscles.








Protein Shake Market.

Blog by- Anant

There has been a steep rise in the field of sports, especially fitness lately in India.
The credit goes to the Bollywood and the modeling industry which has been
promoting fit models, actors and actresses. Moreover, there is a huge
requirement of jacked up models and actors which in turn promotes bodybuilding
industry. The sports industry has also played a major role by supporting
bodybuilding and physique competitions. Due to all this, the requirement for
supplements has increased manifolds as it is impossible to achieve the desired
physique without the aid of supplements. Thus, the supplement market has seen
great growth; to be precise; the most demanded supplement is protein shake!


There has been a steep rise in the field of sports, especially fitness lately in India.
The credit goes to the Bollywood and the modeling industry which has been
promoting fit models, actors and actresses. Moreover, there is a huge
requirement of jacked up models and actors which in turn promotes bodybuilding
industry. The sports industry has also played a major role by supporting
bodybuilding and physique competitions. Due to all this, the requirement for
supplements has increased manifolds as it is impossible to achieve the desired
physique without the aid of supplements. Thus, the supplement market has seen
great growth; to be precise; the most demanded supplement is protein shake!

 Market Size

As discussed above the size of the protein shake market is pretty large and is
expected to grow at CAGR of about 20% till 2022 compared to what it was before
2017. This is so because people are getting more and more aware of the health
benefits of the protein shakes.
The market of protein supplements in India is pretty dominant in the southern
region of the country which is greater than 34% of the total protein consumption
in the entire country. There are a great number of consumers in the market and
78% of adolescents of the urbanized areas of India are in the list of daily

consumers of dietary supplements. Thus, we can conclude that there is a huge
market of protein supplements in India.

Protein Manufacturers

There are a lot of protein manufactures around the world who import their
products to India, the dominant ones are ON (Optimum Nutrition), Dymatize,
Muscletech, etc. These brands have well-established their name in India and have
a brand loyalty as much of the people have got great results using their products.
Since these brands are famous in the western part of the world too, so
establishing your own brand’s name against them is a Herculean task!



 How to establish a Protein Manufacturing Company

This task is pretty tough because it requires one to compete with various other
foreign brands which have already well-established their market! Moreover, the
investment required is quite large too. After all this, if you still manage to get all

the stuff done, you need to give a good reason to the consumers to try out your
brand. Moreover, the pricing of your products should be such that it gives tough
competition to all other foreign brands which are dominating the market.
The protein shakes in India ranges from Rs. 1,000 to approximately 9,000 for 5 lbs.
of protein. Now, you need to find the appropriate price range you want your
products to compete with. General rule is- “More the protein (isolated), more the
price”. There has been a weak hole in the protein supplement industry which can
hinder all the great brands’ sale out there, it is the gray market! If you give your
customers 100% genuine protein with no chemical additives, the amount of your
customer base will definitely increase over time because it is known to all that the
fake products kill the kidneys!
Six Star Nutrition, Muscleblaze, TNC and Vigourfuel are some of the best Indian
protein manufacturing companies but these companies don’t provide a tough
competition to their western counterparts. The Indian brands are used only
because they are cheaper, you will not see any professional athlete using Indian
protein supplements.



Some of the Indian protein shake brands import all the stuff required for the
protein shake from the foreign and process it, add flavors and enzymes.
The legal work that you need to complete before manufacturing protein is as
1. Get your company registered or approved by the Government as Food
2. You need to get a FSSAI certificate.
3. You need to get a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification which
ensures that the products are being constantly produced and pass the
regular quality measure tests.
4. ISO certification for the company and the product.


Protein distribution is required in India as most of the protein available in the
market is of foreign brands which require importing the products. Now, some of
the trusted distributors in India are:-
1. NEUVERA Wellness Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
2. Bright Commodities
3. Primarc Pecan Retail Private Limited
4. Healthkart
5. ARC Distributors
6. Global Implex
7. Paradise Nutrition
8. Arena Implex
9. 121 World Exports
10. Polar Exim Pvt. Ltd.
11. Kar Enterprises
These were all the trusted distributors in the Indian market. Always make sure
that your protein shake has branding of any one of these distributors. Since the

gray market is increasing rapidly, we need to assure the quality of the food
supplement that we’re having.

