Daily Lifestyle Habits From Ayurveda


A lot of emphasis has been made in Ayurveda science on following the right lifestyle so as to stay clear of a number of ailments. But what is the need?

  • This seems true when we look around and see people suffering from maladies like high blood pressure, allergic disorders, diabetes, mental anxiety, hormonal imbalance, obesity, and more.
  • Unknowingly, we seem to limit ourselves into becoming habitual of so many unreasonable medications. Today, it seems all the more relevant to understand and follow the precise natural lifestyle.
  • Going back to and connecting with nature is so needed.
  • And also living naturally is definitely the need of the times.

    Ancient Ayurveda For Modern Lifestyle

    Ayurveda is the ancient insight of living life naturally. Following the simple step-by-step guide of the Ayurveda daily lifestyle is easy and a sure way to gain and maintain natural wellness.

    Follow Ayurveda Lifestyle Steps

    There are some simple to follow steps for living your life with Ayurveda lifestyle which can be easily practiced and accepted for your overall health and wellness:

    Waking Up Early

    The right time when you need to be out of your bed is early morning between 4 to 6 am.

    Relieving The Bowels

    Relieving the bowels has to be followed and this needs to be practiced with silence and patience. Hurried attitude that makes you to force expulsion of body wastes is considered to be harmful in the long run.

    Cleaning Of Face And Mouth

    Thorough cleansing of the mouth and face with fresh water enables freshness and combats inactivity and the previous night’s siesta.

    Dental Care

    Ancient Ayurveda text counsels natural tree woody sticks, or datun, for teeth and gum care. These natural herbs take care of oral health by providing wormicidal, blood-purifying, and healing benefits.

    Eye Care

    You need to fill your mouth with fresh water and cleanse your protruding eyes with cool and fresh water (video). Ayurveda asserts this practice to be highly beneficial for restoring your natural vision.

    Nasal Cleansing

    Ayurveda advises mild oiling of the nasal passage that protects from ear, nose, and throat diseases, and also from various allergies.

    Mouthwash And Gargles

    It is recommended to mouthwash first with oil, and thereafter with warm water.

    This keeps you away from maladies like dryness of the lips and oral cavity, sore throat, and dental ailments.

    After this, you need to perform some gargles with an astringent herb decoction.

    Application Of Perfumed Pastes

    Ayurveda advocates maintaining hygiene by using natural perfumed pastes from scented herbs like Chandan or Sandalwood. This practice is believed to help enhance your natural glow and charisma.

    Daily Massage

    • massage that is performed using Vata suppressing oils is advised.
    • Go in for mustard oil or sesame seed oil for this.
    • This is going to be a wonderful natural health-giving asset for you.
    • Moreover this would keep you away from a number of physical and mental ailments.

    Daily Exercise

    • Ayurveda conveys some basic rules for exercise that need to be incorporated into daily lifestyles.
    • The arduous exercise has been advocated mainly during winters and the spring season.
    • Also indulging in strenuous exercise during summers, the rainy season, and autumn has been rather discouraged.

    Scrubbing Of The Body

    • Thorough scrubbing of the body with coarse powder made from pungent and astringent herbs helps.
    • This would make your skin soft and supple.
    • Moreover this practice nourishes bodily muscles and tissues.

    Daily Bath

    Ayurveda everyday lifestyle guides you to inculcate the habit of a bath every single day. While bathing, you may use warm water for below the waistline, but never wash your head with warm or hot water, as this could be rather appalling for your eyes and hair.

    Diet Specifications


    • Ayurveda strongly relates the diet to your mind and body.
    • This means when diet is taken in its purest form.
    • This further purifies the Satva property of the Mind.
    • And in turn creates positivism and clarity of the mind.
    • Having your daily meal should be accomplished with endurance, delight, and gratitude.
    • Therefore; the nourishing, warm, and compatible diet plans need to be followed.

7 healthy habit that will benefit your health

sleep good

  1. Have a good sleep – Sleep is an unavoidable interval in the 24-hour day, says Merril M Mitler, PH.D, of La Jolla, California. Sleep is a very essential part of our day, not only in comforting ways but also in terms of health. Our body needs 7-8 hours sleep daily in order to function properly but due to our workload and many other reasons. We are not able to have such amount of sleep. A healthy sleep has many benefits such as:
    a. It energizes you and makes you more active.
    b. It will help you to decrease tension and make you happier.
    c. It repairs the body
    d. Reduces the risk of heat stroke
    e. It relaxes the mind
    f. Sleep has never ending advantages and you should not neglect it at any cost. So if you are not getting a good amount of sleep and feel that your health is going down, you need to change your routine and make healthy sleep a #1 priority.hydrated

  2. Keep yourself hydrated – Drinking plenty of water in a day will bring positive changes towards your health. Drink at least 7-10 glasses of water in a day. You will feel a big difference in your health. You will find your energy levels raised and it will boost you mentally.

