When we think of fitness we always look or read for the people who are athletes or who are runners or sportspersons, but we seldom look at the people who are fit to the ‘T’ despite working endlessly in their work hours. Today we are talking about Mandira Bedi, She has been through a remarkable journey of being super fit after her pregnancy. She had the challenge of dropping of 22kg weight and she did it the best possible way.
From being slim and a lean girl, she has now become a superwoman with abs.It is not easy to juggle so many things but she aces it like a pro.She is a television host, sports event hosts, and also hosts corporate shows. and also She is a mother of a baby boy.
She follows a very strict food and fitness routine. Before pregnancy she used to do yoga, jogging on the beach and rigorous treadmill to keep herself fit. After her pregnancy, she upped her game and indulged in even more hardcore workout which included Evening walk,20-30 minutes of strength training /cardio for her lean and toned look.She had included ‘power yoga’ in her workout plans. After gaining stamina, she started her old routine of running, gym. But this time, she included power yoga and weight training.Mandira’s food routine looks like this;
on Mondays, she practices fasting and she never has anything sweet!(That’s something very hard to follow!).Her breakfast has 1 Whole egg, 2 egg white scramble, a glass of milk, porridge, a bowl of fruits. For lunch, a cup of dal, 4 rotis and a big bowl of subzi. For snacks, she has Corn, sprouts, soy.
She never misses her workout and even carries her shoes wherever she goes, be it a holiday or her workplace. The former is 41 years old and is aging like fine wine. She believes in discipline and practices her regime everyday overcoming all the obstacles that come her way
Her regime may seem very easy but it takes a great deal of courage to follow it every day even when you are working mother. She is an inspiration for everyone who wants to push their limits and achieve their fitness goals.
Be fit not to just look good but for a happy, healthy you!mandira