Protein Supplement Shops

There has been a great increase in the number of protein supplement shops lately
due to increase in craze of bodybuilding and fitness. Some of the shops which are
pretty famous in the city sell genuine products but most of them are a part of the
gray market.
The fake supplement market chain is referred to as gray market. This market is
not only responsible for bringing a bad name to the fitness and supplement
industry but also killing many of its clients. Some local supplement shops and
pharmacies are offered to sell fake protein supplements where they can have
large amount of profits. These supplements are difficult to identify as they have
almost same packaging with a slight differences but can be verified by visiting the
site of the manufacturer. One should always buy supplements from trusted shops.


Since the gray market is increasing rapidly, there is great scope of opening
authentic protein supplement shops in the market. These would rapidly attract a
large customer base as the fake products fail to give results. For this, one needs to
get in touch with the authentic distributors of each brand they want to have in
their shop and get all the legal work for opening a supplement store done.
Moreover, this field is great from business point of view as it offers 70-80% profit
margin of the product price.






Dietician in India.

Blog by- Anant

Dieticians are the authorized individuals who may provide you with appropriate diet and nutrition tips and schedules in order to prevent you from being unhealthy as well as they may help a person to reach their fitness goals. Though, the prime purpose of the dietician isn’t to guide the person to reach their fitness goals (it is the job of a nutritionist) but to improve their health conditions.

If you’re a person who is interested in knowing the effects of foods on human body and the amount of nutrients should the body be enriched with and wish to impart this knowledge to other people in order to help them with their diseases, health conditions and fitness goals, then this is the most apt field for you!

So, the main question arises, how to become a dietician in India. You will find all the necessary details about how to become Dietician in India, their job opportunities and their salaries under the next heading.

How to be Dietician in India

There are end number of courses one can pursue in order to be a dietician, they are as follows:-

  1. Sc./ B.A. in NutritionThis is the most basic course yet it has the caliber to help you earn really handsome amount of money! This is a 3 year long course which revolves around human physiology, basics of nutrition, health and weight management, etc. One will also be briefed about techniques to preserve food and check its quality! This degree not only makes you a general dietician but also trains you enough to make you able to design personalized diet charts as well as weight loss and gain plans!
  2. Sc. in Food Technology It is also a 3 year long course which deals with various techniques to preserve food and their safe packaging and distribution. One will be an expert in testing the quality of the food and its evaluation by the end of the course. This course helps people to develop scientific understanding about food and nutrition, it also aids in providing a large number of options apart from nutrition.
  3. Sc. in Food and Nutrition This is a post-graduation course which can only be persuaded after graduation. This program provides you a large variety of specializations to choose from and after the choice is made, the person is trained as a specialist in that field. Various fields available are- Public Health, Food Processing, Public Health, etc. This course puts emphasis on advance practices in the field of Therapeutic Nutrition, Food Science and Quality Control, etc. In order to get the degree and complete the post-graduation, one needs to complete an internship of 6-8 months where one will be made to work as well as research in different areas and will have to undergo harsh training. This program also requires the student to get hold of a topic, research thoroughly on it and write a thesis on it!
  4. Post-Graduation Diploma This program is enough for you to get a license as a registered dietician. It is generally a one year long program in which the course structure covers almost everything. Now, the students are taught all the fundamentals of nutrition, public nutrition, therapeutic nutrition, public health nutrition and institutional food management. This program also requires the student to do internship under a Healthcare Center for 2 months.
  5. Dietician course from various institutes offering it There are a various institutes that offer the course for a dietician and can make you a registered and licensed dietician. These courses are usually short termed and an easy option but using these, one can only work in a gym as a dietician or for an athlete, the person cannot apply for the post of the dietician in a hospital. These courses are a much cheaper as well as time saving option and can yield huge amount of money too!

Scope of Dieticians in India

  1. Clinical Dietician They are dieticians working for some hospital or a health care where he or she is required to create diet plans for various patients suffering from different diseases in order to provide their bodies with appropriate nutrients for speedy recovery.