    It also aids in losing weight as it makes you feel full and suppresses appetite. Do you find yourself with an aching head very often? It can also be due to dehydration. So if you are on the side of people who drink less water, switch sides immediately !eat-slowly

  3. Eat slowly – Yes , you read that right. We do not realize but we end up eating more when we eat which leads to weight gain. Eating fast also does improper digestion and makes you feel hungry very fast. Eating slowly is one of the most simplest yet the most powerful things you can do to improve your health.

    take stairs

  4. Take stairs – Who would want to take stairs when the lift is present right at the side? Humans always put comfort over hard work. We have produced so many gadgets based on our comfort and without even knowing, we are harming ourselves. Take my word and make stairs your best friend. <br>According to step jockey.com
    a. Climbing just 8 flights of stairs a day lowers our average early mortality rate by 33%.
    b. It reduces the half risk of heart attack over 10 years.
    c. It reduces weight.Print

  5. Meditate – You have no idea how much meditation can change your life in the most positive way. We are so consumed in our daily schedule that we fail to connect with our true selves. Start doing meditation after waking up and before going to sleep, even if it is for 5 minutes. You will feel relaxed, calm and it will change your life.


  6. Start your day early and practice positive affirmations – We all want to end the chatter in our mind  and  be calmer, more confident or anything you want to be. Starting your day positively is the best thing you can do for yourself.


  7. Exercise – When it comes to health, who would forget exercise? Exercise is the best thing you can gift yourself. No matter if it is for weight loss, for being fit or any personal reasons. Make exercise on your priority list.

How To Master The Art Of Giving And Gifting?


Ever, so often we plunge into the phrase “Art of Giving” and we are well-aware about our responsibility for giving back all that we have received. Many times we identify the word ‘to give’ with ‘charity’, although this delivers profound respite to us in many ways, but this is not all.

If you own a fortune, or even if you are able to only part with little amount of wealth for the needy, you are still doing great job. But one thing must be crystal clear to you every time you participate in the ‘Act of giving‘, you must only do it ‘unconditionally’. This means that you must give with a heart that does not expect in anything return.

Other than money, there is a world of gifts that you can bestow upon anyone and everyone who touches your life.


Gift Of Smile

When you smile at someone, the recipient is relieved instantly. You do not know their situations in life. But once you are able to give your smile (and expect nothing in return) their spirit soars for that moment and they could be living off the energy of that simple smile.


Gift Of Hug

It has been medically proven that hugging reduces the risk of heart disease, stress, anxiety and depression by naturally increasing the level of hormone-oxytocin. If you hug someone with compassion in your heart, then whatever the other person is undergoing, your hug is going to reach and uplift them.



Gift Of Thank You

We are indebted for an array of big and small favors that keep pouring our way. Although these favors go easily unnoticed, we need to be more aware and thankful. There may be someone serving you a glass of water when you are sweltering in the sun, or someone would be giving way to your vehicle on the road, or someone praising you for an errand. Never forget to say ‘Thank you’ from your heart.



Gift Of Kindness

My son who recently accompanied me to walk in the park was surprised to find so many little puppies come and nudge my feet in playful way and then leave without any effort of mischief. He asked me ‘‘why do these dogs come running to you and why you not hush them away?’’. I told him that in both the cases, it is only because of the intention of ‘loving kindness’. When we emit the emotion of kindness, animals can perceive and respond accordingly. Kindness is your giveaway which delights and gratifies the other.


Gift Of Tenderness

Are you every now and then disturbed with loud voices of callousness all around? This no doubt conveys a lack of courtesy, compassion, and sensitivity. Think about it before you start to retaliate in a similar manner. If you can understand by your own experience that shouts and screams actually interfere with a peaceful state of mind, then you need not join the crowd. Dwelling into giving conscious and deliberate tenderness by the means of your speech and choice of words is a gift that you are giving to make the world a better place to live in.

Gift Of Blessing

How often do you bless others? This is another unconditional gift that you can be silently showering over others. In our day-to-day over demanding and yet futile lifestyles, somehow in the core of our hearts we all yearn for being blessed. And the best part is that when you are gifting the virtue of blessing to someone, it is going to come back to you manifold as per the law of attraction. Keep giving lots and lots of blessings every single day and be blessed!



Gift Of Compassion

Sometimes all that you need to give is your compassionate presence. It might not be the money or gifts that are needed from you. Only you need to be sure that someone could be craving for the presence of your compassionate soul. And wanting your patient ears, assuring words and comfort in your shoulder. When you are able to give your time, you are offering treasure beyond any wealth.



