Jhingan ready to continue!

Blog By- Harinadh.A.S

Trivandrum: Sandhesh Jhingan became the second player in the Kerala Blaster to be retained. Earlier Kerala Blaster retained C.K.Vineeth. In the fourth season also Kerala Blasters will get the service of Defender Sandhesh Jhingan. Sandhesh Jhingan started playing for Kerala Blasters from the first season itself. In the first Season, he became the best young player of that season.

He was bought by Kerala Blasters for 1.55 crore in the auction of second season. He signed a three-year contract with Kerala Blasters. He will be playing for Kerala Blasters till 2020. C.K.Vineeth signed a deal for two years.

A rumor spread that he will be out of the team and team needs to take him through draft. But at last the deal was signed by him with Kerala Blasters .F.C. He was be given with a highly paid offer from the team.

Sandhesh Jhingan informed Kerala Blasters fan through his Twitter and Face Book page that he is continuing in the Kerala Blasters side. Sandhesh Jhingan played 41 matches for Kerala Blasters in the last three sides. He faced two finals for Kerala side.

News spread that he is retained for  3.8 crore!

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