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Most of us dream of having a body that resembles those of our screen heroes, but few reach that goal. My intention is to make it easy for you to have that dream body by sharing the most powerful SECRET with you. Before we go to the SECRET, let me ask you a few questions:

Do you currently have the body that you want to have?
Do you feel full of energy every single day?
Do you feel strong, confident, and proud of your body?
Do you feel that you have no physical limitation to be able to do whatever you want to do in life?
Do you want to be slimmer?
Do you want more muscle mass?
Do you want sexy flat abs and a slimmer waist line?

The answers to these questions will vary for different people. Not everyone is the same or has the same goals. But all of us want to look good, isn’t it? The most important thing to realize is that ANY of your goals can be achieved, no matter who you are, if you understand and APPLY the “Secret”. What exactly is the “Secret”? I am asking you to have an open mind and understandthe ideas that I have written. If you can grasp these ideas fully, take my word that this will be the most powerful secret you would have discovered for attaining the exact body that you desire.

Let meintroduce a few concepts, study the mindsets and the learn the “Big Secret” from real life champions I have known and show you how to apply these towards your fitness goals. Champions are born truly but I knowwe can make champions for sure. You might have heard a few clichés about training of champions:

  • to be a champion one has to train like a champion.
  • train smart, not hard.
  • to sleep like a champion i.e. one must haveadequate rest to get the best results..
  • to eat like a champion i.e. one has to eat sensibly, keeping in mind the desired body,
  • However, the most important thing is that you have to think like a championbecause champions have a very strong mind and with the help of the parents,coaches and good friends,who always remind them that they can do it, they CAN do it. Let me share with you the secrets of some of the personsI was lucky enough to train and they made our country proud. I would like to mention about our most successful tennis star”Sania Mirza”. When i was training her for fitness before she won the WTA in Hyderabad,she was then suffering from a very bad ankle injury. Doctors told us to be very careful but we trained harder for the tournament day in and day out. We used to do lots of ankle strengthening exercises such as single leg squats,calves raises with weights and stability ball pelvis raises, power squats with shoulder press as her forehand was the strongest shot we did lots of upper back and trunk workouts to improve more on that. For the cardio she did interval training on stepper as well as on cross trainer. She would play tennis in the mornings,train with me in the afternoon and then again in the evenings she would play tennis. It is with great pride that I saw her overcome her injury and get mental strength with her dedicated workouts and become the first Indian girl to win such a big title in front of her home crowd.She brought our Hyderabad in the limelight in international tennis circles. The credit for her success goes to her and her strong will power,her guts to fight back and become what she is today. It is her Mind,her parents,her coaches and her Will to achieve her goals and I am sure she has a great future ahead.


Let us now talk about an upcoming young tennis star of Hyderabad, SrikarAlla. He is currently playing ITF under-16. He had a soft tissue injury around his right knee about seven month back. I met him for the first time when he came along with his parents and the doctor who was to operate on his leg. Surgery was essential to get rid of the pain and the limp that it was producing. We disscussed the pros and cons of the surgery and were concerned about the existing muscle wasting and further muscle loss that would occur during recovery from surgery.Dr. P C Gupta from Care Hospital was convinced that the boy needed to strengthen his thigh muscles before surgery to enable quick post-operative recovery and minimize muscle wasting in that period.,Srikar was very positive and I could see a spark in his eyes and knew that he would bounce back.

Soon after the surgery we started training to improve the imbalance between both the legs as the right was weaker than the left. We did lots of isolation workouts for the right leg to improve and gain muscle mass by doing single leg extensions,leg press with only right leg and walking lunges and power lunges sideways for getting strength and we also did lots trunks workouts such as woodchoppers on high and low pulley and with dumbbells,we did a combination of polymetrics that is tennis specific execrises to improve the core muscles which are mainly involved when playing tennis. For cardio endurance, the boy did a fabulous job as I made him do up hill running and at times short sprints to increase his lung capacity. To improve his quickness on court I also made him do kickboxing so that his reflexes became better and his eye and hand co-ordination improved. His leg returned to normal very quickly and this made him believe that he could get similar results on the court. Within five months,he reached the major ITF finals twice and won a doubles title. It is because of his mental strength and never give up attitudethat I strongly believe that a grand slam is not far away from him.
Finally, let us discuss our beloved and legendary Indian cricketer from Hyderabad Azharuddin. In 2000, he had been carrying a back injury for a long time. We decided to work on training his lower back and the opposing muscle group: the abs. I took him through swiss ball hyperextensions and pilates workouts to train his core muscles. On the floor, he would do back strengthening exercises and various crunches such as v-crunches,reverse crunches,swiss ball weighted crunches and crunches of cable pulley with light weight. At times i made him do as many as over 1000 repetitions of both back and abs exercises in one session to get his local muscle endurance back.  He not only got better from his back injury but also got a “six pack” by training his abs so hard and is still maintaining his toned six pack till date.

