India’s first women figure champ – Rita Singh #FitWomenSeries

By Niyathi Rao

Rita Singh-Many years ago, women were not much into weight training.But now, the benefits of weight training have been realized and more and more women are getting interested and reaping the benefits of it.

With opening of more gyms and education in fitness as well as opening of the competitive world, it is the beginning of an altogether new era.
Fitness was not new considering she knew Bharatnatyam,swimming, skating and ran a lot.
The Bombshell Fitness Camp under the guidance of Shannon Dey who specializes in women fitness furthered her intensity towards goal and bodybuilding.

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The right combination of cardiovascular, strength training and resistance exercises along with proper nutrition and rest with loads of patience and a never give up attitude is the only way to get there.
There is no short cut and you cannot fake strength.
In her own words- . Being an awesome combination of feminine beauty and muscles, representing the fascinating strength in a woman, I could relate to it with all my heart and I knew this is where I belong and this is what I want to achieve.
Techniques like MTUT(Muscle time under tension) worked wonders for her and she found herself growing more.
She is an inspiration to all women to take up bodybuilding on a serious note.

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