Gift Of Sharing

When I started writing this blog, it was simply to quench the author in me and all I intended was to dive into the liberation of my own world of ideas, thoughts and writing. I had gifted this blog to myself as a “Happy birthday gift”. Yet, gradually as I began to write and share our ancient wisdom of holistic healing, I could see readers from all over visiting my blog. Also, sharing on social media sites like gave me the understanding that my ‘work’ is being earnestly acknowledged for healthcare management not only in India-my country, but by the global audience as well.

Today, I frequently find more than 10,000 page-views of my blog. And thus sharing has taken the form of delivering a gift to one and all. Surely, I am doing this for ‘No reason at all’. But the return is massive in terms of the response coming my way. People are getting healed! And on my part I am gratefully able to partake in ‘Giving’ what is needed. Share your passion and make it your purpose, God gives you all gifts to share with humanity.



You Are The Biggest Gift

Now that you are all set to plunge in the “Art of Giving”, let me tell you that you would give much more earnestly and wholeheartedly if you first start with giving to yourself. And what would be the greatest gift to yourself? That would be you, yourself! Give yourself your undivided company every single day. Not only this, you also need to use these moments of solitude for self-contemplating. Rejoice in your being, enhance the love in your heart and dwell in the goodness of forgiving and a grateful heart.

How To Obtain Vitamin B 12 For Enhancing Energy Levels?

Also known as Cobalamin and more commonly as the energy vitamin, vitamin B 12 is definitely an important nutrient for your overall growth and well-being.

Why Is It Essential?

  1. This is because your body needs an optimum amount of this nutrient in order to create and develop the genetic material and perform DNA synthesis.
  2. Apart from being required for proper formation of RBCs (red  blood cells) in your blood, it is more essential.
  3. Mainly because this particular member of the vitamin B family also looks after the health of your nerve cells.
  4. And thus it supports and promotes a healthy neurological function.
  5. Besides, the presence of this essential micro-nutrient in your body boosts your energy levels.
  6. Also, it contributes to the adrenal function.
  7. And makes way for a smooth metabolism.
  8. Not only this, it also promotes the efficient functioning of your brain .
  9. While taking care of the entire immune system.

    Lack Of Vitamin B 12

    Any lack of vitamin B 12 in your body can lead to deficiency symptoms. The most common being pernicious anemia.

    Some other symptoms that you could experience with lack of this vitamin are –

    • Chronic fatigue
    • Frequent exhaustion
    • General weakness and lethargy
    • moodiness could be there.
    • Weak muscles
    • dizziness and brain fog
    • Rapid or irregular heartbeat
    • Shortness of breath.

      Severe Symptoms Could Crop Up

      Although the few symptoms associated with this ailment have been mentioned and these need to be noted. Besides, severe lack of this particular vitamin could some more sturdy signs and symptoms. These are –

      Mental Symptoms –

      • Loss of memory
      • Confused state of mind
      • Dementia

      Physical Symptoms –

      • Some serious health repercussions
      • An irreversible neurological disorder.

      Therefore, maintaining optimum levels of vitamin B 12 becomes all the more essential.

      Vitamin B12 Foods

      Other than taking the supplements, there are some animal as well as plant based sources of this essential vitamin. You could definitely bring these in your diet and foods and keep away from losing Vitamin B12 and experiencing all sorts of signs and symptoms.vitamin-b12-fish-iron-egg-diet-healthy-photkaiStock_86500391_MEDIUM

      Animal-Based Sources Of Vitamin B 12

      There are various animal-based foods which offer an abundant availability of this vitamin.

      • Organ meats such as beef liver, clams, eggs, poultry, meat, shellfish, turkey, oysters, chicken, trout, and salmon, etc. contain a considerably large amount of vitamin B 12.
      • Eggs, on the other hand, are not only effective at providing us a whole day’s worth of this nutrient, but are also cheap source.All – Natural Sources & Supplements For Vegans And Vegetarians
        Since, most of these sources are animal-derived, vegetarians and vegans often have to compromise and end up suffering from vitamin B 12 deficiency. Although, for the vegetarians, choice could be fairly reasonable. In order to combat this problem, there are a few food options such as –Fortified breakfast cereals, grain and bean products available nowadays that contain synthesized form of Vitamin B 12.
        These have a high bio availability and are therefore more easily and readily absorbed by our body.
        And thus this vitamin can be taken as a dietary supplement.
        Milk and dairy products also contain sufficient amount of vitamin B 12.
        Cottage cheese (Paneer), for example, is a good source of this vitamin and contains very few calories.
        Skimmed or low fat milk is another great option. It is because it comes loaded with a variety of other health benefits, apart from also providing us with vitamin B 12.
        Other natural sources of vitamin B 12 such as miso, white button mushrooms, tempeh, etc. can also be tried
        You may include these in your diet in combinations, as long as they ensure an optimum amount of vitamin B 12.

