Mohsin Shaikh Shares his Experience as BFY’s Student.

Blog By: Kavitha Iyer.

It’s never too late to pursue your dreams of starting off as a fitness professional. The fitness and health industry is booming and provides you with abundance of opportunities for you to grow and thrive as a Fitness Professional. If you  are considering a career in fitness then this article is for you.

We recently spoke to BFY’s Student, Mohsin Shaikh who agreed to share his experience at BFY with us.

Mohsin is a fitness enhusiast. He used to be a Reservation Team Leader in a Travel managment company, but he quit his job to pursue a career in fitness.

He says, that his own life experience inspired him to join the fitness industry. “There are so many myths going around, about fitness these days and when I saw so many people living an unhealthy life, it made me want to help them all get fit, just like I did.” Says Mohsin.


Mohsin says that he picked BFY because, it is the only institute in India with International affiliations & Tie-ups. Also, after going through BFY faculty profile and looking at their experience and their background, he said that, it was easy to decide why it is the best choice for getting certified. So he got enrolled for BFY’s Personal Training Program, last year.

He learned about Body Anatomy, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Client Handling from the program at BFY. It also covered Exercise Practicals at the Gym.

He had only good things to say about the program and the faculty at BFY.
“The program really helped me a lot. I learned a lot about the human body anatomy, how exercises need to be designed, how to interact with clients as a personal trainer, etc. I loved the fact that, it gave me an in-depth detailed idea of every aspect of personal training.” says Mohsin.

“The faculty at BFY is excellent. They are very interactive with each student and all our queries were always answered in detail. I found them quite approachable.” he adds.

Mohsin is currently in the process of setting up his own supplement store and he also, recently started working as a Freelance Personal Trainer. He plans to take up a nutrition course in the future.

As a fitness professional, he plans to help and educate as many people as possible, about the importance of fitness, in the future. “These days, the population in India has an access to a lot of junk food and they are all becoming obese in the process. I feel that, this can be stopped once we start educating the people around us, which is definitely one of the things I plan to do, as a Fitness Professional.” Says Mohsin.

He urges the new comers to join the fitness industry. He says, “Don’t join the fitness industry just to make money or for glamour. Try to get as much knowledge as you can, which will enable you, to help your clients and I believe the rest will fall into place, with time.”

“Also, I think as a fitness professional, one must keep reading and learning. With your passion for fitness and some hardwork, you will go a long way in the fitness industry” he adds.

That said, we are very glad to be a part of the process that helps passionate and determined students like Mohsin achieve their dreams and fitness goals. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

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