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39909225 - cup of chamomile tea with chamomile flowers on wooden planks
39909225 – cup of chamomile tea with chamomile flowers on wooden planks

balanced diet may be defined as one which contains the various groups of food stuffs such as energy yielding foods, body building foods and protective foods in the correct proportions so that an individual is assured of obtaining the minimum requirements of all nutrients.

·         The components of a balanced diet will differ according to age, sex, physical activity, economic status and the physiological state viz., pregnancy, lactation etc.,

·         In addition a balanced diet should also provide biochemical compounds such as dietary fiber, antioxidants and nutraceuticals which have positive health benefits.

·         A balanced diet should provide around 60-70% of total calories from carbohydrates, 10-15% from protein and 20-25% of total calories from fat.

·         Balanced diets at high cost: such diets will include liberal amounts of protective and protein-rich foods such as milk, eggs, meat, fish, fruits and moderate quantities of cereals, pulses, nuts and fats.

·         Balanced diets at moderate cost: These diets will include moderate amounts of protective and protein-rich foods such as milk, eggs, meat, fish, fruits and fats and liberal amounts cereal, pulses, nuts and green leafy vegetables.

·         Balanced diets at low cost: These diets will include minimal amounts of protective and protein-rich foods such as milk, eggs, meat, fish fruits, nuts and fats and liberal amounts of cereals, pulses and green leafy vegetables.

ill- Balanced diets: A diet is considered to be ill-balanced diet if it is deficient incaloriesproteins, essential vitamins and minerals as it is lacking in protein-rich and protective foods.

Basic Food Groups

Food may be broadly classified into 11 groups based on their nutritive value:

·         Cereals and Millets

·         Pulses (Legumes)

·         Nuts and Oil Seeds

·         Vegetables

·         Fruits

·         Milk and Milk Products

·         Eggs

·         Meat, Fish and other animal foods.

·         Fats and oils,

·         Sugar and other carbohydrate foods

·         Spices and condiments.

Nutritional classification of foods
The different groups of foods may be broadly classified under three heads from the nutritional point of view.

·         Energy Yielding Foods
This group includes foods rich in carbohydrates and fats and also pure fats and carbohydrates. Cereals, roots and tubers, dry fruits sugar and fats are the important energy yielding foods. Cereals, however, provide in addition to energy the greater part of the proteins, certainminerals and vitamins in the diets of the low income groups in developing countries.
·         Body Building Foods
Foods rich in proteins are called body building foods. This may be broadly divided in to two groups.

1.       Milk, Egg, Meat and Fish rich in proteins of high biological value and

2.                   Pulses, Oil Seeds and Nuts and low-fat oilseed flours rich in proteins of medium nutritive value.

1.                  Protective Foods
Foods rich in proteinsvitaminsand minerals are termed protective foods. Protective foods are broadly classified in to two groups.

1.                   Foods rich in vitamins,minerals and proteins of high biological value.
E.g. Milk, eggs, fish and liver and

2.                   Foods rich in certainvitamins and minerals only.
E.g. Green leafy and other vegetables and some fruit

Five Food Group Plan
The Nutrition Expert Group of Indian Council of Medical Research, India suggested a five group plan and the nutrients supplied by each food group are given in table.

Table. Five Food Groups and nutrients in them (Nutrition Expert Group, I.C.M.R.)

S.No. Food Group Nutrients Contributed
1. Cereals, roots and tubers
Rice, wheat, maize, ragi, sorghum, pearl millet etc., potato, tapioca, sweet potato etc.,
Rich sources of starch-fair to good sources of proteins and certain B-vitamins.
2. Milk group
This includes other protein-rich foods such as pulses, nuts, meat, fish, eggs etc.,
Rich sources of proteinsminerals and vitamins.
3. Fruits and green leafy vegetables
Papaya, orange, mango, Indian gooseberry, guava etc., and all green leafy vegetables.
Rich sources of certain vitamins and minerals.
4. Other Vegetables
Beans, brinjal, ladies finger etc.,
Fair sources of certain vitaminsminerals and roughage.
5. Fats and Oils and pure carbohydrate foods
Vegetable oils, animal fats, sugar, jaggery, honey, sago, custard powder, starch etc.,
Rich sources of energy. Vegetable oils are fair to good source ofessential fatty acids and vitamin-E. Butter is a good source of vitamin-A. Animal fats are rich in cholesterol but are poorsources of EFA and vitamin – E.


The five food group system can be used by health professionals for the following purposes:

·         Tool for nutritional assessment and screening: A brief dietary history system can disclose inadequacies of nutrients from any of the above group. The information can be the first clue for the possibility that the subject may be at risk of developing nutritional deficiency.

