Nidhi Mohan Kamal :The powerful women.

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“Strong women lift each other”
Gone are the days when the fitness and health industry belonged to the men only.Nidhi Mohan Kamal has made a remarkable name in this fitness industry.She is the director of Nidsun Wellness, a chain of weight loss clinics with its branches in Delhi, Chandigarh and Haryana. She pursued food and Chemical Engineering degree and a specialization in Nutrition and sports nutrition.She is a very multitalented woman and also is a certified Fitness Trainer.She is also a Puma athlete and the list goes on.She has learned various art forms such as weight training, yoga, pilates and various dance styles like Ballet, belly dance, salsa and bhangraThat is not all Folks!She is also a writer, blogs on food,fitness, and nutrition in many publications like TOI, Asian age, urban melange and many online portals and tv shows.Such as home workouts for breakfast show WION News.She has been a brand ambassador of Puma Do You in India with Jaqueline, Kalki, Liza Haydon, Sakshi Malik and others.
NidSun Weight Loss has been in the Weight Loss business since the year 2005 & has
gifted new lives to thousands of people over this time. Started by Young and Energetic Sibling Duo Dr Sunny Bawa and Nidhi Mohan Kamal. The Vision of NidSun is to bring world-class health facilities to the common man at the best price aiming at their long-term health& fitness goals.Nidsun weight loss aims to provide serve & help people come out of lifestyle-related ailments related to obesity. The weight loss staff is passionate about results, ambitious and impatient for success.
She has been featured among India’s Top fittest by:
India Today
WB news
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Catch Now Delhi
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BFY Sports Fitness

Let us take a look at her day and how maintains such a wonderful body.
1.She is a vegan and believes in clean eating.
2.She starts her day with tea and nuts which serves as a fuel to her.
3.For breakfast, she prefers poha, Besan cheela ,Misi roti or maybe a peanut Butter sandwhich with fruit.
Many people want to know which type of snacks to have, well Nidhi has a green tea, nuts and some peanuts .
4.For lunch time , it is typically larger than her breakfast.It comprises of lentils such as chickpeas, kidney bears, Moong dal ,soyabean and rice.
She also tries to add some veggies and salad.
For Pre-workout, she usually has a banana or apple with black coffee.
By the End of the day, she has 3 rotis and vegetable for dinner and for dessert she indulges in dark chocolates and fruit.
She makes it a point to train at least 5 times a week.
Contrary to other fitness people, she does not prefer supplements and instead focuses raw and fresh food.
She also has some cheat days for herself where she indulges in pizza, burger, some ice cream or dessert.

She is a inspiration for everyone and she shows that dreams do come true if hard work and determination is put in.

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