        Absorption Of Vitamin B 12

        Vitamin B12, however, comes bound to protein in these foods. It, therefore, takes a particular manner for your body to digest this water – soluble vitamin.
        1. First, the presence of Hydrochloric acid in the stomach allows separation of this vitamin from the protein it generally comes attached with.
        2. Thereafter, this nutrient is combined with the protein that is present in your stomach, known as the intrinsic factor.
        3. It is only then that the vitamin B 12 gets absorbed by your body.B12_Absorption

          Spirulina Is Supportive Aid

          Spirulina is  understood to be a supportive aid for gaining this specific vitamin as it does contain Methylcobalamin, which has high bio-availability.

          • Although, certain mushrooms, sea-weed and algae such as nori, naturally produced chlorella, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, AFA, etc. are known to contain traces of cobalamin.
          • Yet, the blue-green algae called as Spirulina actually happens to be a type of cyanobacteria.
          • It is believed to contain some two to three times more the amount of the vitamin B 12, as compared to beef liver.

          Is It Sufficient?

          • Yet at the same time, vegans and vegetarians cannot solely rely on the use of Spirulina to make up for a B 12 deficiency.
          • Nonetheless, it is a good idea to supplement your daily diet with this Super-food known as Spirulina.
          • This is because it contains a whole host of other healthy nutrients as well as essential antioxidants.

          Spirulina Is Supportive Aid

          Spirulina is  understood to be a supportive aid for gaining this specific vitamin as it does contain Methylcobalamin, which has high bio-availability.

          • Although, certain mushrooms, sea-weed and algae such as nori, naturally produced chlorella, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, AFA, etc. are known to contain traces of cobalamin.
          • Yet, the blue-green algae called as Spirulina actually happens to be a type of cyanobacteria.
          • It is believed to contain some two to three times more the amount of the vitamin B 12, as compared to beef liver.

          Is It Sufficient?

          • Yet at the same time, vegans and vegetarians cannot solely rely on the use of Spirulina to make up for a B 12 deficiency.
          • Nonetheless, it is a good idea to supplement your daily diet with this Super-food known as Spirulina.
          • This is because it contains a whole host of other healthy nutrients as well as essential antioxidan
      • For more details visit Dr sonica Krishan blogs
      • https://www.drsonicakrishan.com/drsonica-blog/

Watch Your Diet

In Ayurveda, a lot of stress has been laid on proper food habits. Some of the food combinations result in production of toxicity inside the body due to their being opposite in action. This is because intake of these combinations causes toxicity. It further creates an impurity in the blood stream resulting in production of skin disease.diet-natural

Incompatible Food Combinations


These incompatible diet or food combinations are called as Virudh Aahar. A few types have been listed :

1. Guna Virudh

This means the foods are opposing in properties. Taking a hot and a cold product simultaneously. An example is eating a pulse called kulth with milk.

2. Kaala Virudh

Foods that are against the climatic conditions. For eg. Intake of more food food stuff that are warm in action during summer like dry fruits in summer season.

3. Agni Virudh

The diet that is against the digestive powers. Eg. Taking a heavy meal by a person with lesser digestive powers.

4. Matra Virudh

This means when the diet is against the quantity. For example Honey and ghee (clarified butter) when taken in equal quantities results in toxicity.

5. Prakiriti Virudh

Food combination that is against nature like taking fish with milk.

6. Dosha Virudh

When the diet is against the doshas or the body humours. A person with a particular constituency, if takes more of the products which further aggravate the dosha. Eg. A person with increased pitta keeps on taking hot, fried and spicy food.

7. Parihar Virudh

Some products which should not be taken after eating something. For example taking cold water after eating ghee is harmful.

8. Sanyog Virudh

Some combinations which act as toxic eg. When milk is taken taken with sour.

Ayurveda Diet Tips And Recommendations

Three pillars support our ‘building’ of health viz. balanced diet, daily exercise and proper rest.

Our diet should be nourishing and contain all the important components i.e. carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Also, it is equally important to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday.

The daily food intake should preferably be freshly cooked, appealing to taste and easily digestible.

Intake of spicy, fried foods, cold drinks, caffeine rich foods and drinks, alcohol etc should be minimized.

