Excellent sources of Vegetarian Protein- A must read for all vegetarians

12190898_10207915993918439_5656160837203973102_n    Blog by: Manasi Joshi

Proteins are known as the building blocks of life: In the body, they break down into amino acids that promote cell growth and repair. They also take longer to digest than carbohydrates, helping you feel fuller for longer and on fewer calories, a plus for anyone trying to lose weight.

Can vegetarians fulfil their daily requirement of protein?


YES and NO. I met a trainer at my recent workshop. She was a vegetarian. I told her to start with the eggs at least so that she can fulfil all her protein requirement.  Her argument was, she was fulfilling with milk and curd. I can’t imagine how many glasses of milk she drinks daily!
Your Daily protein requirement is 1 gm per kg of your body weight. So if your weight is 60kgs you will require consuming 60 gm of protein daily. You cannot fulfill this merely by consuming milk, curd and Cheese.  A glass of milk or a bowl of curd have only 5 -8 gm.  1 serving of dhal or sprouts may have 7 gm of protein; moreover it is not a complete protein. (To make it complete you will have to mix it with cereal/grains in 2:1 proportion) They do not have all essential proteins except for Soya. Soya has all the essential protein and 30 gm of soya has approx. 10 gm of protein.

So you will require consuming protein with every meal you take to meet the essential portion, like a glass of milk, a bowl of curd or sprout, additional to it you will have to eat a bowl of boiled soya or a dish containing soya chunks or tofu or drink soya milk and a protein supplement which has at least 10 to 15 gm to accomplish your daily protein requirement.

Biological Value of Protein (BV)


Biological Value of Protein (BV) is an index of protein that reflects the %of absorbed N2 from dietary protein actually retained by the ody, measured under standard conditions.  BV= N retained / N absorbed × 100. The greater the proportion of N retained the higher the BV or quality of the protein.

Protein BV
Whey 104
Eggs 96
Cow’s Milk 90
Fish 80
Rice & Tofu 75

Cereals are low in a protein Lysine should be combined with legumes, which are low in methionine to obtain a good quality protein.

Sources of Vegetarian Proteins

  1. Milk and Milk Products: It is a Complete Protein. Also a rich source of calcium, Vitamin A and Cmilk-nutrients-graphic-crp.jpg
Food Protein
Milk Buffalo
1 cup, (250 ml)
cow milk

¾ cup, (150 ml)

Paneer 40 g

(3 cubes of 1”)

Cheese 30 g

1 cube

Curd  200 g

1 cup



  1. Soy foods: Good quality protein. Also good source of calcium. ½ cup cooked soybeans give approx 88mg calcium. Processing it may reduce the amount of calcium.


Food Protein
1/2 cup, cooked
Tempeh 1/2 cup 15.7
Soy Protein
1/2 cup, cooked
Soynuts 1/4 cup 15
Tofu 1/2 cup 10
Soy flour,
defatted 1/4 cup
plain 1 cup


  1. Pulses and Legumes: Also are good source of protein but partially lack one or more amino acid, so they are not complete protein. Eating them with combination of cereal or grains will make them complete. 30 g of medium thick dal , whole pulses (Usal), peas or beans (I bowl) provides approx 7 g protein.


  1. Nuts and seeds: Nuts like Almonds, pistachios, walnuts provides approx 5 to 6 g of protein per ounce. They are also healthy source of fat which can boost the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Walnuts are good source of Omega 3 fatty acids which is good for heart. They are excellent source of minerals and vitamin E. Seeds like Pumpkin, watermelon, Chia provide 5 g of protein


  1. Quinoa: A very good source of protein for vegetarians. I cup provide 8 g. It is also a good source of Iron.


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Fitness Exercise that you can do while working

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi.

1. The Fist Pump.
Received approval from the head honcho for extra vacation days? Time to rock out to that Bruce Springsteen playlist while simultaneously toning the arms. Fist punch into the air like a champ (alternating arms, of course), and continue for 60 seconds or more—or until you realize the boss is right behind you.

