Many people would not believe that a 101 years old woman throws a javelin ,hits the gym and run sprints. But as they say expect the unexpected., Man Kaur who hails from Chandigarh is no less than a wonder woman. The 101 year old woman started running at the age of 93 and the turning point for her was winning the 100-meter sprint at the World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2017.
She made it to headlines when she was denied the visa by china, where she had to go for a championship.
Ms Kaur breaks all the age barriers and shut all the people and prove that age is just a number and not the guidebook to do things. She now trains in Patiala with her son who is also an athlete.
The mother –son duo practicing together is not a site one comes across everyday. The former follows a diet of a young athlete which includes six rotis, with sprouted wheat ,kala chana and barley, she also indulges in fruits,juices and kefir(fermented milk).
Ms Kaur trains with utmost dedication and follows this everyday. The days on which she does not run she hits the gym, sometimes practices javelin throw! She is undoubtedly an epitome of motivation and inspire us to follow our passion an break all stereotypes.
When asked about her ideas for our youth, she exclaimed that “eat healthy, eat well and exercise regularly” are the key ingredients of a healthy life.
At the World Masters Games in Auckland ,she won the gold medal in 100 meters and run in just 1 minute and 14 seconds. Nowadays she is also seen running pinkathons with Milind Soman and helps tin encouraging women to keep the selves fit. The former and her son have many global laurels and recognition globally but they try to pay less attention to these things and just continue to do what makes them happy.