2. Pediatric DieticiansThese are the dieticians dealing with the nutritional contents in the diets of children of all age group. These dieticians can either choose to opt for an individual clinic or work in a hospital or Healthcare Center.

3. Sports and Health Dieticians These are the dieticians dealing with the diets of sportsperson and people involved in the field of fitness. This is a very good opportunity for the dieticians; they may help thoroughly with diet plan of an athlete and later on ask the athlete to promote them.\



4. Research and DevelopmentThe students who have completed their studies may also get involved in the different research and development purposes, where they check quality and nutritional value of food items. Nutrition is the main area of attraction to all the scholars in Research and Development department. These people are allowed to work only in laboratories and also study the effect of all the new types of diets on human body!

5. Teaching One can also apply for teaching profession in various colleges as well as institutes that offer dietician courses. This is the easiest profession of all the above listed professions as one is given regular holidays and the pay scale is great too.

6. Community DieticiansThey can work in gym or as a part of Government’s diet awareness programs. Here, many dieticians come together and join hands to educate people about proper diet.

Salary of Dieticians

Like every other profession, the salary offered to a fresher isn’t great, one may expect to get anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000. Slowly and steadily as the time passes by, one gains experience and the increase in salary is obvious. On the other hand, to get a stable salary, one may opt for Government jobs in various Government hospitals and other Government sectors.


Why is it necessary to have a competitive market in the business of sports and fitness?

Blog by- Nidhi Priya

The market of sports and fitness has been growing ever since it set its first foot in the field of business. The main reason is that it has a high revenue growth and hence a good profit margin. And to add more to it, the never ending customer demand is what has kept this going so strong even when there is so much of competition in the market.

Thus the business of sports and fitness has been a major market and with the growing interest of people in physical performance and new technologies, this market certainly has possibilities of even bigger growth in the coming time.

Now since this business has more profit than loss, more and more people started to invest in this business. This in turn led to a lot many companies manufacturing the similar kind of products. As a result, competition grew. Now that people have so many options, to make a place in this market, companies have faced some of the toughest competitions. Small companies have been majorly affected by this as, they not only have to face completion with their peers, which are already well established but also from the new budding companies that are jumping into this field every now and then.  

What causes led to the formation of a competitive market?

There are several reasons that led to this business turn into a highly competitive market.  The main reason is the customers themselves. With time there demands has been increasing. Be it their ever growing hope of becoming fit and having a perfectly toned body to the day to day social media activates of other people  that constantly remind them to join a fitness class, there seems to be no end of the demands coming from people for the various sports and fitness product. As a result companies saw a good response from their customers who started buying such product. This led to a profitable growth. Seeing which other startups too decided to dive into this business. And then one after the other, so many companies took birth in this market and that too in no time.

Thus the main causes that led to this completive market are-

  • Customers never ending demand.
  • A good revenue field in this business
  • High profit margin
  • Innovation of new technologies related to this field which grows the interest of people in that product.


competitive 1


What impact does it have on the business of sports and fitness?

The scope of doing a business in this field is so wide, that once an individual or an organization gets into this there is absolutely no turning back. This market has seen a lot of growth during the recent times. Several statistical data have shown that while in the year 2016, The Global Fitness and Recreational Sports Center Market size was $83,680 million in 2016. It is expected to reach $113,116 million by 2023. Also it has been estimated that there will be rise in the CAGR of 4.4 % from 2017 to 2023.

The Global fitness and recreational sports aim to establishing fitness centers and Gym and Yoga center and also on providing equipments to the customers. It also provides with activity center where one can do swimming, skating etc.

Now these are the ways to spread the business empire of sports and fitness. This has led to an increased number of customers who are in the search of a better lifestyle.

It has also led to increases in the manufacturing of the product which in turn has generated a good revenue growth.  Also due to so many products on the market this industry has fragmented into smaller divisions.

What are the strategies of the companies to be on the top?

To establish a business in the market, it is quite essential to have a strategic plan for the ways in which the product can reach to maximum of people. And since the world holds majority of people who come from some sort of middle class background, this companies manufacture products by keeping them in mind.  These companies manufacture products in such a way that there costs aren’t very high still is of a very good quality. This is done to establish a strong base of dedicated customers.

