Mind and Body Exercise

Blog by : Dinesh Raghavendra

Mind and Body Exercise:

Mind and body exercises combine the best of both worlds approach and bring on fitness to both our physical and mental wellbeing. These exercises are critical to keep our body fine-tuned and running fit and it is essential for us to ensure that our body retains the energy required to go through the rest of the day. Mind and Body exercises are especially important when it comes to keeping ourselves agile in the face of the challenges thrown up by life every day. These exercises are useful in delivering benefits for our mental well-being and for the major muscle groups and thus fall into a niche category of exercises and fitness regimens that people follow while exercising throughout the day. The exercises are useful not only for budding health and fitness experts. These exercises are also a great complement to those who are planning to kill two birds with one stone in terms of improving health and improving their mindset. These exercises have been around for a decade now and have been practiced widely and have caught on worldwide. The exercises themselves however are pretty niche and not everyone in the health industry would be aware of their value let alone the right way to practice them.

These mind and body exercises have also been recommended by doctors and healthcare professionals as very effective forms of exercises especially to train ourselves in the various forms of rigors required to face modern life. At its best, these exercises really invigorate our self with energy and help us handle the stress of day to day life and they are also very useful in maintaining the balance throughout the day. The exercises can be very good especially if one is trying to figure out the right way to achieve mental harmony and physical harmony.

The ideal way to find out if the right mind and body exercise is for you is to spend some time figuring out the various options available. This blogpost covers quite a few of them but there is a plethora of choices available to a person who is interested in the exercises and then quite a few of those choices are good in helping people handle the stress from work especially working professionals and those who are trying their best to get fit in a very busy and packed modern lifestyle. These exercises are overall essential for anyone trying to get better at health and fitness in their daily life.

The exercises prescribed in the blogpost are mainly targeted at a novice audience and they do not include the slightly advanced audience that are already quite adept at handling the challenges. These exercises however can serve as a primer as well as a handy guide to those who are not still sure how to carry out the various regimens and are looking for answers on the web or other sources. The exercises combine a variety of skills and the combination itself prepares one to handle the rigors well.

These exercises were initially popularized when Transcendental Meditation was on the rise and the ability to focus on the mind and the body became a critical requirement and more attention was being paid to the body and its place in the health and fitness model along with the increasing influence of a healthy mind and how it can help one understand the dichotomy of the mind body divide- live in harmony and gradually achieve synergy through the exercises. Some of the best exercises follow the mind body system and have been proven to be very effective in helping people deal with the rigors of life.

Yoga is one of the best known and popular forms of mind and body exercise. Yoga has been around since a very long time and it is one of the best ways to achieve synergy between your mind and body. Yoga has been accepted universally and several studies in scientific literature have shown how yoga has actual benefits to the human body. The empirical research on yoga is a testament to its continuing power in modern health and fitness.

This blog mainly focuses on some of the most basic yoga techniques that you can use in your day to day life and also incorporate it into your fitness regimen, it is certainly not meant to be an exhaustive guide and for those looking for more deeper principles, it would do them well to look into BFY Sports and Fitness exclusive yoga courses and workshops which cover the entire art and science of yoga in depth.

For starters, it is always ideal to do yoga with your bare feet this is because it gives you the best grip. In some gymnasiums it maybe compulsory to wear shoes in order to avoid health issues that crop up such as Athlete’s foot. It would be ideal to check with your gym management if you are allowed to wear acrobatic slippers.

When doing floor exercises, it is better to perform all the steps on a soft surface. Rubber mats are suitable for this purpose as they insulate and give a good grip. It is better to choose a place where there is plenty of space to move about and distractions are less. Good ventilation is also the best option and any place which offers warmth is ideal. In some exercises you are expected to perform visualization and relaxation techniques. During these exercises, it is better to set the heat a little high or let participants cover themselves with a sheet. It is also better to perform yoga after light meals. Performing yoga on a full stomach hampers movements and can actually be detrimental to to your body.

While performing yoga sit with a straight back in a relaxed posture. Certain exercises have more benefits when you perform them with closed eyes and feel the effects of the exercise on your body. Some of these exercises help you find out your limits and how your body reacts to external stimulus.

When you begin an exercise ensure that you pay attention to all the instructions of the faculty and it is a good idea to be in a calm state before performing the exercises. It is a good idea to perform basic meditation before beginning the exercises. Mindfulness meditation techniques can be of great use to you in these situations and you can be in the moment while performing the exercises.

Before beginning yoga do read up about this wonderful ancient form of  exercise. There are many nuances to this ancient form and this blogpost is just an introductory one which does not go beyond the preliminary instructions. Yoga has many different forms and techniques. There are also plenty of resources available about yoga on the internet and for access to the general public. At the BFY website there are lots of illustrated examples that show you the vast benefits of yoga in all its glory. You can also sign up for a workshop and learn from the best teachers across the country on how to perform yoga and learn mindfulness meditation techniques