Nutrition Centre in India

Fitness and healthy lifestyle is a growing trend in India. With time, the craze as well as the number of people in the fitness industry is increasing exponentially. Moreover, people have become more image conscious and thus they want to be fit. Considering the Bollywood’s impact, people wish for a muscular, conditioned and toned physique. Apart from this, people want a physique with much more athletic attributes, such as- increased stamina, endurance and core strength. Further, a survey conducted found that a person who was indulged in fitness is happier; this itself speaks why fitness is growing in India.

Now, moving on to the fitness industry, we cannot simply ignore the role played by the person’s diet. Diet is an integral part of fitness industry. We all are aware of the fact that without proper diet, one cannot achieve fitness no matter for how long they have been into fitness. With proper nutrition, one can reach great heights of fitness in a short span of time. Here, comes the importance of a Nutrition Centre in India. So, the first question that arises in the mind of people is-“What is a Nutrition Centre?

What is a Nutrition Centre?

A Nutrition Centre is a nutrition hub for people who love fitness. It is a place where all the nutrition related queries as well as needs of individuals are fulfilled. Generally, a Nutrition Centre has proper dieticians for consultation and nutrition planning; it also has a cafeteria where people can get healthy as well as tasty food quickly and according to their nutritional requirements.

That being said, we can clearly see the large scope that a Nutrition Centre has in India. This business is quite profitable as the number of people in the industry is increasing while the stress and work pressure in the lifestyle of people is also increasing. Due to this, people want a much convenient source of diet and nutrition planning.

Requirements for Opening a Nutrition Centre

  1. Proper Location The location you pick for you Nutrition Centre should be really close to some big gym chain, one that is quite expensive and in a posh area; this will directly attract a large number of clients. Location of a store plays a vital role in the profit made by the store. Your store should be easily accessible; it must also be spacious in order to accommodate large number of people simultaneously.
  2. Taste In modern era, everyone wants to be fit but no one wants to compromise with taste of the food. You need to have a really talented chef who can cook healthy food without compromising much on the taste. Apart from this, you should use healthy products for your recipes, such as- Olive oil, good quality spices, etc. There should be a variety of options available for every person, i.e., both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus should be enriched with great nutritional values as well as taste!
  3. Nutritional Value This is another point you should focus on, you should have a proper chart of nutritional value of each and every food item you serve. This nutritional information chart should contain all the essential information regarding the nutritional value, such as- fat, protein, carbohydrates, etc. There should be variety of food with great nutritional value if you really want to succeed in the field.
  4. Dietician You need to hire a proper, well-certified dietician who can guide the clients really well according to their needs, workout and eating habits. You should try to hire a dietician who has great knowledge and experience in the field. The dietician should focus on the food available in your Nutrition Centre and guide the clients accordingly. It is not necessary for the clients to have food in your Nutrition Centre’s cafeteria; but when they see all the exciting offer put forth by you, your efforts to maximize the taste in healthy food, they are bound to be attracted.
  5. Business Strategies You should always provide offers to your regular clients, they should get some benefit; this not only keeps them with you but also attracts other clients to be your regular ones too! You may simply ask for your clients diet chart and provide the food accordingly as in a diet package with a heavy discount as compared to when he doesn’t get a package. Apart from this, clients who get the diet chart from your dietician may get some additional discount on diet chart’s preparation. Moreover, you can also open a delivery system, where you deliver your client’s meals to their homes or offices and charge them a little above the package for the delivery system. This would simply add convenience to their lifestyle, which is their ultimate goal!
    Apart from this, if you open a Nutrition Centre near a big gym chain, you can advertise yourself by providing the members of that gym with a special discount! You may also distribute a discount coupon to each and every member of that gym, so that they may visit your Nutrition Centre at least once, and if they feel it to be good enough, they may become your customers!
  6. Investment You need to put in a healthy amount of investment in this business. It requires you to have a really good and experienced dietician as well as chef, or a group of both! Apart from this, you need to buy a land in a commercial area and have a really good infrastructure. Moreover, you need to advertise your place; you need to put up posters, create pages on various social media, create a website for online orders too (optional), distribute pamphlets and discount coupons, etc.

How to Establish a Nutrition Centre in India

There are certain licenses which you need to obtain before getting into the business, these are as follows:-

  1. FSSAI License This is one of the most important licenses in order to open a food restaurant in India. This license confirms your customers that they are at a place which follows all the safety standards.
  2. Health/Trade License This license ensure that supreme care must be taken of the health of the customers. These are provided by local civil authorities such as State’s Municipal Corporation or Health Department.
  3. Eating House License This license is provided by the Licensing Police Commissioner of the city in which you desire to open your restaurant.
  4. Shop and Establishment Act Your shop must be registered under this act in order to run a food business. This license is city specific.
  5. GST Registration This needs to be taken care of. All the services and food that you provide have some GST on them that goes to Government and for applying this tax to your final bill and to run your business seamlessly, you need to get a GST Registration.