‘Navreet Josan’:Best of both worlds!

Blog by-Pooja Seth…


Breaking all the stereotypes, paving her way to success, This woman is a multitalented woman.Her name is Navreet Josan.She is from the city of Jalandhar and works as a makeup artist with a major international cosmetics company.
You may be thinking what does a makeup artist has to do with this blog.
Let me uncover the story for you!
It may sound astonishing to you but she is also a bodybuilder in the bikini class category.This category is considered to be the least bulky of all the women’s bodybuilding category, It emphasis on muscle tone and symmetry over bulk.
It is worth applauding to see how this amazing lady balances two roles with utmost perfection.
The make up artist she is; is completely considered to be a feminine job and bodybuilding is considered to be masculine.
It is like playing 2 characters with one body.It is certainly her strength which helps her to have the best of both worlds.
Her journey into bodybuilding started when someone from her sister’s gym was preparing for a competition.She further researched it and felt inclined towards it.
Since then, sculpting her body has always given her a high.From then on. she became a gym rat.She was fascinated by how people can achieve so any type of body through weight training.Balancing both the chores is not an easy task.Take a look at her schedule and know what it takes to be ‘Navreet Josan’.
1.Her morning comprises of 1 hour of cardio followed by an hour of weight training in the evening.
2.She has 6 meals throughout the day which comprises of protein, moderate carbs like sweet potato, brown rice and oats and a lot of greens like spinach, lettuce, broccoli, zucchini and beans.
It is very difficult in a country like ours for a woman to take up bodybuilding.They have to go through a lot of criticism and mixed comments.She gets to hear things like “you are putting too much muscle!” , You work out too much!
And thankfully some positive words also cross her ears like “you inspire me”.
She describes that the struggle of competing in a male-dominated sport not only strain body capacities to the max, but work to overcome the politics and derogatory images that are associated with female competitors.
A lot of people also question her womanhood, and some even tag her as a freak.But nothing can break her love for the sport.She continues to bring glory and works hard every day.
Take an insight of all her achievements so far:
1.In 2014, she did participate in a competition abroad and did very well.
2. In 2015, At the NPC New York Grand Prix, she stood first in the Bikini Novice and Bikini open competitions.
3.In 2015, at the NPC Eastern USA championship, she stood second in the Bikini Novice competition.
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