Effect of Various Tastes On Your Health

  • The sweet taste is believed to increase the general body resistance against a disease. As per Ayurvedic text, this specific taste helps to increase the body tissues and as a consequence, it enhances the ‘Ojas’ or the vital energy reserve of the body and mind. This taste therefore aids in increasing not only immunity, but also the general health of an individual and keeps aging at a distance.
  • Sour taste is believed to enhance the strength of the body by providing nutrition to the body tissues. Also, it increases the taste for food and salivation.
  • The salty taste imparts a relish for  food and provides softness to the body parts. At the same time, it causes a decrease in the body strength of an individual and increases weakness and lethargy.
  • The bitter taste is believed to cause demolition of body tissues and obesity. It is also anti toxic in nature; and thus destroys intestinal parasites and aids in curing skin ailments.
  • Pungent taste is a blood purifier and helps in creating a good appetite. Also, it has a nature of drying the body tissue mainly mucous, fat and pus.
  • Astringent taste causes dryness of the body tissues and lessens the secretion from mucous membranes.

    Effect On Digestion

    • The tastes also show different processes of digestion. The diet articles that are sweet, sour and salty in taste have the property of being heavy, slimy and oily. Therefore the same are mildly laxative by nature.
    • Whereas, the other three tastes i.e. bitter, pungent and astringent are light and dry by nature and so tend to cause constipation.
    • For more details visit Dr. Sonica Krishan’s blogs
  •     https://www.drsonicakrishan.com/drsonica-blog/


Functional foods

Have you ever heard that  A MEDICINE CAN BE A FOOD, No? So In previous time when there were no drugs to treat and cure diseases, Food was used as medicine to cure disease, Now days these foods are termed as functional foods

Functional foods are those foods or food constituents which provide specific health or medical benefits along with nutrition


According  to American dietary association functional foods can be divided into four categories

  • CONVENTIONAL FOODS :- those foods which provide health and medical benefits in there natural state are called conventional foods these are not fortified or enriched with other substances. These include fruits and vegetables which are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants


Example :_ lycopene in organic tomatoes


  • MODIFIED FOODS :- these foods are enriched, fortified or enhanced with nutrients or beneficial ingredients

Example:- calcium fortified orange juice

                      Folic acid enriched bread


  • MEDICAL FOODS :- food which is consumed and formulated under under supervision of physician and which is intended for specific dietary management of a disease


  • FOODS FOR DIETARY USE :- these are similar to medical foods but are not taken under supervision of physician




Berries Anthocyanins
Citrus foods Flavanones, limonoids
Fish oil DHA, EPA, omega 3 fatty acids
Tomato Lycopene
Wine Phenols, ellagic acids













TOMATOES :- its has lycopene which is the active component, its plays a role of antioxidant and prevents from cancer

GARLIC :- known as russian penicillin, it has antibacterial property, cholestrol lowering, and prevents hypertension

CITRUS FOODS:- it contains flavanoids and limonoids which has anticancer properties and it contains fiber, vitamin c which are good for gut health and cardiovascular disease

GREEN TEA :- it contains polyphenols and catechins which has anticancer effects in our body

CHOCOLATES:- contains flavonoids and and epicatechins which promote cardiovascular health and has anticancer effects

DAIRY PRODUCTS :- like yogurt, milk, cheese are rich in vitamin D and riboflavin and minerals like calcium and phosphorus  prove strength to bones and prevents osteoporosis

The fermented dairy products improves the gut health









  • CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE :it is inadequate intake of foods containing micronutrient such as vitamin E and C, and beta carotene,intake of fruits and vegetables are affected against heart disease, DHA and EDA in fish oil are essential fatty acids and helps in lowering bad cholesterol
  • CANCER :- antioxidants rich foods are helpful in lowering risk of cancer like lycopene in tomatoes
  • ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE :- it is a brain disorder and can be prevented by consumption of omega 3 fatty acids and DHA from fish oil has found to decrease alzheimer disease by 60% if consumed twice a week




Functional foods play a significant role in human health as well as animal health, they protect from different type of chronic disease like cancer,Heart disease ,alzheimer. They are not good or bad foods, but they are good for bad diets

Sports performance enhancement through nutrition

The right diet is essential for athletic ability regardless of the sport in question. Be it a high energy sport like football or tennis or a relatively relaxing activity like swimming, the food we eat goes a long way in determining how well we perform. This is true not just for those who are professional athletes but even for the common man interested in improving his physical ability and health. There are a lot of guides available in the market and on the internet about the latest dietary fad that can describe how well a person can improve his sporting ability through nutrition but most of them are misleading and can be quite useless.

This blogpost focuses on the right nutrition to enhance sports performance and it outlines 10 steps which can act as a guide for beginners so that they can later expand on it or add their own nutrition plans or even consult with healthcare professionals and modify the plan. The post is mainly meant for novice practitioners but can also be of use to people who follow more advanced exercise plans and already have the right training in place to aid them in the enhancement of their sporting ability.OverallNutrition

  • The right diet for the athlete in you:

An athlete’s diet should have at least 55% carbohydrates, 12 to 15% protein and less than 30% of fat. This is the standard combination prescribed by nutrition experts currently after decades of peer-reviewed scientific literature suggested a combination on more or less the same percentages. Athletes should also minimize the intake of fried and oily food, biscuits, cakes, pastries and chips. These can be quite detrimental to their performance on the field and their health off the field. The advice is quite generic but it is still effective.

