Blog By: Lakshay Batra.

Just like the North Pole and south pole of the magnet cannot repel each other,alcohol-vs-fitness Alcohol and fitness cannot be mixed together.

Alcohol always has a negative impact on the health and is the biggest enemy of your hard earned muscles; every fitness lover must be aware of the fact that alcohol is not a nutrient like protein or carbs and can’t be stored as energy in your muscles.

There are some studies that suggest moderate alcohol consumption can provide health benefits; all in all alcohol is harmful when overdone. It can mess with your digestive system, liver, and diet.

Now the question arises that how much alcohol is too much?

Most people who drink occasionally don’t fit the definition of alcoholic but it doesn’t means that they can’t harm themselves, the more you drink the greater the risk to your health. Just because you are not “getting high”, don’t assume you are drinking at safe levels.

Always keep a scope of saying no to a drink, when drinking is prioritise over your normal day to day life, then you are probably in the danger zone.