·         Tool for nutritional counseling: The dietary history based on the five food group system allows a health team to counsel or teach a patient about nutrition.

·         Explaining therapeutic diets to the patient: Therapeutic diets are scientifically based on nutrient composition and groups which can be used in menu planning.

·         Food labeling and surveillance system: Food groups can be used for food labeling and for nutrition surveillance (19)



When we breathe,we eat,we drink water we accumulate toxins in our body,these toxins get removed through urinary track and through defecation ,but some toxin still manage to remain in our body and can make our body prone to several acute and chronic diseases ,if not removed they can cause trouble in our liver ,gut,skin and kidneys,so there is need to detoxify the body,so a process of removal of toxin is followed which is known as detoxification

Detoxification is the cleaning of blood through diet changes which nourishes the body and brings organs to rest by removing the stress of removal of waste


  • Air pollutants
  • Smoking
  • Food
  • Alcohol
  • Pesticides
  • Chemicals in water


  • High fiber foods:- these include oats ,whole wheat,fruits and vegetables .Fiber in foods promote easy assimilation of food and removes toxins from gut
  • Drink water :- water is the carrier in our body ,it carries nutrients and toxins.So it will help flushing toxins from our body
  • Fruits and vegetables:-they are rich in petrochemicals and antioxidants ,which aids in removal of toxins ,apple contains 700 petrochemicals ,so that’s why it is said that “An apple a day keeps doctor away”


  1. Resting of organs through fasting
  2. stimulating liver to drive toxins from body
  3. promoting elimination through intestine
  4. improving circulation of blood
  5. refueling body through healthy nutrients


  • Drink hot lemon water
  • Fruit juice
  • Green tea
  • Apple vinegar cider e
  • Eat clean
  • Sweat (running and exercise)
  • Scraping tongue





15216444 - woman holding a red apple
15216444 – woman holding a red apple

Have you ever heard that  A MEDICINE CAN BE A FOOD, No? So In previous time when there were no drugs to treat and cure diseases, Food was used as medicine to cure disease, Now days these foods are termed as functional foods

Functional foods are those foods or food constituents which provide specific health or medical benefits along with nutrition


According  to American dietary association functional foods can be divided into four categories

  • CONVENTIONAL FOODS :- those foods which provide health and medical benefits in there natural state are called conventional foods these are not fortified or enriched with other substances. These include fruits and vegetables which are rich in petrochemicals and antioxidants

 Example :_ lycopene in organic tomatoes

MODIFIED FOODS :- these foods are enriched, fortified or enhanced with nutrients or beneficial ingredients

Example:- calcium fortified orange juice  Folic acid enriched bread

MEDICAL FOODS :- food which is consumed and formulated under under supervision of physician and which is intended for specific dietary management of a disease

 FOODS FOR DIETARY USE :- these are similar to medical foods but are not taken under supervision of physician


Berries Anthologists
Citrus foods Flavanones, limonoids
Fish oil DHA, EPA, omega 3 fatty acids
Tomato Lycopene
Wine Phenols, ellagic acids

TOMATOES :- its has lycopene which is the active component, its plays a role of antioxidant and prevents from cancer

GARLIC :- known as Russian penicillin, it has antibacterial property, cholesterol lowering, and prevents hypertension

CITRUS FOODS:- it contains flavanoids and limonoids which has anticancer properties and it contains fiber, vitamin c which are good for gut health and cardiovascular disease

GREEN TEA :- it contains polyphenols and catechins which has anticancer effects in our body

CHOCOLATES:- contains flavonoids and and epicatechins which promote cardiovascular health and has anticancer effects

DAIRY PRODUCTS :- like yogurt, milk, cheese are rich in vitamin D and riboflavin and minerals like calcium and phosphorus  prove strength to bones and prevents osteoporosis

The fermented dairy products improves the gut health


  • CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE :it is inadequate intake of foods containing micro nutrient such as vitamin E and C, and beta carotene,intake of fruits and vegetables are affected against heart disease, DHA and EDA in fish oil are essential fatty acids and helps in lowering bad cholesterol
  • CANCER :- antioxidants rich foods are helpful in lowering risk of cancer like lycopene in tomatoes
  • ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE :- it is a brain disorder and can be prevented by consumption of omega 3 fatty acids and DHA from fish oil has found to decrease Alzheimer disease by 60% if consumed twice a week


Functional foods play a significant role in human health as well as animal health, they protect from different type of chronic disease like cancer,Heart disease ,Alzheimer. They are not good or bad foods, but they are good for ba














Mitushi Ajmera- a modern Indian woman


Blog by-Pooja Seth

” I am a woman, hear me roar”! -song by Helen Reddy

Today we are talking about Mitushi Ajmera. She is a wellness coach- Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer, Fitness & Sports Nutritionist & India’s first Pilardio instructor. She helps people achieve their fitness goals through a holistic approach to good nutrition and exercise.

