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Journey to Weight Loss in 12 steps

  1. Making drastic lifestyle changes will not stay for long. Start with making simple, small lifestyle changes like moving around more throughout the day, choosing clean food, starting with the morning/evening walks, and making an attempt to eat small, frequent meals. All this will help you to get started to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Don’t think I will start from tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Start with these small changes immediately
  3. If you are joining a Gym or a group class, see to it that it is near to your place. Try to stick to your schedule to become a habit, but see that you exercise regularly even if you miss your regular time.
  4. Get rid of all the junk food that is stored in your house. Choose your grocery list carefully; you will not eat what is not there in your kitchen.
  5. Keep your goals small like losing 2 to 3 kg in a month, then progress for bigger goals.
  6. Visit your family doctor and inform him about your plan.
  7. Select a professional to guide you through your diet and exercise.
  8. Don’t think of how many pounds you are losing, think of how fit you are getting day by day. Try to recognize small changes in your personality
  9. Try to involve your family and friends in eating healthy food and exercising
  10. It could be a long and difficult process, stick to your plan and you will get your results eventually
  11. The most important part is weight maintenance. To achieve weight loss you need to be on calorie deficit diet. That is you need to consume less calories than you burn. After you achieve your desired goal increase your calorie intake slowly so that you will consume same amount of calories that you burn
  12. Continue with the exercises. Remember Exercising has many more benefits than just achieving weight loss.

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