How social media has revolutionized the empire of sports and fitness

Social media is a virtual platform which allows people from all over the world to communicate with other people or a whole community. It’s a powerful way to get in touch with millions of people by just posting their content on any social media platform and it immediately reaches out in the world full of people who are waiting to put their views on them. It gives a person the freedom to share their opinion about anything that they like or dislike. And since there are hundreds of social media platforms in one form or the other, people are joining these platforms in large numbers. Now with such a wide array of options, where one is free to advertise their own products, in front of millions of people, that too with minimum investment, who wouldn’t want to take it seriously?

Why are people choosing social media to advertise their products?


Today if we look at the recently updated stats as on November 2018, the total worldwide population is 7.6 billion out of which nearly 4.2 billion people have an access to the internet. And now with the stretch of internet growing so far, approximately 3.03 billion people have become an active social media user on a daily basis. With so many platforms that are available on social media like Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, twitter, etc. researchers have found out that on an average, a single person is likely to have approximately 5.54 social media accounts. And the average time they spend on social media is close to 116 minutes a day. Instant messaging sites such as Facebook and Whatsapp share nearly 60 billion messages per day. Well if this isn’t surprising enough, studies have also found that between the second quarter of 2017 and the third quarter of 2017, the number of social media users grew by 121 million which on a roughly basis estimates that every 15 second, a new social media account was created.  Now with a number like that, who wouldn’t want to advertise their product on such a massive although virtual platform!

Influence of social media on the business of sports and fitness

Now a days, a common thing on all social media platforms are the posts updated by people which comes right from their gym with a full body selfies in front of the gym mirrors, dressed in the expensive yet beautiful workout attires, which flaunts their body like it was made in heaven with those not so tasty protein shakes in their hand. Clearly this is the kind of picture most of us see on a daily basis once we log in to our social media accounts. Adding some more creativity to it, some people like to post their regular exercise videos with some dope motivational music playing in the background, like they were asked to prepare for a battle which is never actually going to take place, or at least that’s what we can hope for. Now the thing is no matter how much we deny it, at some point or the other, we all have been galvanized by these people with unrealistic picture perfect body. We then try to follow their footsteps even if one can’t afford to pay for the gym. We try to follow to their eating habits, their exercise routine and in fact the way they dress up for those workout sessions and try to look as fit as them. And we don’t just adapt but we try to stick to that routine as much as we can and for as long as one can.  Thus in one way or the other social media starts to influence our mind and our lifestyle. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we allow them to make changes in our daily routine whether we are ready for it or not.

Marketing strategies of sports and fitness business on social media

Today from a common man to a celebrity everyone is on social media. But with time social media has managed to build up a new kind of celebrity list, which includes people with a huge number of fan following. This mass fan following is mainly because either they are extremely good at something, or they look beautiful or are “gym freaks”!  Now these so called ‘gym freaks’ or the ‘fitness freaks’ are the people whom we, as normal followers look up to. We want to know their whole life through their social media profile. Now this is the point where sports and fitness business comes into play. Theses business companies approach such influencers whose social media profile is completely dedicated to sports and fitness activities and of course have a huge ‘following’ base!  They ask them to advertise their products by posting pictures with it. This advertisement can be for workout apparels, sports shoes, protein shakes, or even the gym itself. After all, the gyms also want to attract customers to them!! The strategy is so simple and affordable. And the best part about it is that this kind of marketing strategy has a global reach. The success of this strategy has been proved as well because a plan which was initially started by low budget sports and fitness business are now being adopted by big brands like Adidas and Nike. All one has to do is to pay these Instagram bloggers turned celebrities a decent amount of money depending on the number of followers they have and in return they help these companies to advertise their product on a mass scale.


The social media in many ways has revolutionized the world and the journey of sports and fitness business is just a beginning.  There is a lot of scope for a business like this to make it big into the market with the help of social media.  With 3.03 billion of daily active users, social media has given a platform to even small budget business as well to reach out to people on a global level.  And one should make full use of it by getting along with this revolution that has just begun.