  • Carbs and Exercises:


During the process of digestion, all carbohydrates are broken down into sugar – which is the primary source of energy to the body and glucose which comes from sugar can be converted into glycogen and stored in liver and muscle tissue. Athletes can gradually increase stores of glycogen by gradually eating foods which are high in carbohydrates. The consumption of carbohydrates is directly proportional to the energy levels the athlete has therefore its vital to pay attention to the carbs you consume and burn up throughout the day. Think of it as the fuel to your engine.


  • The following table illustrates the requisite amount of carbohydrate consumption for your body so that you can maintain your fitness:
Exercise 30 mins/day 3–5 g/kg/day
Exercise for an hour 5–7 g/kg/day
Endurance exercise (more than an hour) 6–10 g/kg/day
Extreme endurance exercise (more than 4 hrs/day) 8–12 g/kg/day


  • The Glycemic Index:

The glycemic index is a scale that ranks food and fluids by their carbohydrate richness and how they affect the body’s blood sugar levels. There is still a lot of noise around GI research but surveys are suggesting that moderate to high GI foods are the best for athletes.

  • Food during exercise:

If your exercise lasts more than an hour, carbohydrates are vital to top up your blood glucose levels and this is especially important that the amount of carbohydrates you consume gets used up appropriately in your exercise. It is vital for the energy consumption and expenditure to be balanced in order to perform on the field and also maintain a fit routine wherein the athlete does not feel fatigue or have the constant need to munch on snacks throughout his exercise routine to keep himself strong.

  • Eating post exercise:

The glycogen consumed during the exercise must also be quickly broken down post exercise in order to maintain the energy levels and put the diet into effective action . Moderate to high carbohydrate foods are vital in this activity and athletes should pay attention to how much they consume particularly after an intense hour of exercise or any other high activity sport. The breakdown of glycogen stores is vital to keep the body fit as a fiddle and many dietary experts recommend that this is the stage where the diet becomes most important and our attention to it must be focused.

  • Protein and sporting performance:

Proteins are vital for sporting performance especially with sports that require a lot of intense leg work say soccer. Proteins keep the body fit and repair after an intense session of exercise and thus it is vital for athletes as well as the general public to consume the right amount of protein in order to maintain their energy level throughout the exercise session as well as for the rest of their day to day activity. Proteins can be a very important source of energy for athletes especially during games that can go on for more than an hour as they help the body in endurance.

  • Amino Acids and other supplements:

The role of amino acids and other supplements have been increasingly becoming prominent in their importance to nutrition especially for endurance sports. Amino acids are vital to complement the protein and carbohydrate intake and at times can even make up for the deficiency of the two components in the body. Thus athletes should pay attention to amino acids and in what foods they consume them throughout the day. The more the better for the body as well as for their sport.

  • Vitamin Supplements:

Vitamin supplements are naturally a very good addendum to the protein and carbohydrate/amino acid intake of the body. Vitamin supplements can be very useful especially to avoid fatigue and burnout. This is becoming increasingly common for professionals and athletes today and its very important to focus on the right amount of vitamin supplements we ingest because they can be quite effective in keeping us in shape and also extract the maximum benefit from our exercise. This is especially true given how hectic modernity has become and how difficult it is for people to pay attention to the food they eat.

  • Water: This is the most basic and fundamental element in the entire diet. The amount of water you drink is very important in keeping your body replenished and it avoids the body from becoming dry particularly after an intense exercise session. Lots of water intake is good for health and it is also useful in terms of cooling the muscles and the body because sporting exercises usually generate a lot of heat and the body can become quite burnt out from all the activity. Water consumption is vital even for the layman who might not be an intense athlete as well.

BFY Sports and Fitness has diet counselling and specialized sports and fitness e-clinics which can be the perfect tool to launch your diet plans on and also serve as a guidepost for you to perform and improve your skills in the sport you play. BFY’s sports and fitness e-clinic caters to a wide range of dietary needs from endurance sport to athletes who are beginning to build up their routines. Do visit our website (http://www.bfydiets.com ) to learn more about the right diet for you and its impact on your sporting performance.


Recovery in fitness can be an arduous process. It is often time consuming and can be frustrating at times to constantly hope for a speedy resolution. Recovery in fitness depends on multiple factors and it is one of the trickiest parts of the entire training regimen. Recovery can be usually speeded up by taking the necessary precautions and this blogpost discusses the various ways in which one can speed up their recovery process especially after an injury sustained during the exercise process. A lot of care has to be taken to ensure that the injuries sustained during the exercise process do not worsen and can be controlled.

