What is nutritional counselling?

Nutritional Counselling is a continuous process in which a health professional, usually a registered dietician or nutritionist counsels an individual on his or her daily meal intake to achieve certain fitness goals.

The purpose of nutritional counselling is to get people make necessary dietetic changes.

A healthy diet is helps in more ways that we believe. It keeps our body fit, our mind fit, protects us from chronic diseases, fights existing chronic diseases, helps make better changes in our body etc. That is why; nutritional counselling must be a part of our lives. Without proper nutrition, our health will decline, leading to barriers in our healthy and happy life.

During the counselling, the counsellor assesses the patient’s health and provides them with information based on the change their bodies need. They advise the patients on what to eat, what not to eat, how to eat etc. Finally, they prepare a diet plan for the patients to follow every day. Every diet plan is prepared according to the needs of the patient’s body.

What are the benefits of Nutritional Counselling?

There are many benefits of nutritional counselling, some of which are explained below:


  1. Staying fit:
    As your counsellor assesses the fitness problems you are facing, he/she also assesses the hurdles between you and your target. With proper assessment comes proper treatment. Your counsellor will provide you with the best ways to overcome these problems quickly and efficiently. This will end all your fitness problems, giving you a fit body and mind.
  2. Healthy lifestyle:
    To live right, we have to eat right. And to eat right, we must consult a nutritionist. A regular follow-up of your diet plan will not only end your fitness problems but will also lead you towards a healthy lifestyle. The more nutrition-rich your diet is, the healthier you will be. And who doesn’t want a healthy lifestyle?
  3. Preventing and Fighting Diseases:
    When our body cells receive proper nutrition, it prevents diseases and health problems even before they touch your body. This is the greatest benefit of consulting a dietician. By assessing your health, they will already know what you are lacking and will provide diet plan accordingly. When your body will have no deficiencies, how will diseases ever attack it? Even if you already are suffering from some diseases, food with rich nutrition will make your body tough enough to fight them away.
  4. Overall Health:
    A healthy diet can not only affect your fitness and health problems but also your overall body health. You will see your stamina increasing, children and teens grow quickly if take the proper nutrition, you will always feel energized, your hair and skin will glow and always stay healthy and many more. You can only imagine how many benefits eating proper nutrition have.
  5. Delicious Food:
    It is only a myth that healthy food doesn’t taste good. Healthy food can still taste delicious if you know how to cook it. Consulting a nutritionist has that benefit as well. Nutritionists know the best ways to prepare delicious healthy food. They will advise you on everything you need to do to keep your body and your taste buds happy.


Don’t wait for your body to act unhealthily. Just like we keep our minds prepared for catastrophes, we must keep our bodies prepared too. Consult BFY today for the best nutritionists and dieticians of India.