Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Plans

Article By: Abhishek Pandit

We all know Nike brand. They are mostly linked with every famous athlete to set an example for people how to work-out and stay fit to achieve your goals. Almost every athlete once linked with this brand and to show people how things work they have made and application with name of Nike Training Club where all the workout plans and Fitness plans you will get.

Nike’s Mission is to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete. They say “if you have a body, you are an athlete”. Nike is always the motivational brand. They inspired many people for fitness.

Nike was founded by 2 guys 1 is coach and 1 is athlete himself i.e. Phil Knight and His coach Bill Bowerman in 1964 January.

Nike’s Head quarter is in Washington County, Oregon. Their first retail shop was announced in November 1990 in Downtown Portland.

Nike has already sponsored many famous players and athletes as well as universities as well. First sponsored player for Nike was Llie Nastase a Romanian tennis player. Some famous sponsored players are Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba etc.

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Nike is sponsoring many international teams as well.

Nowadays Nike is brand which is demanded by many people first before asking for any other brands. The wears and gadgets are famous for Nike which is used by most of the athletes to push their limits. Join  the community of Nike you will find many more the things and who knows one day Nike will sponsor you.

Currently Nike already is helping many athletes with their products and services. The quality products of Nike already influencing many peoples to go for workout but many can’t afford everything like gyms and equipment so they have made many applications for people to get fit at home.

Nike is having community as well.

Here they help many peoples to get inspired and here you will find many things for fitness involvement. Nike is world-wide company. And they are serving for every country to become fit.


It includes:

  1. Bodyweight workout plan
  2. Daily picks where you will see best picked workout
  3. Flexible training by adjusting routines
  4. Different levels of workout with different methods.
  5. And for motivation you can have a look at Favorite athletes’ workout.

Now this app is complete package how to workout and analyze things you will get to learn about it in this application. Since it is branded app I think we all should give it a try as well.

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