Also they launch advertisements which are motivating and provoke people to get out of their bed and head to sports and fitness center to achieve the desired health results.

This field has seen substantial growth over the year. This can be attributed to the fact that the so many health clubs and sport centers have been opened in the recent times. And the industry operators are now expanding their markets to the age group form 18-54 years old people which was earlier targeted on people whose age was between 1805 years.  Also there has been a rise observed in the number of females in such sports club and fitness centers. Today nearly 40 percent of the women can be seen in such places. This is also a result in the number of rise of female-only health and fitness centers.


How well has the completion been handled so far?

Although the completion in this field is at a rise, it has been handled fairly well. The major business companies of this field have managed to gain a significant share in the market.  Also different companies have been trying different marketing strategies but their main focus is on providing the best quality product to their customers at affordable prices.


Thus the completion in this market has right reasons to exist. Because in this way production and sales of products with top notch quality can be ensured. And this will ultimately lead to the benefit of the customers.


Supplement Store Business in India.

Blog by- Anant Singh

Supplements are meant to aid your diet and your fitness goals. People often
confuse supplements as diet replacement tool; you cannot be entirely dependent
on supplements for proper nourishment, growth and conditioning of the
physique. Excessive use of supplements may also lead to dangerous outcomes
which are not desirable at all.
With the exponential growth in the fitness industry, there is an exceptional
growth in Supplement store industry too! With this comes a great demand of
supplements and supplement store. Starting your own body building supplement
shop is a lucrative and profitable business. You need to assess on the products
that you will sell in your store as this can make and break your entire business.
Nowadays, we see a lot of supplement stores being opened day in day out and at
multiple locations in almost every city. Most of the gym-goers are supplement
consumers too. Thus, there is a lot of demand of all types of supplements like,
BCAAs, Protein Shakes, Glutamine, etc. Thus, one can see potential business in
the field of supplements.
Now, to open a supplement store, one has three options, namely- Taking a
franchise, Partnering up with the gym or opening a store by oneself.
 Opening a store by oneself
To open a store by oneself, one requires keeping a lot of check on various things
but the profits made are entirely yours too. Thus, it is a good business option. One
should numerous licenses from FSSAI.
The following licenses will, however, be required to start a business of
Healthcare products:
1. The most important license which the businessman needs to acquire is
the FSSAI license which governs all the food products sale in India. It is mandatory to obtain a food license if you are a manufacturer, trader,
own a restaurant or involved in any food-related business.
2. The businessman is then required to obtain a NOC from the center.
3. He should then apply for Form B.
4. The Registration of company with ROC – you could register LLP/ Private
Limited Company.
5.  He is then required to Apply for PAN in the name of the company.
6. The TDS to deduct tax at the source for the payments that are exceeding
the authorized limit.
7. Profession Tax both for the directors or the partners and the employees.
8. VAT or the  Service Tax depending on the business model, in case you hold
stock and if you also have listing services then both the licenses, will be
9. However, Selling of non-OTC products online is not permitted.
10. The trademark is required for the brand name in order to start your online
11. Online domain, SSL, and the related clearances – All of these kinds of
documents will be required for online site optimization, marketing, etc.