What I am trying to show here is that it is all about mental fitness and toughness. We at times only look at the glamourous side of lives of champions but behind the doors it’s a mental game and pure guts to train harder and more importantly, train smarter. Self belief to achieve their dreams makes them stand apart from common people as they have this “Big Secret” in them. Keep in mind that this “ultimate secret” has nothing to do with our normal discussions of workouts and new fitness fads which we see coming everyday. It has nothing to do with calories or fat or protein. It has nothing to do with cardio training or abs exercises. But once you discover the “Secret”, you will be on your way to the body of your dreams, or any other goals that you have in your life.If these champs can do it, I guess we all human can do for sure if we understand and practice the real “Secret” that lies in the minds of champions.

Elite athletes have practiced the “Secret”. Virtually all of the most influential, powerful, wealthiest, and happiest people throughout history have either knowingly or unknowingly, practiced the “Secret”. Some didn’t even realize that they knew the “Secret”, but applying its power is the sole reason for their success. In today’s article, I’m simply putting a little twist on this “Secret” and applying it to your fitness goals. But in reality, it works for any of your goals and desires in life. To quote Paulo Coelho from The Alchemist: “If you really desire something, the entire universe conspires to give it to you”.

The “Secret” lies within your mind and revolves around the powerful Law of Attraction. What you focus on becomes your reality. To put this in another way: whatever you are feeling and thinking is a perfect reflection of what you will become. In other words, if all you ever focus on is how frustrated you are that you can never lose weight or get rid of that fat belly, then you are doomed to a flabby body forever, because you are actually creating that reality. On the other hand, if you focus on your successes with every ounce of your being, every single day, and continually feel in your mind what your dream body is going to be like, you will create that reality. The key point is that your thoughts and feelings must revolve around already having the body that you want. You must actually imagine daily that you are already living in your new body. If you are closed-minded, at this point in reading this article, you will probably say something like, “what is this guy talking about”. Then you will go back to your daily life, and continue to be frustrated by failing to achieve the body you want for the rest of your life.

On the other hand, if you are open minded, and truly want to succeed, you will absorb and start applying the “Secret”, and watch your body slowly become exactly what you want it to become. I have discovered the “Secret” with my long and interesting job of being a trainer and by training real life champions. However, I also realized that the reason that these champs been successful with their fitness goals is that they have been unknowingly applying the “Secret” towards their fitness goals for many, many years now. Because they always visualized exactly how they wanted theirs bodies to look, how energized they wanted to feel day in and day out, how strong and confident they wanted to feel and what they wanted to achieve. These visualizations led them on a constant mission to make their dreams turn into reality.

You need to visualize yourself living in that desired lean, strong body… feel the energy, vitality, and strength running through every inch of you. Imagine the confidence you feel. If you want it bad enough, you WILL achieve it, but it takes a Burning Desire to succeed like our champions. If you want to have a great body,amazing fitness or anything in life,it’s all about the Mind over the Matter.Its about the belief you have in yourself, a positive attitude and a strong mind to achieve your goals.  You need to keep running through this imagining process, and actually capture this “feeling” every single day, until the day comes that you realize that you have achieved your goals. If you practice this enough, you will make your life exactly how you like it to be. Again, if all you focus on is your failures, and continue to think negatively, you will only attract more failures and negativity into your life. If you have an open mind and focus your entire being on what you want, it WILL come into your life. It starts with the mindset, and your journey towards your goals continues from there with massive action taken on a daily basis toward your goals. Once you get this thought process right, you will never ever fail.

Weight loss is a common desire and goal, but most people do not know the right way to go about it. If a trainer or they themselves set a target to reach for example running 10 kilometers in a specific time frame. For that one has to train slowly and progress gradually by walking first and then mixing walk and jog together,then running for 2 kilometers and walking for 1 kilometer. This is an interval training pattern. When this person reaches a stage where he or she can run 10 kilometers at a stretch without stopping  say after training for 12 to 16 weeks,the by product of this 10 kilometers run will be great weight loss and within that training period their self confidence and will power will improve and make them champions in their own way

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