She was not a part of the fitness world from the very beginning but there is no right time to improve your health or life. After the delivery of her sons, she was able to lose the excess baggage by using random diets and methods. These methods helped her to lose weight but she was not feeling that it was the best way. She could still feel fat around her tummy and after the delivery of her second child, she hit the gym and lost a lot of weight but also she became very weak and realised that she was not taking care of her health and not providing her body with the right nutrition. She also hurt her back and took physiotherapy for support.

She introspected that she was only working in the symptoms and not on the cause so she decided to mould her life differently and be stronger from inside out. She was interested in pilates and enrolled for the same. As days passed by, she became more passionate towards pilates and appreciated the importance of health and fitness in life. She decided to become a Pilates teacher and initiated her journey into professional fitness. She studied hard about fitness, human anatomy, nutrition, injuries.

She gained certification in various forms of exercises from International fitness schools and today she is an Elite Trainer of ISSA (International Sports Science Association).In one of her Instagram post, she stated that she suffered from PCOS, but she took control of it and incorporated exercise into her regime.

She provides personal coaching sessions that encourage her clients not to restrict themselves to only dumbells or barbells. She believes in using different methods to make her training more interesting and fun. She believes in innovation for her training and wants her clients to enjoy exercising.

When she takes up a client, she coaches them after a careful assessment of her client’s needs including her physical fitness, overall health, food preferences and routine. She thinks that there is no one size that fits all. You can also check out her website for your own diet counselling. Her story shows that there is no rule that you need to start early, it is your life and the day you decide to take control of it, your life will change for the better.

To read more inspiring stories, check out

One interesting feature that she provides is a virtual training class, which is a personal session for you and a group session for them. It will benefit you as you can work out with it from anywhere, be it your room, office, hotel or any other space. It is a great way to incorporate fitness into your busy routine.






How fitness can be transformed into a business idea? Read about Aneesha Labroo

Blog by-Pooja Seth

Health and fitness industry is flooding with opportunities, There are a variety of career options one can have in the fitness industry. Today we are talking about a girl who understood the need for the right sportswear and brought it to India.

Her name is Aneesha Labroo, In her interview with THN, she narrated her ideas, thoughts and her journey with fitness and kica active.

She was a student of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and spent three and was a part of the advertising industry for about three and a half years in New York. She observed how people wore active wear there for gyms and also for daily wear. This really hit a chord with her. She felt that India also had a great shift towards health and fitness and the lack of good active wear which was made in India. India’s activewear industry was dominated by international brands which were costly and were not specifically for Indian customers.

When she moved to Delhi, she had the same urge and conducted a full marketing study on the activewear market. She wanted to bridge the gap between high-quality products and affordable price and so was Kica born.

Aneesha has always given fitness importance in life, she played a lot of football while growing up and always been an active person. She focuses on her overall health and not just physical. She believes that to have a productive day, you need to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit. Eating clean and working out has always been on her priority list and wishes to always abide by it. She thinks that Fitness is a combination of diet and exercise. For me it’s eating well, nourishing your body with the right nutrients, staying active and exercising smartly. To her, working is a way to feel great, physically, emotionally and mentally and when one looks good, it encourages a person more. She considers that Age is not a factor for fitness, you just should listen to your body and understand your strengths.She loves to run and always go for runs whenever she visits any new place. Running is one of the best things you can do for the overall workout of your body.

Read more articles at

When women support women, it will be the only way to empower women.Her goal is to spread awareness about Kica and inspire women to engage in fitness more and feel beautiful about themselves and push forward through their limits.

(Source- Thehomegirlnetwork)





Never change yourself-Aesha Dhawan

Blog by-Pooja Seth

We all may know her as the wife of a very famous Indian Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan, but today we are only going to read and talk about Aesha Dhawan. She is often seen cheering her better half at the stands but she is a fitness freak herself.

Aesha was born in India and later moved on to Australia with her parents. In one of her interviews, she told her childhood story. When she was a child, she got abused in India and the only way to stop her was to move to Australia. Moving to a new country is not an easy thing and to adapt in school requires some effort.

Aesha took to sports as her strength and started to take part in sports activities. Very soon, she was at par with all the boys in sports. Fitness has always been a best friend to Aesha. Sports and fitness have always played a magnificent role in her life and helped her to grow as a person.