Now, after obtaining the license, one need to keep the business going. One
should keep a track of inventory. Take really good care of marketing and
promotion campaigns so that people know about your shop. One should be really
active on social media regarding business as there is an increase in online
shopping of products from various social media sites. One should also lists it’s
business on sites which provide details about different businesses like justdial and
sulekha. Moreover, one should list his/her shop on various e-commerce sites such
as flipkart, amazon, etc.
Bodybuilding products are the main key factor to make profits in this field.
Anyone who is going to be a part of this business or is a part should keep a good
stack of bodybuilding supplements always. One should also take a good amount
of time to make decisions regarding what supplements on needs to sell in their
shop. Moreover, one should always try to tie up with authentic and well reputed
manufacturers and distributors. Selling fake products, being a part of the gray market will earn oneself a bad name and numerous cases which may lead to
really undesired results. One should always research on the products, keep the
ones that are really demanded by the customers and are really effective.
To stand out from the crowd, one needs to put in tremendous efforts. For this,
the shop owner may provide the customers with a supplement plan, a
promotional discount, a system that puts in points in the account of customer on
purchasing products which can later be redeemed to get additional discounts, etc.
One needs to keep a tight check on products apart from supplements to provide
an edge to his/her shop. By this, I mean, energy drinks, energy bars, duffle bags,
etc. These are in great demand.
One should also keep a tight check on the location of the shop; shops in posh
areas are more likely to be successful. Moreover, shops with great lighting and
well presentation are likely to get more customers and make good profits.
Moving on, one should also keep a check on what products are sold fast and what
are the ones that are rarely or seasonally required. According to this self-
generated report, one must keep his/her products in the shop. This avoids the
wastage of products as well as keeps you in stock always. Thus, the gist is one
should have products all the time to generate profit and avoid wastage of
Advertising plays a big role in this business. One needs to advertise a lot, they may
go to a gym and ask them to put up their banners, distribute their pamphlets and
advertise them. Another way of marketing is Instagram and Facebook advertising.
One can also pay some local fitness trainers, models or influencers to promote
their shop on social media.
One should always price their items according to the market. The pricing of the
product must be done in such a manner that it gives a competition to the other
supplement stores and simultaneously not hamper the profits of one’s own
supplement store.
Thus, maintaining a supplement store all by oneself is a tedious job but the
rewards are as cherishing too!



 Partnering up with a gym
The second and most desirable method to carry out this business is to partner up
with a gym. For this, one needs to apply at various gyms for partnership.
When the partnership is accepted, the person is provided with a space adjacent
to the gym or in the gym where he/she can store and sell supplements. The
benefit of this method is that one doesn’t need to promote his/her shop and the
appropriate supplements can be easily sold to the target audience. Moreover, the
list of supplements to be stacked in the store is given by the gym. So, there is no
need to maintain a track of supplements which are sold easily and those which
Though, some members may require additional supplements as recommended by
the gym; for them the shop owner can personally take special orders. The only
disadvantage of this method is that one does not get the entire hold of their profit
and in addition to paying commission; some gym may also require the shop
owner to pay the rent as well as electricity bill of their shop’s area.

 Taking a franchise
Taking a franchise of the bigger supplement stores is also an option. The
requirements are same as of operating the shop but there is some ease in
First of all, one should meet the requirements of the supplement business
company. This generally includes an investment and an area of land. The only
advantage of this is that all the care of the product manufacturers and distributors
is taken care by the company. The disadvantage is that the person has to give
some amount of the profit made to the company.

Things you can do other than the gym

Blog by-Pooja Seth

Are you bored of the same workout routine and equipment? People have a strong belief that the gym is the only activity they can do for maintaining a fit and healthy body. Earlier the options available to people were not very wide. But now, there are various options that available to people which provide them with the same benefits they get from the gym. Fill your workout with some variety and try these out other than the gym.


Zumba is one of the most fun and high energy workouts. It requires a lot of stamina and endurance because you have to keep on moving on the songs. Zumba uses simple exercises and turns them to dance movements. It has become very popular and many people are exercising with Zumba classes. Zumba is of various types and you can choose according to your preference. Even kids can do Zumba. It can also be incorporated with weights. Zumba targets many body areas such as the core, glutes, legs. If you are someone who enjoys a fast-paced workout. You should definitely try it out.

  1. Running-

Running can be done anywhere and everywhere. It is one of the easiest exercises which can be done by people. It targets the body affecting your overall body and also helps to uplift your mood. It is a great way to relax and get in shape at the same time. It improves your cardiovascular system and makes you stronger and fitter.


People had a misconception that kickboxing is only for professional people. But now the number of kickboxing classes are increasing day by day and people are loving it. Kickboxing is a very powerful form of exercise and gives you a lot more than just a fit body. It is one of the best forms of exercise that uses your strength entirely. It helps you to focus better and makes you stronger and more confident. The kicks and the punches are great to tone your arms, legs and core. It is one thing you should definitely try.

