Blog by: Jyoti Hassanandani

The original wording of the saying was: “Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.”

Cliched and misleading, this statement has hampered our understanding of fruits. Unknowingly we have restricted our choices and and so have restrained the nutrition we provide to our body. Just because we really believe that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Time for some iconoclasm!!

How we have interpreted this statement:

  1. We have interpreted this statement in its literal sense. We believe Apple is one stop solution to all health needs.
  1. Apple is a super food and so everything else automatically gets demonized.
  1. Apple is superior than mango, grapes, banana, Sapodilla, custard apple etc. So always pick apple without even taking into considerations the season.

The consequences:

  1. Eating same type of fruit always gives you only the specific type of nutrition and deprives you of nutrition other fruits could provide.
  1. Eating apples in all seasons is not the right things to do.
  1. Monotony of eating same fruit can have substantial consequences. The first bite is always tasteful but by regularly eating same thing you lose the taste.
  1. If you  don’t  like  apple  but  still  force  yourself  to  eat  apple.  Over  time  a desperateness to eat something good creeps in. Eating is not just feeding your stomach. Eating is also feeding your mind.


  • Always eat seasonal fruits. They are richer in flavor and nutrition. Seasonal fruits are those that grow naturally and are not genetically modified to grow all year around. Different fruits are available in different seasons for a reason. Watermelon is seasonal fruit for summers. In summers your body needs more water and foods that soothes your body. Watermelon efficiently does that. Always align your choices with nature.
  • Eat variety of fruits. This is mainly for two reasons – One, to satisfy your taste palate and Two, so that body can get variety of nutrition.
  • Stop demonizing certain fruits – Get over the misconception that grapes, mango, banana etc are high calories. Remember these fruits that you have so easily black listed actually have power to save you from eating high calorie, zero nutritive value foods like cakes, cookies, chocolates. This is because eating the fruits that you like keeps your mind satisfied and at the same time provide you with essential vitamins and antioxidants.

Time to reinterpret this age old statement. So “An apple a day keeps doctor away” means eat fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables to adequately nourish your body. This will keep you healthy and build up a strong immune system.