In her Instagram feed, you can see the rigorous training she does. She is also a fan of weight training and can be seen training regularly. She also motivates her children to take parts in sports and motivates them for a healthy lifestyle. She is an amateur boxer and practises it and also makes her children inclined towards it. She is always dressed in fitness gear and looks absolutely ready to kill her workout.

Aesha has shown how sports can truly transform your life and give new meaning to it. Sports can play a beautiful motivator and shaper of your life. Fitness requires dedication and passion. It can grow you as a person by all means and give you a new identity. Aesha has always been a rebel as she says and believes in shattering all the stereotypes. A woman can be both and has the power to be both strong and nurture. She has also started her youtube channel in which she shares parenting tips. She is a fit mama and has a different perspective towards life. She took fitness to shape her life. She never takes a break and even after an injury or surgery, she makes sure she is back.

Everyone has a difficult situation in life, but it is your will that drives you over every obstacle, Aesha is a true example of a strong woman and a role model for all the women out there. Don’t be afraid to be different!


Beejal Dhawan-It is never too late to live again

Blog by-Pooja Seth

In India, there is a lot of stereotypes attached to a life of women. There are a certain set of roles that are assigned to women and they are only expected to live by them. Today we are going to look inside Beejal Dhawan’s story and see how she transformed her life with running day by day. Our mind is the seed of our life and all other things are the tree. If we water the seed every day with positivity and willpower, we will get a positive life. Our life is in our mind, our thoughts shape our life

We all know the power of our mind, but even then we don’t apply the full power of our mind.

Beejal was married at the age of  22 and was a mother by the age of 26. She had few complications with her first pregnancy and was advised complete bed rest. Due to this, she put on a lot of weight. At the age of 27, she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and after 2 years, she was having slip disk. Life has a strange way of making us strong.

When she conceived her second child, she was told to terminate because of a weak back but she decided to deliver the child. Slip disk was affecting her life majorly and she was not able to pick her own baby. It dawned upon her that, it was time to change the way she leads her life and be more active. She decided to take up running and made changes in her diet. In about three months, she lost 30 kg of weight. She was told by her doctor to enter the clinic when she becomes 55 and she entered the clinic when she became 53 kgs. Her doctor mentions to everyone that she has been the best patient so far. The kind of parenting she wanted to give to her children was not possible with the lazy lifestyle she used to live with. She was very shy to run on the tracks and started running in the garden, slowly and steadily she ran for 1-2 hours. Her back problem also started to improve and become better.

The motivation for her to move out of the house has always been her kids and made her a better mother she is today. She met with a group which encouraged her to start running marathons, and she started running but finished it not by running but walking. She aims to finish the marathon and do it only by running.

Her story shows that no injury or health issue is greater than our will to change it. The day we decide to gain victory over our fears, doubts and laziness, We live the best version of ourselves.


Kashmira Pednekar-Passion knows no barrier!

Blog by-Pooja Seth

Where there is a will, there is a way, and that is what this rockstar woman shows us. Kashmira Pednekar is a professional footballer and a sports presenter. In India, football is not prepared to be played by girls and girls are not encouraged to play football.It is considered to be a very rough game and many parents are apprehensive about it.

But when you really want something, you work every minute of your life to achieve it and that is what Kashmira teaches us.OfficialhumansofBombay posted an interview with Kashmira in which she stated how she managed to train for football.

She is from a middle-class family and was always interested in sports. She was always among the first person to join for any colony sports event. She always watched football matches with her dad and had an urge to learn football and train in it. But her family could not afford the coaching fees. She kept looking for any women’s team and finally found one. But that was very far away from her home and she really had to travel a lot to reach there. She was determined to train and nothing could stop her from doing this, she decided to go there to train at the cost of anything. She was even ready to walk to there if necessary. She would wake up at 5:30 a.m and change 2 trains with her school bag and used to practice. Eventually, she got the chance to give trials of her dream team Mumbai United and was accepted by them as they saw the potential and passion in her for football. From then, there was no turning back for her. She used to train before and after going to college. Her passion for football was so high that she started to skip college for football and even failed a year. This was a low point in her life but she decided to balance her life. She planned out her day, she studied all night and trained all day.

She got a job at PR Agency but never compromised on her training. She would wake up at 5:30 and go to work and train after coming from job. Her aim in life was to spread the message that girls can be, do anything they want. She wanted to change the notion that girls can’t be goalkeepers or that there is no future for female sportspersons in India.

She proves that girls can kick and kick amazingly in life. Her sheer dedication towards her sport and the will with which she plays is commendable and something we all should learn about. Life is what we make it and she made it her way.Sports can transform your life and teach you the art of living. People make excuses in life but Kashmira  never allowed excuses to come between her dream of playing football.


