Navreet Josan- A quirky combination of makeup and Bodybuilding #FitWomenSeries

By Niyathi Rao

It is said that every human being has a purpose and the lucky ones are able to find it. Navreet Josan probably does not even know that she has stumbled upon her purpose, but she sure has busted stereotypes on her way.
Navreet is a makeup artist based out of Delhi and works with a major international cosmetics company. A 30-year-old Jalandhar girl, Navreet is also a bodybuilder in the bikini class category. Considered the least bulky of all the women’s bodybuilding categories, the bikini class emphasises muscle tone and symmetry over bulk.
At the NPC New York Grand Prix, 2015, she stood first in the Bikini Novice and Bikini Open competitions; at the NPC Eastern USA Championship, 2015.

She defies gender stereotypes of all kinds: on one hand, she is competing in bodybuilding, an extremely “masculine” sport while on the other hand she has an extremely “feminine” profession as a makeup artist.
Her plan includes an hour of cardio in the morning followed by an hour of weight training in the evening with six meals through the day. Each meal has some protein, moderate carbs – sweet potato, brown rice and oats — and lots of greens – spinach, lettuce, broccoli, zucchini — and beans.
She strengthens women’s place in society and weakens the old patriarchal notions of female frailty and passivity.” The muscles help women fight hegemonic standards of femininity.

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