Yoga helps an individual to be the best version of themselves and can be practised by anyone.Each yoga pose has its own importance and purpose.Most of the yoga poses are not easy but can be learned by practice. You cannot master it in one go, you need to be disciplined and consistent to master yoga and attain all the benefits it brings with itself.You have to start yoga with the right mindset.Yoga can be quite difficult but you have to keep on moving forward to attain the benefits of yoga.
Always remember that slow and steady wins the class. Practising yoga is not a race but a journey in which you will discover the strength of your body and the power it has.Yoga is a very beautiful practice and helps us to live a better life in all aspects.
Our lives are filled with stress and if we don’t find a solution to calm our minds, we will not be able to work and live properly. Remaining calm in difficult circumstances is not an easy task but can be achieved by practising yoga.

5.pole exercise- Pole dance had a very different reputation associated with it. But now, pole dance is gaining popularity as a new workout style and people are loving it. It requires a lot of strength and when practised regularly, you can enjoy the benefits of a stronger body. It is a very unique concept that you should definitely try.


Hima Das

Blog by-Pooja Seth

“Zindagi toh apne damm par hii jiyi jaati hai … Dusro ke kandhe par toh sirf Jannaje uthaaye jaate hai.” – Bhagat Singh

No one could imagine have imagined that a girl from Assam would make headlines for her strong and unhindered running. It is rightly said that If you really believe in yourself and leave no stone unturned with your hard work, You can achieve the stars. Hima Das is the perfect example of this. She motivates every person to go after their dreams even if it seems impossible. She has filled every Indian with pride and we feel proud to have someone so strong and determined to represent our country.

Hima das hails from Sivasagar, Assam. Her father is a rice farmer and they all live a very simple life. It took Hima a lot of struggle to reach where she is today. She holds the current Indian national record in 400 metres with a timing of 50.79 s that she clocked at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is the first Indian athlete to win a gold medal in a track event at the IAAF World U20 Championships. People also like to call her Dhing express.

From her school day only, Hima was inclined towards athletics, She played a lot of football and was encouraged by her sports teacher to take up individual sports.

In April 2018, She took part in the 2018 Commonwealth Games at Gold coast, Australia, in the 400 metres and the 4×400 metres relay. In the 400 metres, Das reached the final where she finished sixth in a time of 51.32 seconds, 1.17 seconds behind gold medalist Amantle Montsho from Botswana. In the 4×400 metres relay, she was part of the Indian team that finished seventh in the final, with a time of 3 minutes and 33.61 seconds.

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On 12 July 2018, she was the winner of  400 m final at the World U-20 Championships 2018 held at Tampere, Finland,  she set the record of 51.46 seconds and became the first runner from India to win a gold medal at an international track event.

Her father did and her village did not have the resources which she required for her training but this did not let her faith in her deter in any way. Hard work brings in beautiful results and can truly change one’s life. In September, she signed an endorsement deal with Adidas and became a part of their family. In her Instagram account, you can see the celebrities she is interacting with. She is growing day by day and touching the sky. Our heart fills with pride when we see her growing because she shows and reflects that one can achieve height if they set their focus rigid. Sports is one of the most beautiful professions. You have to really put your sweat and blood to reach the top. The values one gets by inculcating sports in their life help them in shaping their life. Fitness does not always require great resources. If you really have the will, you will find the way!

We wish her all the very best for her future endeavours and may she keep rising.


Best Songs for a workout

Blog by-Pooja Seth

A workout becomes more fun when we have some songs playing, The right songs put you in the right mood and give you the energy boost which pushes you to move on. Your workout songs need to energetic and full of motivation that keeps you going when you want to give up. Music brings a lot of energy to the workout and makes it more motivating. It helps to distract us from the pain and uplifts our mood. The every workout studio has music playing in the background because it can become a little boring to workout without any motivation and pumping beats. Everyone likes different songs for their workout, we have listed some songs that you can try in your workout time and move in the groove.

Here are 11 songs we have selected that you should definitely put in your workout playlist.

