Mistakes an amateur makes at the Gym


Blog By: Kartikeya Chaturvedi

We all have been to gyms at some stage of our life, or might be thinking to join one in the near future. There are certain things which should be taken care of for every place we visit. Remember the times when someone in a movie hall keeps on chatting on their phones, and the screen light makes it difficult for you to concentrate on the movie you’ve spent 300 bucks on?
Similarly there are few mistakes one may make without even noticing that it is against the comfort zones of the fellow body maker. Then there are mistakes which can harm you as well

Lets have a look on such mistakes, and try getting rid of them the next time we hit the gym

Skipping The Warm-Up And Pre-Workout Stretching

Some dudes step into the gym and start pounding weights in a wink. No warm-up or pre-workout stretching whatsoever. It is simple—a good warm-up readies your muscles for what’s about to come while stretching before a workout improves the blood flow to your muscles reducing the chance of injury.

Doing The Same Workout today tomorrow and the day after!

Trainers and experts have said this time and again that the same workout won’t do any good. Muscles need to be shocked in order for them to show growth. If you are doing the same damn routine everyday of the week, then don’t crib about not getting any results.

Hoarding all Weights

All right, we get it, you are Thor. Or at least you like to think so. There’s always this one dude in the gym who hoards either the weight plates or the dumbbells by the dozens! Needless to say, he is usually the butt of ridicule. Take those weights that you need to do your set, not the weights you will be doing in the forthcoming sets.

Not Timing Your Rest Breaks Or Taking Very Long Rest Breaks

Resting between sets is not for you to chit-chat, answer a text or click a god-forsaken selfie. So, cut it! Usually, your rest period should not exceed a minute. If you are going above that time cap, you are only losing the tension in your muscles from the previous set.

Leaving weights after your reps anywhere just as you leave your clothes at home

Nothing shouts amateur better than the classic act of dumb-assery called the ‘weight throwing’. Done usually by the guy who ego lifts and loads his sets with mammoth weights. Since the weights are heavy as hell, they tend to throw them around at the completion of the reps. Remember, this comes across as very disrespectful!

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