Joyful Food & Fitness Mantras–For the Super Busy Indian Mom !

Article By: Harsha Nagi

Are you a Super Busy Indian Mom?
Do you love food, and the very thought of following a diet makes you run miles away from fitness websites and blogs?
Are you that Mom who is very conscious of inculcating healthy habits in your family?
Are you the busy mom who knows and believes that staying fit and functional is the key to an active lifestyle?
Are you that mom who is always going the mile to squeeze in a short workout.

If you answered YES to any of the above , then you should definitely READ ON !

This introductory post will give you a bird’s eye view to my journey and also my larger purpose with this page and the future endeavors I have visualized.

I am Harsha Nagi, Co-Founder of a creative experiential learning company called Tinkr Learning (, which me and my husband are very passionately engrossed in since 2015. I am also passionate fitness enthusiast, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, who strives to share her fitness journey with a lot of people around via her personal and group training sessions. I am also a Mother to two darling daughters ( aged 7 and 4) who never leave any stone unturned to add more LOVE and DRAMA to my day with their naughty yet adorable ways J.

I am truly passionate about Mindfulness, which is a balanced concoction of Joyful FOOD and FITNESS , and Yeah, thats going to be the focus of this page and of everything I write and share about J. I have undergone a huge physical and mental transformation in the last few years of my life, and have been sharing my story around personally with the people I train as part of my role as a fitness coach, and also my friends and family,
With some constant nudge from the people I love the most, starting today, I have decided to share more about this journey online, virtually with many more people with the glimmer of hope that I can help more and more people in their arduous journeys to being more mindful J
Through my page, I aspire to open up a world of possibilities for people in terms of eating more healthy, and staying active and FIT without much disruption in their daily routines, because that’s where I feel the basic struggles START AND END. We all lead hugely multitasked lives, with work, life and more forming a intricate puzzle, and it is so important to fine tune a way of life which involves joyful food and fitness , without making too many pinchy dents in that beautiful myriad of life we have woven for ourselves.

I love love love FOOD, and have a very healthy relationship with it, with a deep interest in creative cooking and baking, sharing super healthy yet tasty food to my family and friends, Over the years of experimenting, I  have curated a collection of some Awesome mantras  and recipes which make my food smart, simple, tasty and WHOLESOME. I strongly believe in being able to enjoy everything albeit in portions.

I strongly believe that Life is a collection of memories, Each Day giving us a choice to make these memories beautiful, wholesome and fit. So yeah, lets get back to my story.
38 and not counting ,for most of my life, about 32 years, I have struggled with weight and image issues. Its in the last 6 plus years that I have truly learnt the meaning of eating wholesome and the magic of fitness which can be practical yet fun :)!
And boy, what a journey it has been. Truly transformational and rewarding. I shed 27 kgs in the year 2013, using a balanced approach of clean eating and working out 5-6 days a week ( working out became fun because of the group fitness classes
 I talked about this journey at length in my first blog in 2014.(

So much was the mental impact of this transformation, that I was inspired to pursue fitness coaching as a parallel profession along with my main career in leadership development learning. They say a personal transformation can trigger eons of motivation, and in my case this motivation was sky rocketing. I was super powered to share my journey with others. I had this sense of euphoria of having achieved something which I never thought was possible. Digging deeper into this sense of Euphoria, want to share a little more here, Being overweight for all my life, It was like I had closed a door in my life thinking that’s not my journey to pursue , and suddenly some magical light from one crooked opening of the door shines like a ray of hope. The Hopeful Parinda that I am, I grab it only to realize that there is so much on this path which I would have missed exploring, had I not observed that crooked opening. 
As I tread on this beautiful surprisingly revealed path ( from 2013-2020), more than 7 years have ambled along, with so many memories and learning on the way, I am even more motivated to spread this joy to a larger world out there. I have had a very enriching parallel career in fitness with Femme Fitness ( as a group fitness coach . Femme Fitness has also been my playground in fitness for the last 7 plus years :), and what an interesting one at that !

Regarding the Closed door analogy, You will relate to me if you have been overweight for some part of your life, and/ or have been struggling with eating habits, despite trying to follow many diet plans, and not succeeding at any of them. One starts to get a belief (A rather limiting one at that if I may sayJ), that we are meant to be like this. Some of the many beliefs which may get reinforced in our minds are:

  1. I am genetically programmed this way, cannot do much about this.
  2. Well, I did try that diet, it didn’t work, so I am better off eating what I really like (and yes there are some key words here which we will dig deeper into when I talk about wholesome eating ).
  3. Oh Carbs, they are the soul of my eating, cannot give up on them, and without giving up on them, I cannot get fitter, so yeah !!
  4. am a super busy working mom/working professional, I don’t have time to cook all the special meals these diets prescribe, so yes not possible for me, and hence I am just happy the way I am.
  5. I have so much to do in my highly multi-tasked life that staying active and fit is very important , but I don’t have time to workout !

What if I told you that all the above and many more are all LIMITING BELIEFS and there could be and THERE IS a way in which we could craft empowering beliefs to REPLACE these limiting beliefs which crowd our mind and sometimes reign over it so much so that we refuse to see that crooked little ray of hope peeping in from the edge of that door. You can watch me talk about empowering beliefs ( I Can beliefs) and their role in my transformation in my TED TALK link below ( watch for 2 minutes starting 9:07 time stamp)

What If I told you that IT IS POSSIBLE to make small tweaks to our current lifestyle and when done in a sustainable way, can lead to a huge impact in the way we lead our lives. It is like the pareto 80/20 principle, or the butterfly effect which we will talk about in my coming threads.

So YEAH as I embark on this exciting journey to share with the WORLD, the deepest passions and desires which FUEL ME, I Invite and urge you to join me in this journey, which I can assure you will be exciting, filled with some twists and turns, lots of wholesome food hacks, smart yet tasty and healthy cooking tips, staying active and improving our fitness with short bursts of workouts which we can needle into our intricate myriad of a puzzle called LIFE !

Through my page I aspire to debunk all the above myths and more, and open a world full of beautiful possibilities for all of us to chart together 🙂
So Let us BEGIN, Like my Page and stay tuned for more exciting experiences coming up soon!