How to start a fitness journey?

At one point in life, everyone wishes to start their fitness journey. Many people start it but are not able to continue or many people are unaware of where to start. There is no right time or the right age to start fitness. It just has to be your will to start. The main reason people are not able to start or manage the fitness journey is because of lack of motivation and less awareness of what to do. Fitness is no rocket science, you just have to make the right changes in your lifestyle and there are so many sources to guide you out there.

We share with you some tips on how to start your very own fitness journey –

      1. Know why you want to be fit: Before starting your fitness journey, it is very important to know the reason behind starting it because only then you will be able to push yourself every day. When you know why you want to start, it will give you the right path. Remember, there is no right or wrong reason to start.
      2. Select the right workout for yourself: People have different personalities and so does people have different preferences of workout. Selecting the right workout is a very important thing before you start your fitness. A gym is not the only thing you can do, there are plenty of things such as kickboxing, zumba, swimming, running  and a lot more.
      3. Don’t rush yourself: It is good to have very high fitness goals yourself, but when you are just starting, don’t rush yourself. Go slow and steady otherwise you might end up hurting yourself. It is more important to be consistent than giving your all one day and not able to do anything the other day.
      4. Find a workout partner: When you are starting with exercise, having a workout partner can help a lot. It helps to keep the excitement of the workout and also pushes you to perform better at fitness.
      5. Follow some fitness role models on social media: We all are present on social media platforms so why not use them a little productively. Instagram has so many fitness pages that you can follow, you can also follow some of your favourite fitness people on Instagram which will boost you everyday when you will want to give up.
      6. Substitute your snacks with healthy options: We know it won’t be easy to change eating habits suddenly but you can always start by making small changes in your diet. For eg, change your evening snacks with healthier options such as boiled eggs, channa, makhanas or anything healthier. There are plenty of options available on the internet.

Fitness is a journey and cannot be achieved in one day. Be patient and do not give up easily. The benefits will be with you lifelong and you will cherish your decision to start your fitness journey. This is your journey and you have to do it your own way. Fitness is for everyone and everyone is for fitness.