It is rightly alleged that a poor oral health can lead to a poor overall health. And if that does not stress enough on the importance of having healthy teeth and gums, there is more o notice. A study indicates that more than three-fourth of the world population believes that teeth contribute more to their overall appearance. And this against good hair and facial features. It, therefore, becomes all the more important to ensure having strong, shining teeth and a good oral health.

Dental Issues Are Common

Now, owing to a number of reasons, every now and then we find ourselves suffering from one or the other dental issues. Some common problems include cavities, plaque, bleeding gums and inflammation, gingivitis, foul mouth odour, among others.

More Harm Than Good

Many a times we resort to using mouthwash of all sorts, which might provide immediate freshness and short term relief from these common oral problems. However, in the long run, these tend to do more harm than good. This is because –

  • Most of these mouthwashes not only disrupt the oral micro-biomes but also make your mouth all the more dry.
  • Thus leading to oral issues of decreased oral hygiene and the problem of bad breath.
  • Not only this, dental cavities could be one of the common problems arising out of everyday usage of these chemical laden mouthwashes.
  • Inflammation in the mouth cavity.
  • Frequent mouth ulcers could crop up.
  • and sometimes, even oral cancer.

Chemical-Based Mouthwash

Belonging to a class of drugs called anti-microbials, these synthetic and chemical based mouthwashes are an effective antiseptic, yet we need to be careful, since this germicidal mouthwash also comes with its own share of side effects.

  • These include a gradual appearance of brownish stains on the teeth.
  • Also, using the synthetic mouthwashes for more than four weeks on regular basis might cause some serious staining on the teeth which would only come off after scaling and polishing.
  • Besides, there could be oral issues like irritation of mouth / throat, increased sensitivity, excessive deposition of tartar, soreness of mouth lining and an increasingly dry mouth are also a few observations which users have often complained of.
  • A certain change in taste perception is another problem that has been faced by people using the chemical mouth rinse.
  • Lastly, some people might also be severely allergic to the very use of the chemical based mouthwashes.

Natural Is Effective

That is why, if you must, the chemical based mouthwash should only be used for a very short term. Making it a part of your everyday oral hygiene is not really recommended. For that, we have some natural and extremely effective, herb based mouth rinse which can be assured of long term gains on our overall oral health and hygiene.

Turmeric Based Mouthwash

Turmeric is a miracle herb, with a list of healthcare benefits which dates back to ages. Curcumin, one of the most active and effective compounds found in turmeric, is basically what renders the herb the widest range of properties that make turmeric all that popular and sought-after, be it in the beauty industry or healthcare sector. And it is curcumin which is precisely what makes turmeric exhibit some excellent cleansing properties, as far as our oral health is concerned.

Why Is It Popular?

Turmeric based mouthwash is fast gaining popularity and it has many reasons for this.

  • First, it comes to use as people are increasingly turning to nature for relief that is effective, immediate and minus any side effects.
  • Then, this mouthwash is not only easy on the mouth cavity, but also all the more effective when it comes to some common oral problems.
  • Moreover, being gentle as it is on your teeth as well as gums, its regular usage helps deep clean your teeth, keep the gums strong and healthy.
  • Not only this, its regular usage also helps prevent the oral bacteria from lingering inside your mouth that could be leading to mouth odour and a plethora of other problems.
  • Therefore, the Turmeric rinse definitely fights inflammation but also any kind of irritation associated with your oral health.
  • Not to forget that its antiviral and antibacterial properties prevent cavities from building up in the first place.
  • And also averts the onset of gingivitis and promotes the healing of inflamed or bleeding gums.

More Suitable Option

The natural herbs like turmeric based mouthwash, unlike the synthetic counterparts are a big help for your oral health and hygiene.

  1. The natural mouthwashes prevent your teeth from staining, thus checking the accumulation of plaque.
  2. Rather, These help to keep your teeth white and shining.
  3. Besides, the fact that this mouthwash is naturally loaded with antioxidants (as in case of turmeric/curcumin based) is what further-more helps to look after the long-term health of your gums and teeth.
  4. Therefore, in case you happen to be one of those who use mouthwashes on a regular basis for retaining the health and strength of the oral cavity, it is time you switch to the all-natural goodness of natural herbs like turmeric.