Blog By : Riya Rathore

Jaisha Orchatteri Puthiya Veetil born 23 May 1983commonly known as O. P. Jaisha, is an Indian track and field athlete from Kerala. She is the current national record holder in the marathon, a distinction she achieved by clocking 2:34:43 at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing In the process she bettered her own mark of 2:37:29, set at the 2015 Mumbai Marathon. She is also a former national record holder in the 3000 metres steeplechase. Jaisha’s argument that she had indeed asked for refreshments and that the AFI chose not to provide them, was an easy one for the Newshour to corroborate. Having spoken to her before, it would have been logical for them to ask Jaisha where she wanted India’s own stations. This would generally be specified in terms of intervals in kilometre points. he said that it was impossible to run after 30 km in the scorching heat. The temperature in Rio was 48-49 degree celsius, she added. She expressed her sadness saying that while officials from other countries were present with their national flags to support and encourage their athletes, nobody from India was to be seen. Seeing the Tricolour, gives one a special kind of power, she said. She complained that while other athletes were provided with the luxury of boosting their energy with glucose and honey, Indian officials were absent to provide even water to Jaisha nd Kavita. The consequence of running a marathon in such heat without any water was seen when Jaisha collapsed at the finish line and gained consciousness only after 2-3 hours. The athlete managed to finish her race in 2:47:19, while earlier in  Beijing she had clocked an impressive 2 hours 34:43 to finish 18th. Jaisha remained confident about a better finish if she was given basic refreshments like water at regular intervals. With the Sports Ministry and the Athletics Federation Of India refuting O.P. Jaisha’s allegation that no Indian officials were on hand to give her water at regular intervals at the Rio Olympics, the 33-year-old runner is sticking to her story. The AFI says that Jaisha and her coach had refused the offer for refreshments to be served along the 42-kilometer-long marathon. The runner, who finished 89th, collapsed at the end of the race. aisha took 2:47:19 to finish the race, far slower than the 2:34.43 which she clocked at the World Athletics Championship in Beijing, last year.

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