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Do I look like a cannibal?

Urvashi Agrawal

No right…

Well, read on:

When I was 16, I became a cannibal. Yep you read it right!!!

I was a cannibal for 10 days.

Not figuratively but literally!!!!!!

I ate a human being for good 10 days.

I can gauge your reactions:


“She is bluffing”

“Oh! She definitely meant figuratively”

“She is lying”

“Is she insane? She looks normal”

“Isn’t she ashamed of herself?”

To answer the last question…


In fact, it’s the only thing that I would want to change in my journey of fitness..

I still have to brace the repercussions of that deplorable act!!!!

Who saved me? My saviour was my mom!!!!

Here’s my story on “Cannibalism”

An episode that I am not proud of:

I was a 16 year old girl when I moved to Chandigarh to study in 11th class. It was a new city, no friends and a hectic 13 hour gruelling schedule of attending school and tuitions.

8 months later, I had become a

“Fatso” ( a term that girls used liberally to address or describe me) due to umpteen episodes of erratic food habit, skipping meals, binging on junk.

From a waist of 28” to 32″…a whopping 65 kgs…

I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes and then the only option for me was the “Man Shirt” teemed with a pair of jeans.

I began having self esteem issues, lost focus in studies, began bunking school and tuitions. Basically, my life took a nosedive!!

Then came a moment of epiphany………


Cut it down to a bare minimum🤔

The naive and juvenile mind of a ~16 year old couldn’t think of any alternatives.

I went on a CRASH diet and it continued for good ten days. I was constantly lethargic, nauseous, irritable and had throbbing headaches. I BRACED it all ‘coz I wanted to be thin..

Then came a day, when I just couldn’t do it anymore. With all energy sapped from my body, I made a frantic call to my mom ( an obstetrician and gynaec)

She came and rescued me.

First, she fed me a REAL meal without admonishing me.

Then, she sat me down and said:

Let me tell you what u did to your body in these 10 days.

In a lay man’s terms:

A human body needs nutritious food and fluids to do well. A normal body uses carbs in the form of glycogen and then it burns fat as fuel.


Your crash diet has shocked your body and has sent it into a starvation mode because you took below 800 calorie diet. In this mode, your body doesn’t know when it will get food so it has turned inside to look for energy source. Typically in such cases, the body starts consuming/ feeding on lean tissue/muscle which equals cannibalism.

You technically turned into a CANNIBAL. and forced your body to eat itself!!!!!!!

Crash diets never help, in fact they are detrimental to your health and cause irreparable damages to you.

Bottom line is…. if you want to lose weight then there are safer, more effective ways to do it than a crash diet. Find time to exercise and eat healthy. Make a life style change and I will help you.

This horrendous episode was like turning a new leaf in my life. I began eating healthy. My mom helped me in losing weight by eating right and exercising right. It was an arduous journey but I became fit and thin…

Felt healthy, strong and confident☺️☺️

I did put on weight at different junctures esp during both my pregnancies but my mantra has always been:

Eat healthy and exercise well!!

Since then, I have never explored crash dieting, Coz I don’t want to become a cannibal😌😌