Fitness Wearable Market in India.

Blog by- Anant Bisht.

Due to steep rise in the knowledge and awareness in the field of fitness in past few years, India has seen an increase in demand of wearable that tracks fitness activities. These are devices which track various physical activities such as heart beat and steps travelled; they are the best way to monitor one’s health and activity without paying proper heed to it. Moreover, the results are pretty accurate too. With time, the advancement in the terms of features is no big deal and so is done by all the fitness bands in the market that even track your sleeping statistics.

The better part of the story is that these trackers come in different price ranges, ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs 30,000. So, these products will not cost you much if you want just the basic features.



Indian Market

Indian market is full of fitness wearable bands from different companies. All of these work perfectly in their basic functions but as you pay more, the precision and features get increased manifolds. Though the market in India did show some great enthusiasm last year by buying around 2.7 million units last year but this number fell greatly this year. To worsen the condition of famous brands, other small brands are joining the market and selling gadgets with similar features at a much smaller price.



Though MI provides MI band, a reliable and cheap product, the market is still dominated by all the bigger brands out there, namely- Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit and Polar.


Talking about the affordable section in India, GOQii outnumbers every other company in the Indian wearable market. This company has focused deeply on the unique wellness proposition along with personal trainer, lifestyle doctor and health locker available as a subscription. Xiaomi has also found consider success due to its low price with pretty good features and the popularity of the brand.


After watching Xiaomi win over the Indian market, other phone brands such as Honor and Lenovo have stepped in the Indian wearable market too! This poses quite a threat to all the brands out there as the prices are going down due to tough competition. Lenovo has recently launched two of its products, that are- HX03 Cardio and HX03F Spectra in India.

Still, the most famous of all the brands of wearable bands is Fitbit.


Fitbit Market in India


Fitbit is a California based company which has seen a huge amount of profit in India. It was founded in 2007. This company came in India back in 2015 and since then has built a vigorous network for sale and distribution of goods. It provides products that enable the user to stay in touch with the fitness industry and motivates them by letting them view their daily fitness statistics. Fitbit products are easily available in online as well as offline market. The online market giants such as Flipkart and Amazon have already tied hands with the company. On the other hand, Reliance Digital, Croma, Helios, etc. are the ones which look after the offline sales of the products. According to the company, Fitbit’s devices are sold in more than 1,000 stores in 100 cities across India. Moreover, the plus point about Fitbit is that it provides the products at all price ranges and features according to them.

This company is highly focused on fitness wearable products only; thus it makes pretty precise products (in terms of information provided by the device) as are required and the variety of products offered by them come in all ranges so that a person can buy products according to his needs and budget!


Fitness trackers that dominated 2018

  1. Moov Now­- This fitness tracker is light weighted and has a really great battery life but doesn’t come with a screen and has pretty limited features.
  2. Saumsung Gear Fit 2 Pro This watch is pretty expensive but is definitely value for money. It supports iOS as well as Android but lacks an alarm feature and a barometer.
  3. TomTom Spark 3 This watch is great for all the music lovers as it provides phone-less music and provides GPS navigation too. The cons of this product include poor view of the menu and it doesn’t provide sound quality as is expected.
  4. Huawei Band 2 Pro This product comes with an affordable price tag and the results are accurate too! The only disadvantage is that it has a freezing app.
  5. AmazFit Bip This watch is available with a stylish design that would help you enhance your style statement. Although the user interface is little clumsy but manageable.
  6. Garmin Vivosmart 3 This device has a great battery life and a GPS as well as heart monitor but data provided is superficial, it doesn’t have details.
  7. Garmin Vivofit 3 This device has a great battery life and an always on display, which may create problem to some of the users but to most of us, it is really helpful. The disadvantages are that the notifications of the phone aren’t visible and it has a really poor design.
  8. Fitbit Charge 2 This device comes with a big screen and a comfortable strap but lacks GPS as well as the notification displayed is pretty limited.
  9. Fitbit Blaze This fitness tracker has a stunning battery life and has really great fitness features but lacks notification. Moreover, the design may seem a little weird to some of the people.


Starting a New Brand

Starting a new brand in this field isn’t advised because no matter what, people barely prefer the new brands of electronics over the older and more trusted ones. The only case when your products will be bought is when you offer a great design, build quality and features at a very low price. This would mean that you will have to really consistent with your products and the profit margin offered will be low. Moreover, the investment required is really huge. I won’t recommend starting this business unless you’ve made your mind and have a great investment ready as well as you’re ready to bear some losses and tiny profits.