Indian Cricket- What’s next???

Blog by- Harinadh.A.S

India cricket team has faced defeat in the final of the Champions Trophy. With this lose Indian team is not losing their energy booster for the next world Cup held on 2019. Indian team, with the loss needed a revision inside the team itself. What is needed to be done to come back in the winning path? India needs to identify the team’s weakness and needs to take necessary actions to improve it before the next World Cup. India is going to play series against West Indies on July. This series will point out India’s weak sections. India’s decision with winning the toss reflected throughout the match. Captain Virat Kohli needs to be more accurate and need to improve his quality as a captain.

Indian team faced lack of wickets in the final Match against Pakistan. India needed to include efficient bowler who can be a game changer. Indian batting department needs lot of improvement in defending a total. Indian batsmen failed in front of bowling of Pakistan team.  Indian squad needs improvement needs to provide more chances for the youngsters. Indian spin department is getting weaker. Ashwin and Jadeja are not at all coming up to the level.

Indian batting needs to find batsmen who can score well in the top order. India needs to focus on taking wickets without giving too much extras. Indian team needs a good strategy and needs more communication skills. Indian team needs to find the right way to defend the teams, which are more dangerous. The cricket is going in a right spirit but Indian fans giving over pressure on the team. This may lead Indian players in playing bigger shots a unwanted balls, which may pave the path for a lose.

Under the guidance of Anil Kumble and captaincy of Virat Kohli India improved a lot, but the India needs to know the weakness and strength of opponent team. India needs to make use of it.

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