LIVEHEALTH – India’s Health Care Platform

Blog by : Vineet Chatterjee

LIVEHEALTH – India’s Health Care Platform

LIVEHEALTH aims to bring the eco-system experience in healthcare, where health providers and customers are connected in a single environment. The startup is based out in Pune but it also has its sales offices in Mumbai and Bangalore as well. Founders: Abhimanyu Bhosale – Co-founder & CEO, Mukund Malani – Co-founder & CTO.


Currently, the healthcare delivery system is fragmented and hence the end-user experience is completely broken. There are just handful of healthcare companies who are working on the delivery side of healthcare. Livehealth is trying to bridge the gap between the healthcare providers and the consumers by connecting them and allowing them to communicate in the possible way so they both benefit from it.

The startup aims to help health providers, patients, health researchers, government bodies, etc. analyse the vast amount of medical data generated on a daily basis at the provider’s end which otherwise is only provided in the form of paper-based reports and PDFs and is not at all useful. With revolutionizing healthcare delivery it also help providers manage their day to day processes better.

At present, Livehealth’s revenue model for B2B is – it charge the laboratories and diagnostic centres for using its software to undergo their day to day functioning. The pricing is per month basis so the customer doesn’t have to pay a lump sum amount along with an Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC).

And its revenue model for B2C is – it provide healthcare providers with a personal page for themselves where they can publish and sell health packages online and the consumers can book and purchase these packages using its multiple payment gateways. The startup charge a small percentage of the package amount to the health providers for the same.

The startup has more than 175 customers and Diagnostic Centres and Laboratories across 18 different cities. It has more than 5,000 monthly active users and 1 million + medical records generated per month. Patients can use LIVEHEALTH to Manage, Track & Monitor your health. Doctors can have the Patient Records at your fingertips. For Diagnostics, it is a complete management solution for their own center.

For Health Providers, LIVEHEALTH not only helps them work remotely, but also efficiently. It helps them visualize their finances and operations with analytics, charts & statistics. While maintaining the focus on the patient.
For patients, it helps you manage your medical records without you having to do anything. It brings our understanding of healthcare and analytics to help us manage our health better and more easily.