Article by Sonica Krishan

Many a times living in stringent circumstances and environmental issues of routinely taking in polluted air and simply bearing to be hazed by smog like discrepancies, it makes all sense to earnestly take to eco-friendly medicinal herbs. These are sure to leave worthy impact of relief from these woes and at the same time ensure signs of remedial advantage that could surpass the apprehension of being rather vulnerable.

The Good News!  

Well, talking about the pollution exposures, the good news is that the negative effects that the pollution would be leaving on our systems could by and large be moderated. This is by some including some naturally available herbs such as turmeric, tulsi, neem, cloves, ginger, garlic and fennel etc. both in our diet as well as for external application on the body.

Turmeric Or Haldi / Haridra 

The ultimate healing herbs of all, turmeric contains some amazing anti-oxidants which, together with Curcumin, its active healing compound.  This is believed to remarkably help in preventing the problems caused by the minute particles of the air pollutants.

Healthcare Benefits

  • Ayurvedically, Turmeric is also known as Kaphahara, which means it relieves our respiratory system and helps in staying clear of lung infections.
  • It also curbs the lung inflammation and the skin sensitivity issues.
  • While the allergic ailments of cough and asthmatic attacks that result from inhalation of the polluted gases, can be relieved by consuming warm milk with some raw turmeric and ghee added to it.
  • Yet, also to safeguard your skin, it is suggested that you could either apply turmeric based lotion or pastes onto the skin or may take to organic fiber material which is treated with the herb and keep safe!

Neem Or Margosa Tree

  • Trees, as such, play a vital role in maintaining the much-needed balance of oxygen and carbon-dioxide in the air.
  • Neem tree, however, plays particularly substantial role by acting as a natural filter and absorbing particles of harmful pollutants present in the air.
  • This especially includes Sulphur, thus making the air safe and non-toxic for us.
  • Therefore it makes all sense to be imbibing the natural goodness of Neem both internally and externally on the skin as well.

Tulsi Or Holy Basil

  • Tulsi or the herb of Holy Basil extracts work as effective sources of healing a number of health issues.
  • Estragole, an active ingredient of this herb, is especially known to curb the health problems brought along by drawing in the polluted air.

Keep In Mind

In case you frequently face the dilemma of pollution hazards, these natural herbs of Turmeric, Neem and Tulsi do offer remedial as well as preventive upshot for the healthiness of ours and our loved ones!