Recovery in fitness is also heavily dependent on how the body reacts to the recovery modes used through fitness exercises. This blog also looks at the concepts of hormesis or the application of external stressors on how the body heals and it explores the concepts of anti-fragility which was recently popularized in the circles of Paleo diets by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the writer of The Black Swan and Fooled By Randomness. The best recovery methods also build an immune system of sorts and helps the body defend itself against future injuries.

Recovery in fitness is especially critical to people who are relying on fitness to get them to recover from the injuries they have sustained. The best methods to recover from injuries is to ideally train your body to deal with fitness as a very useful tool that can help you build even more reserves of energy and strength to tackle the challenges of day to day life. The recovery methods also help us in building up our body to sustain the onslaught of more stressors and ultimately emerge stronger from it all. The best of the best exercises tend to help us recover and bounce back and also help us in building resilience. These exercises however vary from person to person and depends on the person who is performing the exercises more than anything. However, the best approach is to figure out the ideal method that works for you and then pursue that method to recover from the injuries. The ideal way is to ensure that your body does not suffer even more from fitness training when you seek it as a solution to your problems. This is best reflected in terms of how you pursue your fitness training and how you mold it to your situation and then ideally look at how it helps you in bouncing back from the toughest of situations. The fitness regimens followed by one person need to necessarily be the same that is followed by another. There is however a lot of debate about the right fitness method that can help a person recover faster but a one size fits all approach can be very detrimental to the way a person recovers from the injuries sustained from their daily lives. It is critical to consider the right method of recovery at the outset before proceeding to the regimen as this is the fundamental step to recovery. The trial and error method is usually the best way to figure out where to which exercises would be the most beneficial and which method yields the most results. There is however a limitation to which recovery can be used in fitness and it is not necessary that fitness is the ideal way to recovery but still peer-reviewed journals have recently begun to claim that recovery through fitness is possible and that it is in fact one of the best methods available in terms of recovery strategies and one should exercise it well.Working-Out_Fitness


Muscle recovery primarily occurs during the exercise and its chief characteristic is the removal of metabolic end products like lactates. Recovery mainly helps in establishing blood flow for oxygen delivery and it helps in the replenishment of muscle membranes. Blood circulation and body temperature also get restored during the process.



In the context of health and fitness, the concept of fatigue can often have negative connotations but it is actually a form of recovery after an intense session of exercise. Fatigue signals to the body that recovery has to begin and it allows the body to cool down and gradually acclimatize to the process of breaking down the glycogen stored in the body. Fatigue also plays a critical role in hormesis, the process in which the body temperature is regulated. Hormesis is a vital function through which the body responds to exercise.

Somatic Fitness:

Somatic Fitness is one of the most innovative fitness techniques that was developed by Laurie Booth, a movement activator and a choreographer. It was a practical method for developing strength, mobility and stamina along with somatic awareness. It is interdisciplinary in its approach to fitness: it combines the aspects of physical theatre, dance, martial arts and improvisation and its main aim is to develop a method based on sound anatomic principles in a fun and challenging way.

The five essential lessons of somatic competency are: strength, flexibility, balance (grounding and centering), ease and vitality. To support the process of recovery from eating disorders, BFY suggests the method of somatic fitness.  BFY suggests a few holistic fitness protocols to support the process of recovery from eating disorders, traumatic stress, depression and acute grief syndrome. The learning activities focus on gentle yoga for recovery, back care, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome and somatic education. The courses are on offer from Desert Southwest Fitness (DSW Fitness) and they are world renowned and have on offer The Holistic Fitness Specialty Certificate which uses somatic awareness as a tool for growth, health, recovery and self-discovery.

The support for Somatic Fitness as  a valid recovery in fitness method has been gradually emerging from the scientific community and it is increasingly being accepted worldwide as the right approach to growth and recovery through fitness. Somatic approaches to athletics and fitness have proven to bear great benefits to the body and empirical studies have shown an increase in sporting ability when athletes incorporate somatic fitness methods in their practice. Somatics comes in two forms: Hands-on and Self-Help Exercises. Hands-On sessions are one to one sessions with a practitioner who teaches you the more complex forms of Somatics and the Self-Help Exercises are one to one sessions where you can mainly learn the art of somatic fitness on your own through practice and gradual improvement. Somatics is easy enough to be learnt in a short span of time.

