Job Opportunities in the Fitness Industry.

Blog By: Kavitha Iyer.

If you’re curious about jobs the fitness industry, you’ll be glad to know that the range in job types covers folks from personal trainers to physical education teachers to wellness coordinators to strength and conditioning coaches, to myriad other positions all related to making other people fit and healthy. You may pursue nutrition education and hospital-based jobs too.

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer may work for a health club or he may work independently and have clients who want to work with him at their homes or in the health clubs where they belong. You’ll need to earn your Personal Fitness Trainer Certification by passing your Personal Fitness Trainer Boards. Workshops put on by organizations such as the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America can help you prepare for your certification process.

Strength and Fitness Coach

Many college and professional sports programs have strength and conditioning coaches to help athletes stay in shape in the off-season and be ready to play at their best during their particular sports’ seasons. Responsibilities include nutrition education, injury prevention, conditioning, strength and agility training, and rehabilitation from injuries. Certification in this field will give you credibility as you seek out positions with professional or collegiate programs.


A passion for fitness and for passing on what you know to others may make you a great candidate to teach physical education. The grade level you teach may partly depend on your interests and skills with a particular age group, as well as the availability of jobs. P.E. teachers are also often called upon to coach school sports teams and teach classes on drug education. As nutrition and fitness education becomes so important in battling childhood obesity, the role of an effective teacher becomes even more important.

Health Club Owner/Manager

If you have an interest or experience in the fitness industry and you have a mind for business, you may want to run your own health club. If this interests you, keep an eye out for clubs that may be for sale or look for jobs in club management, a position that will get you out of the gym at least part of the time to learn about budgeting, accounting, human resources, marketing and other aspects of running a business.

Wellness Coordinator

Many companies are instituting workplace wellness programs aimed at keeping employees healthier, more energetic and less likely to call in sick or succumb to chronic illnesses. In many cases, companies contract with wellness coordinators in their communities to run programs at their businesses. Job responsibilities include running after-work fitness classes, doing health and fitness assessments and creating walking, weight-loss, and prevention programs that will fit a particular workplace. Someone with a background in nursing or other health career may be particularly well-suited to this career, as some of the job responsibilities can include blood pressure and cholesterol checks of employees.


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