By Niyathi Rao
A career in sports is engaging and exciting. It guarantees health and longevity. However most people do not know how to make the start.
A few dilemmas one faces- be it newbie or experienced are about the boundaries for a career.
Some requisites are-
CHANGE YOUR BODY,CHANGE YOUR CAREER- You are the product yourself, you have to sell your fitness.
COMMITMENT- A fitness plan needs commitment for a long time. It requires tremendous skills and patience.
KEEP UP WITH TRENDS- Embrace the changes in fitness. New techniques like water yoga, HIIT etc make workouts easier.
India has seen a recent splurge in the number of fitness consultancies.

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How do you become successful in the fitness industry?

1. Take up a course and become a certified trainer and nutritionist
2. Start off as a fitness assistant and work your way up the fitness ladder
3. Start training and become an inspiration yourself.
4. Become a therapist and scale your way through contacts and connections.
A good institute with thematic ethics and health ideals will give you a headstart in your career in fitness.

Fitness and nutrition is still a young industry. There is no one “right” path to success. In fact, there may never be. It means that possibilities are infinite. If you’ve got the energy, the drive, and the interest to do this work, you can eventually do it… no matter what you’re doing as a career now.maxresdefault-2

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