2. The Knuckle Sandwich.
So the big cheese said no to the promotion and returned your project covered in red ink. To relieve frustration and get a fab arm fix, try shadow boxing to the perfect boxing playlist. Stand (if you can) and throw out a few jabs, hooks, and uppercuts in rapid succession (just watch out for computers and coworkers!). Continue for a minute or longer to blow off steam and tone the arms, chest, and core.

3. The Flapper.
Whether you’ve got a thing for the 1920s or enjoy mimicking penguins, this move is for you. Standing with arms by your sides and palms facing behind, pulse the arms backward for 5 seconds. Release and repeat for 12-15 reps. For best results, make sure to keep the arms long and straight!

4. The Casual Lean.
Waiting in the hall for a meeting to start? Perfect time to nonchalantly work out the upper arms! Casually lean against the nearest wall, supporting your body with the forearm only. Now lean into the wall until the upper arm almost touches it, and then push back out. Repeat for 15 reps or until the meeting gets underway.

5. The Lumberjack.
While this lumberjack may be wearing slacks instead of plaid, he can still get a good midday workout. Stand and clasp the hands together, resting them on the right shoulder as if holding an axe. Gently swing the imaginary “axe” by straightening the elbows and moving the hands toward the left thigh. Next, bring the clasped hands to the left shoulder followed by a swing to right thigh. Repeat 15 times on each side, or until all office plants have been hacked down.

Indian Squash Champion: Saurav Ghosal

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi.

Saurav Ghosal exults after winning the Asian Games gold
In a mixed year for India’s top male squash player, Saurav Ghosal, the Asian Games men’s team event gold and the men’s singles silver were two of his proudest moments. Much like Dipika, the Kolkata-born squash champion who devoted himself to bringing glory for the country, saw a slide down the rankings.

Saurav had trouble closing out deciding games which also led to him getting dethroned as the national champion. Currently placed at 23rd in the world, Saurav is keenly looking forward to doing well in 2015.

  • Saurav’s achievements in 2014 –
    Asian Games men’s team event gold.
  • Asian Games men’s singles silver.
  • Runner-up at National Championships.

Indian Squash Champion: Mahesh Mangaonkar

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi.

20-year-old Mahesh Mangaonkar is one of the best young talents to have arrived on the Indian squash scene. The Mumbaikar proved it by beginning the year in stellar fashion when he reigned supreme at the Open du Gard.

The youngster backed it up with a host of runner-up finishes that led to the Asian Games men’s team event gold medal. The India No. 2 then produced a strong show at the JSW Indian Squash Challenger Circuit 2014 where he clinched the second leg. Having broken into the top 50, the currently 47th-ranked player would very much like to build on his great run next year.

Mahesh’s achievements in 2014 –
• Asian Games men’s team event gold.
• Winner of Open du Gard.
• Winner of second leg and Runner-up of the first leg of JSW Indian Squash Challenger Circuit 2014.
• Runner-up at Northumbria Open and the Loch Ness Challenger.

9 qualities one must have before getting into fitness


Blog By: Arjun Jain


Joining a gym is easy what is actually difficult is to make it a habit.people think getting into fitness is not that difficult,just join a gym,workout and build a beautiful physique,what they don’t understand is getting into fitness is not that easy,it takes a lot of sacrifice,patience,willpower and a lot of qualities to actually achieve one’s dream physique.

Here are some qualities that one must have or inculcate before getting into fitness:-

  1. Willpower

    one must have a very strong willpower in order to achieve his desired physique.A willpower that is unshakeable and will not fade out with time.One must have the satisfaction of never being satisfied.

  2. Commitment

    as it is said in the fitness industry”commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you”.Commitment is a very important quality that one must have in order to be successful in this industry.One has to be loyal to himself,he must eat clean and workout hard km order to get some gains.one should not cheat on his meals and workout.

  3. Dedication

    -one does not get the body he wants overnight.one has to be dedicated.he should work hard day and night in order to see the results.

