Mervin Manjuran Shares his Experience as BFY’s Student.

Blog By: Kavitha Iyer.

Being passionate about fitness and living the fit lifestyle is an amazing accomplishment in itself. For some people, however, it’s just not enough! If you want to take that passion to the next level and help others live fit, you may consider becoming a personal trainer and turning what you love into a full-time career.

Life as a certified personal trainer is not only fulfilling, it has a large potential for growth. Personal trainers have flexible hours, do what they love, and get to help individuals achieve their fitness goals and feel their best.

Once you’ve made the decision to pursue a career in personal training, keep in mind that you have to invest a fair amount of time and money in order to be successful, as is true with most things in life. Clients want to work with trainers who are knowledgeable and experienced in their craft, so it’s very important to take the necessary steps to get certified.

We recently reached out to BFY’s student, Mervin Manjuran and he agreed to share his experience at BFY Sports & Fitness Academy.

Mervin is from Mumbai, he’s 21 and he recently decided to join the fitness industry after he completed his graduation. He is also a music lover and produces music.Calisthenics seemed like an attractive choice to him early on, right from his training days. Also, few of his friends are also in the fitness industry that inspired him to pursue a career in fitness.


Mervin attended a Seminar conducted by BFY and he found it better than most other Fitness Institutes because BFY covers all aspects of fitness in their program. So he enrolled for BFY- Personal Training Certification Program, this year.

He is currently learning about body composition, Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Cardio respiratory fitness. Mervin had only good things to say about the faculty members and the program. “The teachers training us are really excellent! They are very good at communication and interaction.”

Furthermore, he added, “The course has really helped me. I learned everything about the human body and fitness, things that I had no idea about before I started this program. Now, I know the right way muscles and bones function when a physical activity is performed, I also know about the number of muscles and bones we have, it’s eligibility, I’ve learnt about weight control, body image, etc”

He says, he is Currently, into Free hand Body Workouts – Calisthenics , Street workouts and also a little bit of Gymnastics and that it’s going pretty well so far. He practices outdoors. He doesn’t really have any clients, so far but he has helped a lot of people learn Fitness related things which people wanted to learn, things gym trainers couldn’t teach them.


He is planning to take up ACE- CPT Course in the future. He aims to be a well known BFY and ACE Certified Fitness Professional in the Fitness Industry, in the coming years.

Mervin sees a bright future for the health and fitness industry and urges new comers to join this industry. He thinks, that in order to succeed in this industry one must:

1. Have Good Knowledge About human Body and how it functions.(Musculoskeletal Anatomy)

2. Have Good communication Skills.

3. Know How to motivate your Clients.

4.Suggest the right diet and nutrition suitable for the client

5. Focus on Client satisfaction.

That said, we are very happy to be part of a process which helps passionate and determined students like Mervin, achieve their dreams and fitness goals.


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