Is Nature The Sole Provider?

Buddha once said: “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change!”
This needs to be understood that like other forms of nature, we too are made from the five basic natural elements. So we are 100 per cent natural! And thus it feels good as and when we are in proximity to the five natural elements.

Connect With Nature Often

Connecting with nature bestows immense contentment and tranquility as we are holistically similar — sky, air, fire, water and earth. Taking a look at your body would convince you of this reality.

  1. Ether or the sky represents the empty space between your body organs —inside the ears, in the minute cells, etc.
  2. The element of air imparts all the movement that we experience like breathing, blinking our eyes and so on.
  3. The fire in our body is represented by the metabolic heat, gastric heat, body temperature etc.
  4. And water takes the form of saliva, blood, plasma, various secretions and digestive juices et al.
  5. Also, finally the earth element makes up all matter within us, be it muscle mass, bones, tendons, ligaments: whatever adds to the body substance.

Bestowing Self-Realization

As and when you are consciously one with nature, you will realize the peaceful and blissful realm within! 

The Story

Once Alexander the Great was impressed with the spiritual merits of an Indian saint and expressed his desire to take the saint to his country, offering him rewards and a fruitful life. But the sage answered wisely that he was content with where he existed and that he was one with nature. He told Alexander, “Nature is my sole source and provider. The trees provide me with fruits and the springs quench my thirst with their fresh, sweet water. What else would I need?”

When Alexander heard this he aimed his sword at the saint. At this, the saint burst into laughter and said, “How can you harm someone who is one with nature. When small children make houses out of sand and demolish them, nothing happens to the sand. Similarly, the stars in the sky are never separated from light. Thus, when we are one with nature, then there is nothing to fear. This is because as we are all natural beings, you are myself and I am yourself.” Alexander fell at the feet of the saint in remorse.

Nature Conveys

Similarly, these lines of Caras, 1977 quoted in Swanson, 2000 provide us with more understanding…

“Every time we look up and see a cloud and understand it, we are closer to understanding ourselves. When we pick up a rock and admire it instead of hurling it at something, we are closer to some ultimate truth. Also, as and when we hear a bird and stop for the sheer pleasure of that sound, we are nearer to real life than we were before. And when we acknowledge beauty, we benefit from it most.”