Importance of exercise in fighting diseases

Blog by : Anushka Jain

As it is said: reading is to mind what exercise is to body, a habit of regular exercising is the best thing that can happen to you. How we choose to treat our bodies ultimately says a lot about us. We like to keep our surroundings healthy, don’t we? Then, what happens to us when it comes to our bodies? I believe somewhere deep inside everybody wants to be healthy. They just lack the motivation to actually achieve it. But I bet, you will get up and go to exercise tomorrow if you gain knowledge about its benefits.

Not only does exercising keep us fit and fresh, it helps us fight the diseases we face. Every doctor would suggest you to exercise to fight chronic diseases. Our stubborn minds refuse to believe it, but the more you exercise, the better are your chances of surviving these diseases. Still don’t believe me? Then continue reading and know the importance of exercise yourself.

Before telling you about how it fights diseases, I am going to tell you which diseases it fights. You will be shocked to know the range of illness it helps in curing – from the basic ones to the most chronic ones:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Depression
  • Several types of cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Sinus
  • Back and joint pain
  • Insomnia
  • Obesity

Shocked yet? Now, let’s see how important is it in helping these diseases get cured.

  1. Flow of blood: While we exercise, our heart rate quickens, ultimately increasing the flow of blood and providing sufficient and efficient oxygen to the body parts that need it. The miracle here is that – the more you exercise, the better your body gets at it. The first day, you might feel a little exhausted. But the second day, your body will respond better to it. This will keep the blood flow healthy, that can keep your heart calm and steady at other points of the day. All heart related diseases, strokes, cholesterol problems get an advantage from this. Some doctors even say that for heart diseases, exercise is a better therapy than medicine.


  1. Stabilizes sugar level: Regular exercise can stabilize the level of sugar in your body. This happens as the insulin hormone gets released. Because our muscles are too active during we exercise, our body absorbs glucose more actively than usual. That maintains the sugar level, preventing Diabetes from ever attacking the body or keeping our body from the danger zone.


  1. Healthy mind: Not many people believe in this, but exercising is as important for mind as it is for the body. Most of the psychologists suggest the patients suffering from depression to go out, jog, run and do a little exercise. This is not just to distract them from their illness but also to save them from it. As exercise stimulates chemicals that while tires the person, also makes them feel fresh and positive. That is why; you feel that your body and mind have gone lighter after you exercise. Usually, these tiring exercises lead your brain to block the negative thoughts for a while and focus on how you are feeling after wearing yourself out. It also prevents anxiety and panic attacks. These little moments of positivity can have a great impact on a person’s mental condition.


  1. Flexible body: It is no news that exercising can make our bodies flexible and increase our stamina. When we exercise daily, our muscles get habitual of the active participation. That assists in reducing joint and back pains. Sometimes, it has such a great impact that it can also permanently end the pains. Aside from that, exercising also helps us lose weight. This can put an end to all the illnesses related to obesity and prevents pressure on joints, assisting in fighting Arthritis as well. Exercise often ends stiffness and adds strengths to our bones and muscles, helping people with Arthritis. To add to it, insomnia is also one illness that has proved to be treated by regular exercise. Your body gets tired more when you are active, therefore stimulating more sleep hormones at night.


  1. Exercise and Asthma: While some people with asthma find it difficult to exercise because it makes them cough more, others have reported that exercising actually helped them get better. But only certain types of exercises prevent asthmatic attacks. Suggested ones are swimming, yoga, walking, biking etc. These exercises help the growth of muscles that help us in breathing, ultimately reducing the extra efforts asthma patients make in breathing. Furthermore, exercise also cures obesity – which can be a trigger in asthmatic attacks to some people. Therefore, all asthma patients have been suggested to exercise at least thirty minutes a day.


  1. Prevents deaths from cancer: Some Disease Control Centres have found out that regular exercising lowers the risk of many cancers. It not only prevents it, but also lowers the risk of deaths from cancer by 50%, as proved in many studies. It is mostly proven useful for patients suffering from breast cancer. Also, it can lessen some side effects of the on-going treatment such as nausea, fatigue, anxiety etc.


I think you can figure out just by getting this little information what a significant role exercising plays in keeping us alive. We are meant to go out and exercise, what else can be the reason we are gifted with our bodies?
Give your body a chance to explore its potential. You will find positive vibes all around you.

It should be – Eat – Sleep – Exercise – Repeat. Doesn’t that feel right?