1BFY Sports and Fitness offer a range of services that can help one inculcate recovery in fitness methods. You can learn more from the BFY website at http://www.bfyhealthandfitness.com  for a variety of services, courses and products that can help you stay fit. You can check out some of the training programs that you can enroll online and attend these classes as well. So start your journey on the road to recovery from fitness today. Bring in somatic fitness concepts into regular practice and approach recovery from a holistic perspective wherein you not only grow but also build up fitness and health along the way. So until our next blogpost in this series on fitness and health, stay fit, exercise well, and happy learning!


Take a bite of a healthy diet

Diet is the sum of food consumed by a person or other organism. When we walk or ride a bicycle, we are using up energy.  Even when we are not doing any apparent activity, energy is needed to maintain a state of order in our body. This source of energy and material is the diet we have.

Now in the snappy and evolve folks not all diets are considered healthy for an individual. People’s dietary choices are often affected by a variety of factors, including ethical and religious beliefs, clinical need, or a desire to control weight. Some diets are listed below on the basis of conscious choice to eat. One can make his or her future in this field.images (2).jpg


Vegan dietitian : if yor are a vegetarian or non vegetarian and very conscious about the vegetarian health .You can go future in this field as a carrier. It is clear by its name that a vegetarian diet include only vegges which excludes meat . A vegetarian  diet  includes certain types of dairy, but exclude eggs and foods which contain animal rennet. Ovo vegetarianism and Ovo-lacto vegetarianism are the sub categories of vegetarian that includes eggs, but excludes dairy and include eggs and dairy respectively.

 Non-vegetarian dietitian :  non-vegetarian is a word that is used to refer to a person who is not a vegetarian. That means someone who consumes meat, especially as a major source of protein. In India where now people are taking taste of nonveg it is a blooming field for your carrier. You can work as suggester, dietitian . English-speaking countries where meat consumption is the norm, vegetarianism or veganism is rare so there is also wide scope for non-veg experts .

Weight control diets:  “Losing weight is not my thing”. Do you often say this to yourself or your friends?  Well there are around 65% of population in India who think the same. To guide them and to make yourself healthy one can acquire this field in which you can work as dietisian, food expert, diet planner or as a gym expert. Its time to make a diet which can control your as well as others weight. A particular diet may be chosen  to seek weight loss or weight gain. This is especially true of “crash” or “fad” diets. Many of the diets listed below could fall into more than one subcategor and you can work as their experts.

Low-calorie diets

Very low calorie diets

Low – carbohydrate diets

Low-fat diets


Detox dietitian: In the fast pace world we want things good and fast and because of that we take detox diets.It involve either not consuming or attempting to flush out substances that are considered unhelpful or harmful. Examples include restricting food consumption to foods without coloring or preservatives, taking supplements, or drinking large amount of water. To store food for long time some preservatives and food colouring is used which not only adversely affect our health but also make change this healthy one into unhealthy. To describe the difference between this healthy and unhealthy to others you can make your future in it. The best thing in it is you can work as a physician as well as health expert.

Can suggest others a balanced diet?

A situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions is termed as balanced . Same as that, a healthy diet or a balanced diet is a diet that helps to maintain or improve overall health. To give a balanceed diet to others you need to combine several different types of foods –from each of the main food groups- in the right amounts so that their body gets all the nutrients it needs while maintaining a healthy weight. Through this you follow your passion towards healthy diet and also help people by providing a healthy life.


Seggest them How to get a balanced diet ?

As you are already aware of a balanced diet and its importance in ones life,you can develop your skills in it. You should take some simple step as an health expert in order to maintain and enhance their eating habits.


Patch meal

It means a diet which was divided into small meals. It may comprise of 4-5 small meals in a day with agap of 3 hours between each meal. This meals will help you to maintain cortisol hormones. Thus, it lead to reduce in belly fat. When you take food in  patches it will digest at the right time and provide you a better digestion.

Take more liquid

It is known that, human body is made up of 71%of water. To maintain it we need a diet that include appropriate amount of  liquid. To increase the amount of liquid in human body one does not need water only but can include milk, fresh juices, coconut water etc. That will not only fulfill the requirement of liquid but will also remove the toxic substances from the body.

Say no to processed foods

 Processed foods are unhealthy and contain added sugar, salt and fat. Fruits and vegetables the primary sources of vitamins and minerals including potassium, dietary fiber, folic acid, vitaminA, vitaminB. Sadly, these foods have been  replaced by processed foods, for example tinned vegetable or ready to made food etc which on the one hand saves our time but on the other adversely affect the health. So, include fruits and vegetables in your diet and make it balanced.

Include milk and milk products

It is wise to choose the dairy products needed for the body. Sometime we suffer from various bone diseases and osteoporosis, that happen due to the deficcency of vitamin C. dairy products are the best source of calcium that is essential for healthy bones and is also necessary for  regulating muscle contraction.