Keeping fit with “FreeLetics”

Blog by:Pooja seth..

The world we live in is constantly moving forward. there used to be a time when one had no idea on how to gain knowledge for health, nutrition and fitness.But now you can have it all with just 1 click.One such medium is freeletics.The freeletics Gmbh is a website and also various freeletics app related to running, bodyweight, nutrition.The freeletics pursue a vision, they want to support any person worldwide to release his/her potential, physically as well as mentally and to become the strongest vision of one & self.Freeletics distinguishes itself by its strong and motivating user community which supports
and encourages each other online and offline.
Let us first explore the freeletics Bodyweight app:
The Freeletics Bodyweight is one of the most effective training programs, adapted to your schedule.It
consist of 5-30 minute workouts which are based on body weight.If you are thinking about the equipment you need, then the answer is that you don’t need any equipment for working out with freeletics.It consists of more than 900 workout variations, which covers all the muscle groups for continuous and fast progression.
You can train anywhere with the help of this app, you can choose your category whether you want to work your abs, legs or any other part of the body.For your convenience, they also show the video of each of the exercise along with its description which makes it easier to follow up.
They take into consideration your full profile, and make a customised program just for you, according to
your needs.
Let us now explore the Freeletics Nutrition app.
Freeletics nutrition is all about being fitter and healthier through your food.We know that what we eat is
the pillar of how we look, feel and perform.
With the freeletics nutrition coach, we can adjust our nutrition according to our needs and goals.
It consists of more than 180 easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner.You can learn how to prepare
veggies, meat, fish and fruits in a very healthy way.
It does not depend whether you are veg or non- veg , it has numerous recipes for all.
Let us see what it does for you: gives you nutritional daily plans with recipes and portion sizes, completely tailored to you and your
2.Easy weekly planning with an integrated shopping list.
3.Tips, tricks and motivation for healthy living.
Next is the Freeletics gym app,

Freeletics gym is based on the most fundamental human movements, simultaneously activating multiple muscles to maximize your training progress at the gym.Freeletics gym is designed to be highly efficient versatile and motivating.Constant new workout variations help boost your performance and enable you to achieve maximum progress.Both of which can be kept track in your own professional user
The last but not the least is the freeletics running:
The freeletics running is not an app for just tracking your runs.Its goal is to motivate and enable you to become confident, fit and healthy. So become your greatest self.You can download training with the app for free.As a free user, you can access 4 of the running workouts as well as all distance and free runs.

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