Interview of Gym Instructor.

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi.

• When was gym started?
The Gym was started in 2006.

• Why did you start gym?
People in the nearby location didn’t have any fitness center the usually did jogging at nearby ground but didn’t had any gym close by. They usually had to travel long distance for it I found a method for their benefit and my business.

• How many members?
We have total 48 male and 16 females.

• How many trainers?
In all we have three trainers, two are male and one is female.

• What fees?
Monthly membership is of Rs 800 per month and for three month it is Rs 1500.

• What plans are covered in in the monthly membership?
It includes gym, exercise, weight loss/weight gain and floor exercise.

• What is the timing of gym?
It starts from 6 in the morning till 10 mid night.

• So can I come two times in a day?
Are you Arnold? We shouldn’t push our body beyond limit. Along with exercise let your body have some rest also.

• Most people know how to use gym machinery so why is there so much focus on training them?It is true that people are intelligent enough to be able to use gym machinery. However, it is a gym instructor’s duty to train them anyway so that they are also aware of the potential hazards of the machine that they are using.

• What do you do to increase the number of clients?I maintain a client referral list and make cold contacts; I also promote the gym and fitness services via face book and other social media platforms.

• How do you handle competition?
By providing the best that we can give, we have good trainers, all are equipment’s are well maintained and are working and we provide good service to our clients.

• How do you see the future?
I’m planning to expand my workplace because now we are in 1700 sq. ft. but I wish to get more machines and trainers, simultaneously the clients would also increase.