  1. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag- This song from the movie bhaag milkha bhaag captures the true spirit of the movie and leaves everyone with the spirit to unleash your true power. The music is powerful with lyrics that will motivate you to get up work your butt off.
  2.  Ziddi Dil – The song from the movie Ziddi Dil is one of the most motivational songs you can have in your playlist. The music and the lyrics leave you craving for more inspires you to keep going on.
  3. Lakshya- This is the best song you need when you want to stop during your workout. The inspiring words will make you complete your sets and power to do more repetitions.
  4. Zinda- The lively song is super fit for the gym and running. Tune in to this song during the gym sessions and unleash the workout champion in you.
  5. Kala chashma- This peppy song is filled with fun and will make your Zumba, aerobics, gym or any session a blast. It will fill you with energy and enthusiasm, just what you need to kickstart your workout.
  6. Kar Har Maidaan Fateh-The song from Sanju is an absolute treat to the years. It won’t let you stop when you want to give up. You will keep going with this song and definitely reach your goal.
  7. Main Tera Boyfriend-This is a very fun and groovy song which will be perfect for your dumbbell sets. You will automatically step up to the beats of this song and keep working on.
  8. Let’s Nacho-As the name suggests, this song will keep you on your feat, It is perfect for cardio and will boost your energy and enthusiasm with its music.
  9. Malhari- This song is overflowing with energy and will put you in the vibe of the workout mode that you won’t be able to stop your legs working in this awesome song.
  10. Oh Ho Ho Ho-If you have ever been to any party or marriage, this song is the most played. This is the best song you can put in your workout playlist. Make your workout more fun and sweat out more with this song.


9 Ted talks you should listen for listen.

Blog by-Pooja Seth

1.Sculpt your body, sculpt your life|yasmeen chauhan|TEDxAmityUniversity

Yasmeen Chauhan, a competitive bodybuilder, an entrepreneur who owns a gym in Gurgaon shares the story of her struggles, challenges and how she reached this position. In this talk, she shares how she used weight training, resistance training to be their best version of herself. She bursts many stereotypes people have regarding bodybuilding and the importance of weight training.

2.Nadya Andreeva: A healthy lifestyle you can stomach

In this talk, she talks about the importance of a healthy bowel system and shares the dietary changes and some practices that one can make in their life to improve circulation in the stomach. It is a really nice talk to improve your digestion and give you a more healthy bowel system.

3.Why fitness is more important than weight| Leanne Spencer| TedxWandsworth

In her talk, she talks about how people have a mindset that fitness is all about losing weight. She talks about the importance of fitness which more than just looking fabulous. People have so many myths for fitness and in this talk, she explains the truth vs the myths. She encourages people to focus on functional fitness and incorporating exercise in our daily lives for all the benefits it brings.

4.Functional fitness and its necessity|Shwetambri Shetty|TedxAmritaUBanglore

She is a fitness expert at cultfit, In her talk, she shares about functional fitness and how general day-to-day movements, when perfected can transform lives. She talks about hoe movements replicate our day to day movements. She aims to make people fitter, happier and healthier. She stresses that fitness is more than just hitting the gym, it is a part of life. Tune into her talk to explore the different aspects of fitness.

5.The brain changing benefits of exercise| Wendy Suzuki

In her innovative talk, she gives people the knowledge that how simply moving your body and doing movements have so much protective and healthy effects on your brain. She shares how she used her knowledge of neuroscience to understand why exercise is the most transformative thing you can do for yourself. You must be getting curious right? Tune in to her talk and explore all the benefits and grab all that you can.

6.Natural Bodybuilding: Become the best version of yourself |Mischa Janiec

In his talk, he tries to motivate people on how to reach the best versions of themselves. He is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, personal coach and pro natural bodybuilder from Switzerland. He shares his story from how became all this from a lazy, troublemaker kid. He lays stress on the importance of getting out of your comfort zone.

7.Exercise, Nutrition and Health: Keeping it Simple|Jason Kilderry|TEDxDrexeIu

He reflects in his talks about how he took up boxing and karate at a very early age and tells about how to keep health and fitness simple and inculcate it your life with ease .

8.Winning the Mental Battle of Physical Fitness and Obesity| Ogie Shaw| TEDxSpokane

Physical fitness does not need to be complicated. He has a passion for fitness, health and motivates people on how to win the battle with the mind of physical fitness and obesity.

9.Thinking your way into health|Kamilah Stevenson| TEDxWillowCreek

She talks about the importance of eating good, you won’t be able to fulfil any of your dream while eating like a zombie. You have to be mindful of what you feed your body and to have that you need to understand what health means to you.