Indoor workouts for monsoon

                                             Blog By: Aishwarya Ghumekar

So what if you can’t get out for your regular run around the block due to the wet streets and rainy climes? There’s no reason to let your workout regime slip. Apart from the aerobics and do-it-yourself hip-hop videos, there is a workout plan you can follow at home to keep fit. Exercise gurus get into indoor fitness mode…

1. Treadmill
Zareen Watson, trainer to Bollywood stars, says the simplest way to stay fit indoors is to go for a walk! “On a treadmill of course,” she says. “You can do anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes of walking. How you use the treadmill is dependent on your body history – if you have a bad knee or back it is not advisable to run. You may do a brisk walk at a speed you can safely maintain. You can also do a jogging workout, depending on your fitness level. What is very effective is if you do interval training, for instance, running for 2 minutes and then 2 ½ minutes of walking or 2 minutes of incline followed by 2 ½ minutes of walking on a flat surface. This sort of altering allows for a recovery period.”

2. Stepper
“Any climbing exercise facilitates the muscles, warms you up faster and causes more calories to burn, generates more heat and thus a surge in the metabolic rate.Climbing also gives you more stamina and tones the legs. The Stepper and Elliptical Trainer (ET), works great as the legs are the largest muscle group,” states fitness guru Mickey Mehta. There’s a lot of variation one can try, like doing an alternate step, or hop-on, hop off. He adds, “As far as the Elliptical Trainer goes, it can give you almost 80% of a body workout and just half an hour on it is enough. It is a little better than a treadmill as you’re using your arms, shoulder, chest, back, lower body and legs. You can do just legs also and sometimes exert force on the hand too.”

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