Nutrition: the ignored ingredient in our food

blog by:  (Sriparna Samajdar)

In this chaotic world we often tend to forget to provide the most basic things required by our body, that is, the valuable nutrients. But in a hurry or after a whole tired day, we order take away food rather than cooking ourselves and that mostly comprises of fried burgers and pizzas or Chinese noodles. So basically after a whole long tired day, after immense hard work when our body requires proper nutritious food, we ignore it and go for a tasty delight which barely contains any nutrition. And let’s just admit that we all do this and we are also suffering the consequences. Mostly its youngsters today who are suffering from fatty liver and obesity. In this situation a personal dietician or nutritionist is what we need the most. Gradually the youth in our country, suffering from the consequences of unbalanced food, are becoming more and more aware of the diet they consume and they are hiring or looking for a personal qualified dietician who will guide them on their diet.  Every individual’s body requirement is different when it comes to nutrition and dietician/nutritionist tells them exactly how much they require and what.

Advanced in Nutrition and Dietetics course provides a complete certification on advancement in nutrition and dietetics. This will give you the knowledge of nutrition and diet therapy associated with health and physical balance. The programme will also train you on various medical nutrition therapies as there are so many disorders related to health and diet that different ones require some special treatments. So the course will cover all the medical condition therapies like nutrition in cardiovascular disease, nutrition in bone disorder, in diabetes, in gastrointestinal disorders and so on. This course will make you a well-qualified dietician / nutritionist in advanced diets as common people always look for certified professionals in these kinds of fields.

People who are from nursing background, any doctors, physiotherapists, health fitness professionals, fitness trainers, sports coaches or even if you are a home maker, interested in fitness and diet, are welcome to join this course. From celebrities to athletes to a common man having 9 to 5 job does now have a dietician they consult to. You don’t always have to be personally interacting with your clients. In this era of internet and blogging, people are writing and giving advice sitting a home and gaining immense readers and followers. This field does not limit you to hard-core job profession, you can write, tweet, blog your knowledge and people will be following you especially when you have a plus point of being a certified professional. In this way you get to have a job which will make you feel productive by helping other people but  also by really enjoying your job and satisfied by it due to its low stress level and creative hours.


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