“Hustle for that Muscle”, The inspiring story of Natasha Pradhan!

Blog by-Pooja seth

We have heard that it always seems impossible until its done,and this dynamic woman shows us how its done.She is a young athlete who is ready to make her 49th Asian Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship Tashkent-Uzbekistan.We alll want to reach the apex but only few are determined to do the efforts required.Lets uncover her journey and see the hardwork she did.
It was never an easy life for Natasha ,she was always a rebel and wanted to be treated on par with the boys,but the journey was not easy.When she married the love of her life and shifted to Orissa,he thought that her life would change for good.But things went upside down,when she gave birth to a daughter and went her mother,her husband never joined them and promised that he would come to recieve them.But he never showed up and soon lonliness surrounded Natasha and thoughts on how would she raise her daughter summoned upon her.
She started to babysit for an income but she knew in her heart that such petty jobs were not the way to secure her child’s future.She was suggested by her friends for fitness and weight training and she recalled her days of kickboxing training and the satisfaction she got from it.Soon she started to work on her career in fitness and began by working in a gym as a trainer and also worked on herself as and when she got time.
But this was not fulfilling her pocket and soon she decided to participate in newly established Women’s Bodybuilding Championship held by the Indian Bodybuilding Federation (IBBF). That was the start of Natasha’s professional bodybuilding career.She started being recognized by people for her dedication.
When time came to go international ,it was time she needed diet by professionals.But with her minimal income ,she could not support her supplements needs.But as they say ,we should always believe in gods plan.Natasha reached out to the Humanitarian Welfare and Research Foundation (HWARF). The HWARF created a campaign to fund Natasha’s entire training and nutrition. Gold’s Gym and The Hap Store pledged their complete support.
It is her determination and courage that helped her make her mark in a male dominant world and we applaud her and all the women who dont let circumstances hinder their will.
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