15216444 - woman holding a red apple
15216444 – woman holding a red apple

Have you ever heard that  A MEDICINE CAN BE A FOOD, No? So In previous time when there were no drugs to treat and cure diseases, Food was used as medicine to cure disease, Now days these foods are termed as functional foods

Functional foods are those foods or food constituents which provide specific health or medical benefits along with nutrition


According  to American dietary association functional foods can be divided into four categories

  • CONVENTIONAL FOODS :- those foods which provide health and medical benefits in there natural state are called conventional foods these are not fortified or enriched with other substances. These include fruits and vegetables which are rich in petrochemicals and antioxidants

 Example :_ lycopene in organic tomatoes

MODIFIED FOODS :- these foods are enriched, fortified or enhanced with nutrients or beneficial ingredients

Example:- calcium fortified orange juice  Folic acid enriched bread

MEDICAL FOODS :- food which is consumed and formulated under under supervision of physician and which is intended for specific dietary management of a disease

 FOODS FOR DIETARY USE :- these are similar to medical foods but are not taken under supervision of physician


Berries Anthologists
Citrus foods Flavanones, limonoids
Fish oil DHA, EPA, omega 3 fatty acids
Tomato Lycopene
Wine Phenols, ellagic acids

TOMATOES :- its has lycopene which is the active component, its plays a role of antioxidant and prevents from cancer

GARLIC :- known as Russian penicillin, it has antibacterial property, cholesterol lowering, and prevents hypertension

CITRUS FOODS:- it contains flavanoids and limonoids which has anticancer properties and it contains fiber, vitamin c which are good for gut health and cardiovascular disease

GREEN TEA :- it contains polyphenols and catechins which has anticancer effects in our body

CHOCOLATES:- contains flavonoids and and epicatechins which promote cardiovascular health and has anticancer effects

DAIRY PRODUCTS :- like yogurt, milk, cheese are rich in vitamin D and riboflavin and minerals like calcium and phosphorus  prove strength to bones and prevents osteoporosis

The fermented dairy products improves the gut health


  • CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE :it is inadequate intake of foods containing micro nutrient such as vitamin E and C, and beta carotene,intake of fruits and vegetables are affected against heart disease, DHA and EDA in fish oil are essential fatty acids and helps in lowering bad cholesterol
  • CANCER :- antioxidants rich foods are helpful in lowering risk of cancer like lycopene in tomatoes
  • ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE :- it is a brain disorder and can be prevented by consumption of omega 3 fatty acids and DHA from fish oil has found to decrease Alzheimer disease by 60% if consumed twice a week


Functional foods play a significant role in human health as well as animal health, they protect from different type of chronic disease like cancer,Heart disease ,Alzheimer. They are not good or bad foods, but they are good for ba