NATASHA NOEL #FitWomenSeries

By Niyathi Rao

From having a troubled childhood to finding her peace in yoga, and becoming a yogini, a dancer, a health enthusiast and a lifestyle blogger, NATASHA NOEL’s journey was hard but every time she fell, she stood back strong.
By the age of 17, Natasha had started dancing. But when she was in the second year of her college, she had a major fall. Despite being advised a week’s rest, Natasha went on to dance because she hated the very idea of resting or merely walking. After all, there was so much to do, so much to achieve, she thought. Unfortunately, that didn’t go too well for her as she tore her meniscus and corneal muscles and had liquid in her knee and had knee cap tears as well.
She gained a lot of weight and had to deal with the additional torture of stretch marks and cellulite. She couldn’t exercise, so she gave up junk food and started eating healthy.
And this is when she started teaching herself yoga. She bought books, saw videos and finally got a certificate as a yoga teacher after learning it professionally.
Today, she not only practices yoga but also teaches dance yoga to people. Her Instagram posts are full of positivity and are a sweet reminder that if you fight for yourself, life will fight for you too.

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