Mitushi Ajmera- a modern Indian woman


Blog by-Pooja Seth

” I am a woman, hear me roar”! -song by Helen Reddy

Today we are talking about Mitushi Ajmera. She is a wellness coach- Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer, Fitness & Sports Nutritionist & India’s first Pilardio instructor. She helps people achieve their fitness goals through a holistic approach to good nutrition and exercise.

She was not a part of the fitness world from the very beginning but there is no right time to improve your health or life. After the delivery of her sons, she was able to lose the excess baggage by using random diets and methods. These methods helped her to lose weight but she was not feeling that it was the best way. She could still feel fat around her tummy and after the delivery of her second child, she hit the gym and lost a lot of weight but also she became very weak and realised that she was not taking care of her health and not providing her body with the right nutrition. She also hurt her back and took physiotherapy for support.

She introspected that she was only working in the symptoms and not on the cause so she decided to mould her life differently and be stronger from inside out. She was interested in pilates and enrolled for the same. As days passed by, she became more passionate towards pilates and appreciated the importance of health and fitness in life. She decided to become a Pilates teacher and initiated her journey into professional fitness. She studied hard about fitness, human anatomy, nutrition, injuries.

She gained certification in various forms of exercises from International fitness schools and today she is an Elite Trainer of ISSA (International Sports Science Association).In one of her Instagram post, she stated that she suffered from PCOS, but she took control of it and incorporated exercise into her regime.

She provides personal coaching sessions that encourage her clients not to restrict themselves to only dumbells or barbells. She believes in using different methods to make her training more interesting and fun. She believes in innovation for her training and wants her clients to enjoy exercising.

When she takes up a client, she coaches them after a careful assessment of her client’s needs including her physical fitness, overall health, food preferences and routine. She thinks that there is no one size that fits all. You can also check out her website for your own diet counselling. Her story shows that there is no rule that you need to start early, it is your life and the day you decide to take control of it, your life will change for the better.

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One interesting feature that she provides is a virtual training class, which is a personal session for you and a group session for them. It will benefit you as you can work out with it from anywhere, be it your room, office, hotel or any other space. It is a great way to incorporate fitness into your busy routine.