Meet ‘Muscle Barbie’ #FitWomenSeries

By Niyathi Rao

Looks can be deceiving. A young woman Julia Vins became a social media celeb because of her extremely pretty face in contrast with her tough body. Her fans have lovingly given her a another name, one that is fitting. She is dubbed the “Muscle Barbie” for her angel-like face and her athletic body.
She is a body builder of repute and has earned laurels. She has also garnered fame in her native Russia due to the contrast of her face looking etheral and tough bod.
Her immaculate looks combined with the powerlifter that she is make her an inspiration.
She has been a role model for many of her followers who got introduced to fitness because of her.

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This comes off across as a challenge to gender notions that ride across the world. She has an answer for her detractors. “If you ask me for the most important advice, I’ll say ‘Do what you love to do and don’t care what others will think about you.” She knows she has haters and admirers and handles social media with balance.
She accepts her detractors and smilingly puts them off and continues to make herself better in her career.
Starting early at 15, she has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of resistance and strength.
Once she was focused and goal-oriented she saw results that much quicker. She began training daily with the only powerlifter in her hometown.
Initially, she did not love powerlifting however she gre fond of it and started competing in events.
Exercise is the foundation behind her training, but Julia also maintains a strict diet both for her appearance as well as ultimate performance.
It’s a balancing act to achieve her physical goal while maintaining her look. She trains hard everyday doing various combinations of exercise and weight lifting.
She has millions of followers on social media and is soaked in adultation everyday. She has built her legion of fans and followers by sharing video clips on exercise, nutrition, and motivational talks.

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