  4. Patience

    this is one of the most important qualities that one must have.patience plays a very important role.As it is said everything takes time,the same applies to gym it takes a great amount of efforts and even greater amount of patience to see the results. It does not happen overnight ,and as it is said in the gym”it takes 4 weeks for you to see the results, 8 weeks for others and 12 weeks for the world to see the results”.

  5. Self Motivation:

    No-one will motivate you to work hard,no-one will motivate you to eat right,one has to be his own motivation.Self motivation plays an important role in reaching your goals.whether it’s raining or one just had a hectic day one must have the ability to motivate him to workout no matter what is happening around.

  6. Craziness or “freakness”

    fitness is like an addiction once you start seeing results it becomes an addiction.One should be crazy about his fitness goals so crazy that others freak out seeing you working so hard on your physique.

  7. Craving for more

    as mentioned earlier one must have the satisfaction of never being satisfied.there should be always craving for more,as it helps us in reaching our goals,one should never be satisfied,there should be something always that one must look forward to.

  8. Sacrifice

    As it is said in order to gain something one has to lose something,this applies perfectly in the fitness industry,one has to sacrifice a lot.the most important sacrifice however is his social life,whether it’s someone’s birthday or you just got a promotion or any other event one cannot cheat on his diet and workout,he has to sacrifice the craving for taste and should be more focused towards nutrition.

  9. Hardwork

    and last but not the least Hardwork. As it is always said”There’s no substitute for Hardwork “No matter if you take supplements,no matter if you have the best trainers in the world,no matter if you have the best gym if you don’t work hard yourself,no-one can change you,it’s you and only you who has to work on his body in order to get the desired physique.one must work hard each and every single day and then only it would be possible to see some changes.

If you think you’ve got the qualities given above,go on and hit the gym!
And for those who just read this article,it’s never too late to start and it’s never impossible for anyone,wish you all sweaty and a good workout.

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Indian Squash Champion: Harinder Pal Sandhu

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi.

There was a remarkable turnaround this year for Harinder Pal Sandhu. He had a glittering second half of the season. The Asian Games Men’s team event gold boosted the confidence of this Chandigarh-born player and the momentum helped him do well in the latter half of the year.

Sandhu followed it up with three titles at the JSW Indian Squash Challenger Circuit 2014, the Asian Beach Games gold and even a maiden title at the National Championships. The 25-year-old will definitely look to carry on the momentum into the new season and improve his current ranking of 64.

Sandhu’s achievements in 2014 –

  • Asian Games men’s team event gold
  • Asian Beach Games gold
  • Winner of the first /third /fourth legs of JSW Indian Squash Challenger Circuit 2014
  • Winner of National Championships

Indian Table Tennis Champion: Madhurikaa Paatkar

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi.

State: Maharashtra

Madhurikaa might not be a household name in India but consistent domestic performances have seen her represent India in the past few years. She shows tremendous skills on the table for the ONGC team which she represents.

Major Achievements:

Gold at the 12th South Asian Games (Team Event)

Indian Table Tennis Champion: Manika Batra

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

State: Delhi

The tallest and highest-ranked Indian paddler was introduced to the game at the age of four and now is a name which is slowly emerging in the world of table tennis. Armed with a strong plan, this girl from New Delhi has been shining in the competitive circuit for a long time.

Manika is a threat to the players not only from India but also to players from beyond the boundaries. She shows very little emotion while playing which helps her overcome tricky situations.

Major achievements:

Bronze medal at the Asian Junior Championship in 2013

Bronze medal at the 20th Commonwealth Games in 2014

Two Gold medals and one Silver at the South Asian Games in 2016

Indian Table Tennis Champion: Mouma Das

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi.

State: West Bengal

Showing tremendous consistency over the years, Mouma Das has been a regular at the international level.  Despite her age, the girl from Kolkata has been dominating the scene and is still considered a valuable asset to the team.

Her sole intention has always been winning medals for the country and there are very few paddlers who can match Mouma’s dedication for the sport.

Major achievements:

Bronze at the 18th Commonwealth Games in 2006

Silver at the 19th Commonwealth Games in 2010

Gold at the 12th South Asian Games in 2016