Indoor cycling : fun and effective

blog by:  (Sriparna Samajdar)

If we see our grandmothers and grandfathers, in their 70’s and 80’s,  but still active and healthy. Well probably they suffer from common old age problems, but definitely we can say they are way healthier than us. The gen x already has so many problems related to their heath: obesity, fatigue, loss of hair at early age, fatty liver, spondylitis and etc. But when we see our previous generation, our dadis and dadajis are still capable of going to a well and pulling up  a bucket of water. Have  we ever considered why that is? Surely,  the lifestyle matters a lot. And one of the basic factors was at their time they used to do a lot of physical activities. Walking, cycling was so normal to them, while now we hardly walk, let alone cycle.

Cycling is a major exercise of whole body which makes our legs stronger, our muscle toned, or body active and fit along with adding a lot of endurance  and strength to our bones. Indoor cycling especially is something which is very convenient and fun and less exhaustive compared to the long hours in gym. This course presented by us is a special continue education (CE COURSE) which will train you in correct posture, body positioning. The indoor cycling course, basic and beyond  print CE course 3rd edition is   a guide that will help group exercise instructor establish a strong foundation for teaching indoor cycling course.

This 3rd edition of the course mainly includes power console, wattage, and method for using 10 basic cycling techniques. Various supplementing guidelines, books, and DVDs will be given to help you practice the techniques properly.  A warm up routine with RPM training will be taught  as well the course  the science and applied aspects of planning an effective class including bike set up and positioning. So let us again surround ourselves  with the old version of scientific method to stay happy and fit by learning indoor cycling in this course.

Deborah Herold