Inspiring Story: Dipa Karmakar

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi.

Dipa Karmakar missed a bronze medal by a whisker to finish fourth in the women’s vault finals in the Rio Games but still created history by producing the best-ever performance by an Indian gymnast in the Olympics history.

She also executed one of the most dangerous feats in gymnastics, the Produnova vault. Considered one of the riskiest routines in the sport, often referred to as the ‘vault of death’, the move has been performed successfully by only five people in the world, including Karmakar.

A girl who won a billion hearts for her tireless efforts, Karmakar had spent years preparing for this day. She began her training in a ramshackle gym at the age of six, unfazed by the flat feet she was born with as she used makeshift equipment made from discarded scooter parts and crash mats to train.

In the years leading up to her stellar performance in Rio, Karmakar racked up a total of 77 medals in various domestic and international competitions, including a bronze at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Scotland. India’s newest sporting legend, Karmakar’s inspiring story would make a fascinating film on the big screen.