Never change yourself-Aesha Dhawan

Blog by-Pooja Seth

We all may know her as the wife of a very famous Indian Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan, but today we are only going to read and talk about Aesha Dhawan. She is often seen cheering her better half at the stands but she is a fitness freak herself.

Aesha was born in India and later moved on to Australia with her parents. In one of her interviews, she told her childhood story. When she was a child, she got abused in India and the only way to stop her was to move to Australia. Moving to a new country is not an easy thing and to adapt in school requires some effort.

Aesha took to sports as her strength and started to take part in sports activities. Very soon, she was at par with all the boys in sports. Fitness has always been a best friend to Aesha. Sports and fitness have always played a magnificent role in her life and helped her to grow as a person.

In her Instagram feed, you can see the rigorous training she does. She is also a fan of weight training and can be seen training regularly. She also motivates her children to take parts in sports and motivates them for a healthy lifestyle. She is an amateur boxer and practises it and also makes her children inclined towards it. She is always dressed in fitness gear and looks absolutely ready to kill her workout.

Aesha has shown how sports can truly transform your life and give new meaning to it. Sports can play a beautiful motivator and shaper of your life. Fitness requires dedication and passion. It can grow you as a person by all means and give you a new identity. Aesha has always been a rebel as she says and believes in shattering all the stereotypes. A woman can be both and has the power to be both strong and nurture. She has also started her youtube channel in which she shares parenting tips. She is a fit mama and has a different perspective towards life. She took fitness to shape her life. She never takes a break and even after an injury or surgery, she makes sure she is back.

Everyone has a difficult situation in life, but it is your will that drives you over every obstacle, Aesha is a true example of a strong woman and a role model for all the women out there. Don’t be afraid to be different!